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Idofront Film Commentary Note Compilation

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Feb 16th, 2020
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  1. Tsukushi was laughing a lot at the guro scenes and the serious moments. He was enjoying himself. He is definitely one of us.
  2. Tsukushi had three drinks throughout the film.
  4. The field of eternal fortunes reminds me of that Zelda game! - said someone
  5. Q. How will it end? [what "it" is isn't specified]
  6. A. Everybody dies, like in HUNTERxHUNTER.
  7. They were right to avoid engaging the Praying Hand in white because he is a combat type - he's loaded with relics for bear and so were the other ones in the field. If Bondrewd took over this guy, shit would've gone down.
  8. (Praying Hand in the Flower Field: "Be quiet...") "He's cool!" - (Tsukushi)
  9. Danger level for amaranthine deceptors went up after samples were taken from the stomach of one. Turns out they were targeting not just things with weak digestive systems but also those with really acidic ones like humans.
  10. Rumor that Takakura-san (prop animation director) did all the work for the deceptors coming out of the flowers.
  11. One's body shape doesn't change when one becomes Bondrewd. Rather, it's more like wearing a suit with cotton filling. You can see some of it come out when he gets injured.
  12. The Praying Hand in the flower field doesn't have a hunched back - he's just really buff and looked thick because of what he was wearing.
  13. The deceptors were already confused before getting set on fire.
  14. (Reg: They're entering every orifice they can!) There were some deceptors inside Reg's trousers too.
  16. Q. What are Reg's insides like?
  17. A. They imitate those of a human. Nanachi checked too.
  18. The episode titles for Maruruk's Everyday were all thought up by Tsukushi, albeit edited heavily.
  19. They had a hard time synching sound to footage.
  21. While being told about Idofront, Reg's just not listening at all. He's gritting his teeth just wanting to touch Nanachi.
  22. The water supports are supported by the force field of the Abyss.
  23. "Reg's pants are really well drawn!" - (Tsukushi)
  24. Hamashirama - apparently everyone on the panel is scared/disgusted of it for some reason.
  25. Reg hugs Nanachi, THEN realizes that he forgot to sniff them.
  26. This scene contrasts with that scene by the river in episode 13 - Mitty's theme is playing.
  27. Nanachi: "If I were to meet her again..." Tsukushi: "Yeah, what are you gonna do about that?"
  28. Riko is like the class rep on the outside, but on the inside she's a juvenile boss.
  29. The Idofront spins. Production didn't want that. Tsukushi won.
  30. Prushka's binoculars are better than Riko's because Bondrewd's rich.
  31. Nanachi has a double coat so she isn't cold. She gets even fluffier come winter. (...there's winter in the Abyss?)
  33. (Prushka appears) "There she is! The ingénue!" - (Tsukushi)
  34. Bondrewd's entrance was modeled after Sean Connery in "The Rock". They worked hard on this part. Good footstep sounds.
  35. The Praying Hands masks look like search symbols. Can't unsee.
  36. "Bondrewd has a great voice." - (Tsukushi)
  37. *Pssht* (sound of second can of chuhai opening)
  38. What Bondrewd meant by Nanachi's liberation was not liberation from Mitty, but liberation from their own burdens.
  39. Bondrewd likes all children. He thinks dearly both of Nanachi and Mitty.
  40. Riko: "Tastes like a wall." Riko HAS eaten a wall before. She eats everything. She eats first, then thinks.
  41. That relic pattern theory is just something Nanachi came up with. The actual answer is unknown.
  42. Q. When will we know?
  43. A. You'll know when the time comes! (Tsukushi)
  44. Reg was careless to have just gone to sleep like that. Well, it wouldn't've mattered even if Reg made a lattice with his arms again - Bondrewd would've had a way to get past it.
  46. Mr. Kise made really detailed expression chart for the characters, but he didn't want "any work in which the children suffer", so we didn't think he would do it.
  47. I hope he stays for the sequel! (more children suffering awaits)
  48. Riko was already falling when she got that cut on her cheek
  49. Q. What does Prushka do when she--
  50. A. SHE MAST***ATES!!! (Tsukushi answered before the guy finished his question and really raised his voice for this one.)
  51. She doesn't want to be seen by Meinya when doing it so she hides Meinya under her hat.
  52. If Prushka is doing something that Gueira hasn't taught her about, then it's embarrassing according to her.
  53. "Oh shit." - (Sound Director Yamada)
  54. The guy from Takeshobo is getting cold sweats.
  55. Prushka: "He's always thinking of me!" Prushka hasn't considered that Bondrewd thinks dearly of other kids too.
  56. "Bondrewd is always cool." (Tsukushi keeps saying good things about him)
  57. Bondrewd: "Whoops." - (Tsukushi: "That was funny. What a great voice.")
  58. Mr. Morikawa (Bondrewd's VA) was chosen for the role from the get-go.
  59. (Reg gets his arm amputated.)
