Militarists culture

Mar 16th, 2019
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  1. *Special Attribute: Power Projection
  2. Militarists have an additional tracker on their sheet called "Power Projection", they start with 100%.
  3. The % of power projection will be multiplied with the amount of progress from buildings and growth of the militarist nation(For example, if you have 120% power projection, you will get additional +20% growth and progress at the end of the turn). Power projection can reach a maxiumum of 140% or a minimum of 40%.
  4. Militarists gain 10% power projection for every war victory
  5. Militarists lose 10% power projection for every defeat at war
  6. militarists lose 15% power projection if they haven't attacked anyone by the end of their turn
  7. The Power projection will normalize halfway towards 90% after they finish the turn(For example, if militarists finished the turn with 110% power projection, it will normalize to 100%)
  9. Special action: Military March
  10. Roll 1d100 to determine percentage of success.
  11. If the base strength of your military multiplied by the score percentage is higher than your current population, gain 25% power projection.
  12. Example: If you have 4000 military strength and 1200 population, you have to roll above 30 (4000 * 30% = 1200)
  14. * Special action: Drilling
  15. Militarists can spend an action to drill their elite army to fulfill their potential. Each drilling action increases the strength of the elite unit by +150, the unit can not have more strength than its maximum strength potential (Example: Elite army has base strength of 400, which means its max potential is 800.) Strength from weapon upgrades does not affect this.
  17. * Special action: War for Glory
  18. This type of war generates 50% more progress for both the attacker and the defender. It follows the same rules for war as other wars (trace a path from your territory to a tile at their border)
  20. * Special action: Declare rivalry
  21. Declare someone as your rival, you gain 1 free attack action each turn against your rival (you can choose not to use it).
  22. You can only have 1 rival at a time
  24. * +1 to the maximum amount of elite armies
  26. * Militarists can go to war twice in a turn before suffering attrition penalties.
  27. --
  29. Objectives:
  30. *"Legendary battle": Win a "War for glory" action while gaining more than 10,000 progress from that battle
  31. *"Strongest army": Own an army that has more than 12,000 base strength, and the highest base-strength of all the nations.
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