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  1. <game>
  2.     <title>
  3.         Slut Life
  4.     </title>
  6.     <subtitle>
  7.         Based on version 3.1.5
  8.     </subtitle>
  10.     <currency id="credit" description="credit|credits" default="0" validation="gte|0" />
  11.     <currency id="roomateslot" description="roomate slot|roomate slots" default="0" validation="gte|0" />
  12.     <currency id="ownerslot" description="owner slot|owner slots" default="5" validation="gte|0" />
  14.     <section title="Slut Life">
  15.         <description>
  16.             <subtitle>
  17.                 Based on original by Slut Life Anon
  18.                 <p>Congratulations! You are now a contestant on the popular television game show "Slut Life." For the next year, you will be living in an apartment provided by us together with the other contestants. All your actions will be monitored and broadcasted constantly to a universal audience. At the end of the year, you can choose from a list of rewards. Breaking any rules will result in the instant revocation of your reward.</p>
  19.                 <p>As part of the show, you will be transported to another planet for the duration of your stay. Instead of the normal 24 hour days you're used to, each day on this planet lasts for 32 hours. While this may seem tiring at first, your body will adjust rather quickly. After you're done, you'll keep your new body (if you have one) and can either stay here or go back to Earth.</p>
  20.                 <p>
  21.                     To begin, choose a difficulty and origin from the tables below. Most options either cost (-) or reward (+) credits. Sub-options (indented from their parent option) require their parent option to purchase them (costs are additive). Unless otherwise noted, you can purchase multiple sub-options to an option. Options with this (†) symbol can be taken multiple times. For options that can be taken multiple times but sub-options can't, each sub-option purchase applies to one parent option.
  22.                     <span style="color: red">Restrictions</span>, <span style="color: orange">general information</span>, <span style="color: cyan">notes</span>, and <span style="color: pink">controllers</span> may apply to certain options.
  23.                 </p>
  24.             </subtitle>
  25.         </description>
  26.     </section>
  27.     <section title="Difficulty">
  28.         <group type="radio">
  29.             <option id="difficulty-easy">
  30.                 <image src="Easy.png" />
  31.                 <text>Easy</text>
  32.                 <modifier type="currency" target="credit" value="40" />
  33.             </option>
  34.             <option id="difficulty-medium">
  35.                 <image src="Medium.png" />
  36.                 <text>Medium</text>
  37.                 <modifier type="currency" target="credit" value="20" />
  38.             </option>
  39.             <option id="difficulty-hard">
  40.                 <image src="Hard.png" />
  41.                 <text>Hard</text>
  42.                 <modifier type="currency" target="credit" value="0" />
  43.             </option>
  44.             <option id="difficulty-slave">
  45.                 <image src="SlavetotheShow.png" />
  46.                 <text>Slave to the Show</text>
  47.                 <modifier type="currency" target="credit" value="-150" />
  48.             </option>
  49.         </group>
  50.     </section>
  51. </game>
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