  60. The Praying Hands all have good voices.
  61. The Praying Hands are sluggish because they're in auto-Bondrewd mode. They're working in parallel, so Bondrewd has access to all the information, but their movement ends up sluggish.
  62. Reg can't move because he's being held down by a pressure point.
  63. Prushka vaguely knew that there were other children and about what was being done to them. That's why she wanted to treat her Papa as someone very special.
  64. She didn't know what to do though.
  66. 4DX theater odor cartridges only have specific smells so they can't emulate the smell of Meinya nor Netherworld Stew.
  67. (Bondrewd and his team appears after chasing Riko and co.) "Gueira-saaaaan!!" (Tsukushi cheers)
  68. Gueira melted from the stingerhead venom and his guts fell out. The entrails are the most delicious part - it's what the stingerheads eat.
  69. Bondrewd was planning to kill Gueira and all the other Praying Hands at this point. That's why he brought them there in Auto-Bondrewd mode.
  70. That was needed in order to complete Prushka. That's how special Prushka was.
  71. Sparagmos - he spins his elbow around when using it in this scene. That's why I decided to have him walk out of the smoke [rather than show him taking down the stingerheads]. (Dancing Sparagmos)
  72. (Bondrewd: "What's the matter~?") "Such a smooth friendly voice!" (Tsukushi)
  73. Bondrewd's losing on purpose (in order to complete Prushka). The body that's getting beaten up is just for receiving guests (not a combat type). The pink-masked one that let Bondrewd take over had way more equipment, so Riko and co. didn't stand a chance.
  74. (Bondrewd dies) - This is where Prushka decides "It's not good to fight".
  75. (Bondrewd is revived) - The part where the body changes shape wasn't in the manga because it wouldn't fit in the cells, so Tsukushi asked them to do it here.
  76. The music is moving - it's an emotional moment for Prushka.
  77. (Bondrewd: Papa's here.)
  78. The Lord of Dawn's theme plays. Kevin loves Bondrewd's character, so he obsessed over this part. Kevin's Japanese has improved, by the way.
  79. Shakers (Curse Needles) don't penetrate. They assimilate with flesh when they hit, and plant the curse onto the target. They leave no scars.
  80. (Bondrewd: As a matter of convenience, I call this a "blessing") Is it really a blessing? Are "curses" really curses? (Tsukushi)
  81. Q. Why does he have a tail?
  82. A. Huh? He's much cooler if he has a tail! (Tsukushi)
  83. The tail is a relic. When it connects with the user, blood starts flowing through it and it becomes a part of the user's body.
  84. (Prushka: Together is best...) Tsukushi's parents comment - "That means so much"
  85. Tsukushi pointed at Prushka's nipples and said "look at those"
  87. The floating bag that Reg used to infiltrate Idofront was something Nanachi made out of some dead delver's belongings.
  88. "Papa Pole" doesn't mean Bondrewd's pole specifically, but refers to "the stick that helps make you become a papa" (i.e. male genitalia) in general. Prushka learned about it when dissecting an animal with Bondrewd.
  89. Bondrewd didn't show his to her. Takeshobo would immediately shoot that down if that happened.
  90. Zoaholic is basically cloud computing for Bondrewd. He's no longer human once he enters the cloud.
  91. Reg gets erect not because he's thinking about something lewd or because he wants to do it. It's just some innocent physiological response. Therefore, he doesn't ejaculate or something. He hasn't had his spermarche yet. Fan works can do as they like.
  92. Riko didn't have any postitive things to say about him at first ("I don't like him that much", "He can't do anything), but she's come to be saved by his positives.
  93. Well, their worldview is different from ours.
  94. In Orth, going into the depths of the Abyss is something everyone strives for. Very few people (the White Whistles) actually go in the end though.
  95. Riko would be aimless if she were to spend her life on the surface.
  96. (Processing Room)
  97. Kevin loves using lots of choruses, so it was real difficult matching him.
  98. (Nanachi: "HEY, BONDREWD!") This was all an act to lure in Bondrewd. So, they just immediately go back to normal.
