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Apr 24th, 2016
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  1. Okay so let me begin with the tale (pun slightly intended, just wait you’ll get it pretty soon) a youngish, adventurous, Argonian lad had just received  the Amulet of Mara.
  3. Now we're just gonna side-track here with me telling you a SKYRIM (LIFE) HACK! Now you just arrive at the gates of Riften for the first time, and you're currently dirt broke, you can’t afford to get in and at the time your sneak sucked, like really, really, bad.  So you're just there, wondering if  this small, backwater place knew who was the Dragonborn and if not how you could get away with whoring yourself out without the rest of Tamriel finding out about it, when all of a sudden you hear some guards being racist toward you. And you know what? Screw them, you sneak in the nearby building and you begin stealing stuff. Well anyway when you get caught just choose the jail option, serve your time, drop the soap when Big Mew Maw is behind you, and boom you served your time and allowed to join society once again, (also write to Big Mew Maw every now and then, he’s a really chilled dude who's misunderstood, he needs a friend, and remember if it wasn’t for him you would of got butt-raped that dirty no good Orc.) Now that you're outside you might of noticed that your inside Riften and you can enter or leave the gate without having to pay or get a key. Now back to the actual post.
  5. Anyway at the time the person I wanted to marry didn’t have the marriage option even though I was wearing the amulet.  But after awhile I was like, “hmmm, Lydia already lives in my house, she carries my stuff, I see her everyday,  she listens to me, I respect her, why not ask her to marry me?” And so I did, me and her did the whole marriage exchange, a place was picked, a time was selected, and this is where everything went downhill.  The wedding was going to take a while, so I went out and explored, found some cool glitches, did some questing, pretty good stuff in general. Now it was almost time for the wedding right? and well I kinda wanted to find something out, see a little while before this I was obsessed with Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, and in that game I married Elli, see in HM:FOMT you're automatically transported to your wedding and I wanted to see if Skyrim does the same thing.  And as it said, “your wedding is starting,” I kinda realized something, I didn’t love Lydia in that way, it felt more like a brother-and -sister kinda thing, like more than half the time I wouldn’t take her with me on quest because I was scared she would die. Anyway I went back to the temple, had the dialogue with the priest, and I went back to Whiterun and inside my house. I talked to Lydia and after a little she asked, “Did you ever really love me?” Well I thought she meant as marriage, but if I’m wrong someone  tell me. And I told her, “No.”
  7. After this Lydia would only sit on the chair in my room and a night she would go to the small  bedroom.  She can’t leave my house anymore, because everytime i talk to her, I would only get 2 boxes of dialogue to pick from; “What’s a Thane?” and “What’s a Housecarl?”   The follow me, wait here, trade, and all the other dialogue is gone. Every Time though I talk to her she still says the usual, hello/honored my thane that sort.  Also all items that I gave her, are considered her’s now. Like I can’t get it back like I should and the only way to try to get them back is by stealing and some of my things I can’t steal because their listed as 0% to steal.  
  9. I wanna say this was when I was about lvl 13-20 and at that time I barely did any of the Civil War Quest. Now I’m lvl 31 and I beheaded Ulfric Stormcloak. I own property in Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, (technically Winterhold if you can’t my College dorm), Solitude (my current homestead) all my houses are fully upgraded and I married Seena from the Temple of Dibella. And I’ve tried everything. So could this be because I’m leader of the Companions? I joined the Thieves Guild?  Or is this part of the game? Like you break your Housecarl’s heart and this is how the game treats it? Or is this just a really weird bug/glitch?  And before someone asks, “Why don’t you just kill her?” I just don’t have the heart to do it, I’ll feel guilty about it.
  11. Any help would be useful at this point and also because of this Reddit’s policy I can’t post pictures (? Or I’m confusing it, English isn’t my first language so…).  I’m posting this both to the Skyrim Wikia and the Skyrim page on reddit. My username is the same on both: MSE205. And this post should have the same name. If anyone wants to see the what i’m talking about PM me and if you know how I could post pictures and videos without breaking this page’s policy  let me know.
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