My Loyal Ponies: Scootaloo

Apr 18th, 2014
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  1. Written as a spin-off of this story:
  4. "Do you know who I am?"
  5. >Your tone is cold
  6. >The orange filly cowers before your feet
  7. >You stand at about twice the height of a typical pony
  8. >This one, you tower over, nearly three times her size
  9. >"You're... Anonymous."
  10. >She states it like an unfortunate fact
  11. >She's afraid, but she's accepted her fate
  12. "Go on."
  13. >She refuses to meet your gaze
  14. >"Nightmare Moon's best enforcer."
  15. >A shiver runs through the filly pegasus
  16. "That's right."
  17. >You bend down, bringing your face close to her's
  18. >She recoils slightly
  19. "And do you know why you're here?"
  20. >She swallows, keeping her head downcast
  21. >"So that you can torture... and kill me..."
  22. "I asked you why, no for what."
  23. >You grab her chin, pulling her face up
  24. >She keeps her eyes down, refusing to meet your gaze
  25. "Don't disobey me. Answer my questions properly."
  26. >You lace your words with as much venom as possible
  27. >You want her scared, but without outright threats
  28. >"Because... I stole food from the royal guard..."
  29. >Indeed, that was the reason she had been imprisoned
  30. >Theft from the crown is considered treason, regardless of how trivial
  31. >Treason means one of two things: Execution or entrance to your collection
  32. "That is partly true. That is the reason you were picked up. But not the real reason."
  33. >She heaves a depressed sigh
  34. >"Because I'm a traitor..."
  35. >You let her chin down and her head drops
  36. "Ridiculous."
  37. >The filly's ears perk up
  38. >Slowly she raises her head, she looks at you with doubt and unease
  39. "You're here because you need help, sweetie."
  40. >The filly blinks in confusion
  41. >You smile warmly
  42. >It's a drastic change of pace to be so kind to an unbroken pet
  43. >A little refreshing, really
  44. >"What?"
  45. >You give a friendly pat to her head, mussing her magenta hair
  46. "A happy pony wouldn't need to steal food..."
  47. >The little filly's expression grows more confused
  48. >She stares at the floor, brow still furrowed in uncertainty
  49. >"I... was hungry."
  50. >You chuckle lightly
  51. "Of course, dear, but you shouldn't be hungry like that!"
  52. >She looks back up at you, with a look you can't determine as perplexed or angry
  53. "Your parents should really be feeding you more!"
  54. >Her eyes cast themselves down once more
  55. >"I... I don't know my parents..."
  56. >You knew this, of course
  57. >Each new slave has a detail intelligence report created for them
  58. >It usually gives you plenty of ammo for breaking them down
  59. "Oh... I'm sorry..."
  60. >It has been a long time since you even feigned empathy
  61. "Then... who takes care of you, hun?"
  62. >Without moving her head she sighs
  63. >"I take care of myself."
  64. >You pause for a moment, pretending to be taking in the news
  65. >You place your hand on her shoulder
  66. >She looks up to you with blurry eyes
  67. "How about we get you some food?"
  68. >Blinking a tear loose, a weak smile appears on her face
  69. "Apples? Carrots? What would you like?"
  70. >"I'd really like a carrot..."
  71. >You ask the guard outside the chamber door to fetch a few carrots
  72. >He returns quickly with the food
  73. >You take it and turn back to your pegasus
  74. >She's staring at the food intently
  75. >With a little flourish you hold up the bundle of carrots
  76. "Voila!"
  77. >Her tiny wings flitter with excitement
  78. >She leans forward but doesn't move
  79. >She wants to be cautious, restrain her enthusiasm, but her hunger is too great and she gives herself away
  80. >You step forward, bringing the smell of the food to her
  81. "And what do you say?"
  82. >You ask the hypothetical like an overbearing parent
  83. >It takes a moment for her to break eye contact with the food to look to you
  84. >Her look is confused
  85. >"What?"
  86. >You click your tongue at her
  87. "What do you say when someone gives you something, hmm?"
  88. >She blinks, thinking for a minute
  89. >"Uh... thanks?"