  99. Bondrewd talking about white whistles - Kevin made music for this scene specifically
  100. Q. Who is Lyza's white whistle?
  101. A. Dunno. Ask Lyza.
  102. (Reg Negro comes in)
  103. Meinya was attracted by the Zoaholic opening up
  104. Gangway doesn't unleash force until its last landing spot so Nanachi didn't need to dodge.
  105. Bondrewd's multiplying eyes and the tentacles that come out of them are both relics.
  106. Zoaholic is well isolated. (Because it might attract things like Meinya otherwise)
  107. (Bondrewd: "You mustn't, Nanachi!") Bondrewd lost his cool the most here.
  108. (Incinerator) Here, Reg, just before firing, decided to leave living things unharmed. Bondrewd also suggested that happened afterwards.
  109. Nanachi thought they defeated Bondrewd and so let their guard down.
  110. The Praying Hand that looks like Machamp was the one in charge of guarding the Zoaholic.
  112. (Bondrewd names the narehate children.) Sumiko was a child from Orth. Japanese-style names aren't all that rare in Orth (Riko included)
  113. Water Supports and Water Bastions are different in that the latter are permanent.
  114. Bondrewd comes back to the 5th layer. "Bosses always should appear like this."
  115. They were going to make a cartridge water bottle [for merch], but ended up with a laptop case because of circumstances.
  116. They're not done with movie theater presents. There's more on the way.
  117. (Bondrewd: "My, my~") Bondrewd was getting excited at this point too, so that's why he's got that intimidating tone.
  118. (Prushka montage)
  119. Prushka's eyes focus when she is first given Meinya.
  120. Gueira sounds sleazy, young, almost like an elder brother. Because Gueira's in charge of taking care of Prushka, Prushka imitates him.
  121. Tsukushi has answered to some fan work artists about what kind of equipment Gueira has.
  122. (Prushka: "Shtinky!") She's saying the same thing that your pet parrot used to say (Tsukushi's parents)
  123. They also had the failed Praying Hands scenes but cut them in the interest of time.
  124. It's cut from the film, but Prushka, when she was handing out black whistles, already knew her fate (that there was no such thing as a Flower of Dawn)
  125. (Reg vs Bondrewd)
  126. He can shoot as many rounds as he likes because it's before he shuts down.
  127. Bondrewd stabbing Reg in the navel was one of the reasons the film was rated R15+ (Reg's amputation was kosher for some reason)
  128. That picture of the four of them walking - Bondrewd isn't watching over them, but rather going along with them.
  129. (After the battle)
  130. Bondrewd never yields. The opposite of Frieza (he doesn't turn his coat)
  131. (Nanachi: "Dead already, huh...") Bondrewd hasn't died. There's still that guy in the flower field.
  132. We wanted to have them have a small hot pot party because they haven't eaten anything, but it would've made the film too long.
  133. [In the film, apparently Riko and co. had talks with Bondrewd off camera]
  134. Some time has passed [since Bondrewd was defeated] - during that time, they had negotiations during which they came to agreements like
  135. -Zoaholic and Bondrewd's helmet will be left intact
  136. -The three will be allowed to move forward
  137. "I'm gonna respect out team leader's will" - Riko was inspired by Prushka telling her "it's not good to fight; it's better to make peace".
  138. (Bondrewd: "To those who offer up their bodies and challenge...") This is sort of like a poem that White Whistles compose. This is different from Lyza's because this is Bondrewd's interpretation.
  139. They were planning to end with Jiruo and Ozen talking but they cut that out in the interest of time and because it's not a good way to end it. Many other things were cut too.
  141. There's a hidden Mitty in the ED. (around the Kinema Citrus logo)
  145. [Q&A Corner]
  146. Toilet at Idofront has no door. Prushka's room is on the same floor as those of the Praying Hands. They all don't seem to mind that the toilet has no door.
  148. About Bondrewd's apetite.
  149. Bondrewd does have an apetite - more like, he does get hungry.
  150. He has taste senses, but he doesn't really care. He just makes Type 4 Energy Rations. But if you ask him how it tastes, he'll answer truthfully.
  152. Bondrewd's white whistle
  153. That technically isn't a whistle. To use it, he rubs it. You can't blow with a mask in the way.
  154. "Umbra" is astronomy jargon and means the time when shadows are no longer visible (could be wrong)
  155. He uses it by enveloping it with both his hands. By hiding the true Bondrewd in darkness, it symbolizes that the other "Bondrewds" are just shadows.
  157. Praying Hands
  158. There are delvers, but there are also some bounty hunters who come from overseas pursuing Bondrewd but end up admiring him and becoming friends.
  159. Basically everybody accepts the Zoaholic on their own terms.
  161. Reg
  162. He has a humane spirit, but since he's not human, he can't receive blessings.
  164. Spying on Nanachi
  165. It's done using a relic. No implants on Nanachi's brain or anything.
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