Uber Jason - Strength 4

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. Bardox just managed to get the door closed and reinforced with the shuttle's interior air barrier which hardened gas molecules to the point where they became sold: he thanked the heavens that at least it still worked.
  3. Jason slammed against the door and Bardox watched it dent inward. "My God," he whispered to himself, 'what if he cuts his way in here?"
  5. But the force of Jason's body to the shuttle did something else. It sent the shuttle tumbling sideways on top of itself, rolling over and over, and Bardox clung to the emergency lock handle, one of the few things inside that remained stable.
  7. Suddenly, he felt the entire vessel hurtling downward through the air, and braced himself for the crash that came within seconds. The front end of the shuttle, which had remained crumpled but intact, now split into two segments. The rear separated completely and Bardox found himself outside the vessel, tossed clear of the wreckage.
  9. Jason X: The Planet of the Beast - Pages 171-172
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