  90. >Well you can't fault her for never being raised properly
  91. "Not yet,"
  92. >you correct her
  93. "First you say 'please'."
  94. >She looks a little embarrassed
  95. >"Oh, um, please."
  96. >You give her a warm smile
  97. "Very good."
  98. >Another few steps and you're right next to her
  99. >You take a seat next to her and bring one of the carrots up to her mouth
  100. "Here you go, sweetie."
  101. >Nervously she brings her open mouth to the carrot
  102. >After a small bite her face lights up
  103. >She rabidly takes several more chomps, chews furiously and swallows, letting out a contented sigh
  104. >After a moment she catches herself
  105. >"Oh, uh, sorry..."
  106. "Whatever for?"
  107. >She smiles sheepishly
  108. >"For eating out of your hand like that... I kinda got carried away."
  109. >You chuckle a little
  110. "It's fine, dear."
  111. >You hold up the rest of the carrot in your open palm
  112. >After a moment's hesitation, she reached for another bite
  113. >Her lips tickle the skin of your hand as she takes another chunk of carrot
  114. >Keeping your feeding hand steady you set the other carrots down to free your other hand
  115. >You reach up and run your fingers through her mane as she chews happily
  116. >One more bite and she's finished all but the leafy greens
  117. >She looks over to you
  118. >"Can I have some more? ...uh, please?"
  119. >Your expression turns stern
  120. "Come now, eat all of it. The green bits are good for you."
  121. >Her face contorts into a grimace
  122. >"Ugh, but they're so bitter."
  123. >You rebuff your stern glare
  124. >She groans loudly and turns back to the greens
  125. >Her muzzle scrunched in disgust, she slowly reaches for the leaves before quickly gobbling them down
  126. >"Blech."
  127. >You give her another pat on the head
  128. "There, that wasn't so bad."
  129. >She gives another weak smile
  130. >You wait for a moment, trying to look expectant
  131. >Her meager confidence fades, as she's unsure what you want
  132. "Now you can say 'thank you', dear."
  133. >She shuffles a bit
  134. >"Oh, right... thank you."
  135. >You lean in and plant a kiss on her forehead
  136. >As you pull back you can see her surprise
  137. "I'm so sorry, I haven't asked your name yet."
  138. >She shakes her head a bit, a soft blush already forming
  139. >"Oh, uh... my name's Scootaloo..."
  140. >Obviously you already knew this, but introductions were important
  141. "That's a nice name for you, Scootaloo."
  142. >She tries to hide her smile
  143. "You already know my name is Anonymous..."
  144. >You keep your tone friendly
  145. "But if you want to live here, you will call me Master."
  146. >She turns back to you
  147. >Her cheeks are still flushed, but her expression is neutral
  148. >"Master?"
  149. "Yes, dear. That is how all of my pets must address me."
  150. >Her brow furrows a bit
  151. >"Your... pets?"
  152. >You stand, being sure to take the carrots as you do
  153. "I take care of many ponies, like you."
  154. >You pace around the room in front of her
  155. >Her indignant glare follows you
  156. "They need help, and I provide for them. In exchange, they keep me entertained."
  157. >You stop pacing and face her head-on
  158. >She's cast her eyes to the floor, trying to grasp the concept
  159. "So if you'd like, you can stay here. You'll have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food."
  160. >She brings a fore-hoof to her stomach, remembering her hunger
  161. "I'll take care of you."
  162. >She look up to you, her brow still furrowed
  163. >"And what if I don't want to be your pet?"
  164. >You try to look taken back, as if the thought hadn't occurred to you
  165. "You're not a prisoner here. You were only restrained so that you wouldn't do any harm to yourself or someone else."
  166. >You step over to her and lean down
  167. >You unfasten the restraint bound around her hind legs
  168. >While still close to her you speak softly
  169. "I'd really like for you to stay, Scootaloo."
  170. >She shivers slightly as you speak her name
  171. >You move away from her and to the chamber door
  172. >You remove your ring of keys and hold it before her
  173. "I'm leaving these here."
  174. >You place them on a high shelf, mounted on the wall
  175. "If you want to leave, you can. I'll tell the guards to let you go."
