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9-13 Sisters analysis

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  1. ==Death Notes (lul)==
  2. Log: /reports/LRTPbG16DC3w7jqH
  3. Ignore events after 4 players have died, where applicable
  4. In most cases ignoring insignificant damage, and only discussing the large hits.
  6. Pull 1:
  7. Deaths: Rasta
  8. Problems: Moonburn. Replay analysis shows a relatively slow death. He had the debuff for about 5 seconds before ultimately dying. I believe this was primarily caused by him running back into his G4 position after stacking, instead of running to drop Moonburn. Maybe first pull jitters?
  10. Pull 2:
  11. Deaths: Argus, Chuggz, Rasta, Tye, Del
  12. Problems: Incorporeal Shot (on Argus). Analysis shows not enough people soaked (needs at least 6), which caused the shot to fire its secondary effect of 3.5mil dmg to everyone. The shot itself does 35mil dmg, and Argus took ~16mil dmg, so only 2-3 people helped soak. It's hard to tell from the replay, but given that most everyone was loosely stacked in the center. This may have been just been a shot target positioning player error.
  14. Pull 3:
  15. Deaths: Burnsey, Scyren, Del, Tye
  16. Problems:
  17. - Burnsey got wrecked by Moonburn + Vulnerability(x4) + Suffusion(x14), which is about +192% from Purge.
  18. - Scyren brought to 50% by Volley(800k), and finished off 10 seconds later by Twilight Glaive.
  19. - Del died from a Twilight Glaive, then 7 seconds later an Incorporeal Shot.
  20. - Tye's death looks like RNG. Over 10 seconds: Incorporeal Shot, Shield Detonation, Moonburn(x4), Astral Purges (up to 4 stacks)
  22. Pull 4:
  23. Deaths: Argus, Mind, Dat, Jordan
  24. Problems:
  25. - Argus died from Twilight Glaive + Moonburn + Astral Purge(about 4-5 stacks), all within about 2 seconds.
  26. - Mind died from 7x Purge/Stacks into a Moon Glaive, over about 2 seconds. (RIP in peace)
  28. Pull 5:
  29. Deaths: Clowd, Rasta, Jordan, Burnsey
  30. Problems: General problem is high stack counts, and then people getting wrecked by abilities. Clowd had up to 9 stacks. Rasta was too low for a Twilight glaive. Burnsey too 2 glaives during Glaive Storm.
  32. Pull 7 (Longest duration, 3:23, 68%):
  33. Deaths: Chuggz, Rasta, Burnsey, Dalshena, Darnak
  34. Problems: Chuggz had 7 stacks and took a Twilight Glaive. Rasta had 6 stacks and took a twilight Glaive (total stacks reached 8). Burnsey,Dalshena,Darnak all took 2 Twilight Glaives.
  36. TLDR:
  37. Only sampling about half the fights, it's clear most of us have a relative understanding of the fight's mechanics. We don't see repeat offenders dying to avoidable mechanics. We simply need better execution, and more practice attempts. #gitgud
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