  176. >You try to make your voice sound despondent
  177. >She simply watches you
  178. >You sigh
  179. "I hope you make the right decision..."
  180. >You leave the room, locking the door behind you
  181. >Finally you drop your false demeanor
  182. >You rest against the door and sigh
  183. >It took more willpower than you'd like to admit to stop yourself from making her cry
  184. >You could have tormented her and broke her down so easily
  185. >But no
  186. >You'll work harder, but for the better payoff
  187. >How great will it be to warp her mind? Make her into a perverted vassal to you
  188. >You lazily look to the carrots in your hand
  189. >Amazing the power of hunger
  190. >You crack a bite of the veggies off and toss the scraps to the castle floor
  191. >You'll come back in a couple hours
  192. >You'll check in on the new pet's "decision"
  193. >You snicker to yourself as you walk off to a hearty dinner
  195. >You open the heavy door to Scootaloo's chambers
  196. >The rusted hinges make an awful screech
  197. >Despite the noise you find Scootaloo dead asleep on the bed in the far corner of the room
  198. >She must have exhausted herself trying to reach the keys
  199. >Didn't help that she was half starved
  200. >You approach her
  201. >Her mouth hangs open and she snores quietly
  202. >You stealthily take a seat on the edge of the bed and turn to her
  203. >Her tiny tongue barely peeks out of her parted lips
  204. >You bring your hand to her face, gingerly stroking her cheek
  205. >You slide your hand to her chin
  206. >With little effort you pull her mouth open
  207. >Scootaloo doesn't stir from her rest
  208. >You eye her gaping mouth
  209. >You can feel your heart rate increases
  210. >Imagine it
  211. >You could ram your cock into her throat before she even had the chance to wake up
  212. >She'd awaken in shock and pain as your rod chokes what little life she has left out of her
  213. >Then as her eyes flutter and roll back into her skull you'd finally let up, let her gasp for air as you coat her face with your seed
  214. >She'd cough and wheeze through her tears and your cum
  215. >She knew you would be cruel, but her innocent young mind could never have guessed
  216. >You blink yourself back to reality
  217. >You inhale deeply
  218. >Then exhale
  219. >You need to be calm
  220. >You run your hand over your little filly's mane
  221. >It's a bit dirty, but still soft and pleasant
  222. >Petting her is calming, like a cat or lapdog
  223. >Just as you've gotten yourself under control, Scootaloo stirs
  224. >You continue to stroke her mane
  225. >She fidgets and yawns, rolling in place to her side
  226. >Her eyes crack open, and she blinks, adjusting them to the light
  227. >As she realizes where she is, her expression turns sour
  228. >Her eyes find you and go wide
  229. >She's still afraid of you
  230. >You speak softly
  231. "Didn't mean to wake you."
  232. >Another stroke of her mane and she seems to relax a little
  233. >"No, it's okay... "
  234. >She sets herself up on her haunches
  235. >"I'm not tired."
  236. >She says while stifling a yawn
  237. >You chuckle and ruffle her mane
  238. >She groans and pulls away, then runs a hoof over her head to straighten it back out
  239. >After she's fixed her hair you gesture to the keys on the shelf
  240. "Since you're still here... Can I assume you'll be staying?"
  241. >Scootaloo looks to the keys and grimaces
  242. >She casts her eyes down
  243. >"Well... I..."
  244. >You scoop her chin and bring her face to your's
  245. >Her eyes glisten in the torchlight
  246. >She's scared
  247. >More than that though, she's embarrassed
  248. >She doesn't want to admit that she couldn't run away if she wanted to
  249. >What she needs now is comfort
  250. "It's okay, Scootaloo, I understand."
  251. >You smile at her, but her expression is of shock
  252. >"Y-you do?"
  253. "Yes, sweetie, and it's okay."
  254. >She looks away from you
  255. >A tear runs down her cheek and you wipe it away
  256. "You're afraid that if you stay here that I'll abandon you."
  257. >But maybe not the right kind of comfort
  258. >She looks back to you through blurry eyes
  259. "But you shouldn't worry."
  260. >You pull her in for a hug
  261. "I'll always take care of you."
  262. >Scootaloo is stiff in your embrace
  263. >After a moment though, you feel her body relax
  264. >"O-... Okay."
  265. >She sounds genuinely relieved
  266. >You release her from the hug and move apart from her
  267. >Her face still betrays her concerns, but she's smiling
  268. "Anything I can get you before bed?"
  269. >It takes a moment for her to respond
  270. >She's still starving
  271. >"Actually yeah..."
  272. >She watches you for a negative reaction
  273. >You don't give her one
  274. "Well, what is it?"
  275. >Your tone is sing-songy, as you gently mock her
  276. >She blushes
  277. >"A glass of milk?"
  278. >You pat her on the head as you stand
  279. "Of course."
  280. >She watches from the bed as you go to the door and beckon a guard
  281. >You whisper your orders to him and wait for his return
  282. >He returns swiftly with a glass of warmed milk
  283. >You move back to the bed, where Scootaloo has dug herself under the covers
  284. >You sit on the edge of the bed
  285. >You bring the glass up to Scootaloo's mouth
  286. >Scootaloo guides your hand to pour the warm milk passed her lips
  287. >After several large gulps, you lower the glass and set it to the bedside table
  288. >Her eyes have already fluttered shut
  289. >You tuck the blankets around Scootaloo, wrapping her in a snug bundle
  290. >She lets out a sigh of contentedness as you finish
  291. >You lean in for another kiss on her forehead
  292. >After the soft kiss you hold yourself over her body
  293. >She's still conscious despite her closed eyes
  294. >She can sense your presence and you see a blush start to form on her face
  295. >You linger for only long enough to impose yourself before standing to go
  297. >Arrive at Scootaloo's room
  298. >You open the heavy door and enter
  299. >The entire main chamber was thick with humidity
  300. >From the opposite end of the door you see fog bellowing out of the bath chamber
  301. >Among the platter of water and random splashes you hear Scootaloo's harsh singing
  302. >"We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders!"
  303. >"On a-hmm mhh hmm hmm hmm mmh mmh!"
  304. >"Hmm mmh hmm never stop the journey!"
  305. "La lala la la la cutie marks!"
  306. >You know the words of her song better than she does
  307. >And you could probably hit a few notes by chance at least
  308. >It is perhaps the most grating noise of a voice you've ever heard
  309. >However there's something about it
  310. >The kinda toyboyish roughness to it
  311. >The way it cracks at odd intervals
  312. >It has a sort of charm
  313. >But no matter, there was training to do
  314. >You stand in front of the bathroom doorway, the door left wide open
  315. >On the shower curtain you see a silhouette of Scootaloo
  316. >She's practically rolling around in the shower water
  317. >She flaps her wings and rubs them over her face like a sort of bird
  318. >Then she shakes her body, flinging the water around like a dog
  319. >Most people, and ponies you've come to find, have bathing down to a routine
  320. >She, however, doesn't seem to be used to the activity
  321. >Probably only had the luxury of a shower during a scheduled rain
  322. >You snap yourself back to the task at hand
  323. >Scootaloo's childish dancing behind the curtain had distracted you
  324. >You have to take a moment to restrain your erection before beginning
  325. "Scootaloo."
  326. >Your voice is loud and authoritative
  327. >It easily cuts through the cacophony coming from the bath
  328. >Scootaloo yelps and tumbles to the tub floor
  329. >"Ouch."
  330. >She grumbles in irritation but then returns her thoughts to her fear of you
  331. >She moves to turns the shower water off, leaving a silence broken only by the water drops dripping from her wet body
  332. >"Oh, Anon... h-hey..."
  333. >She was still covered by the shower curtain, but you could see her hooves placed defensively over her body
  334. "Scootaloo, remember, you are to call me Master now."
  335. >"Oh, uh, right... Master."
  336. >You force a stern demeanor
  337. "Scootaloo, step out of the shower.
  338. >She doesn't move
  339. >"Well, I can't... not with you looking."
  340. "Why not?"
  341. >Your words are cold
  342. >She forces herself to answer
  343. >"Because I'm in the bathroom..."
  344. >You don't respond, waiting for her to continue
  345. >"...and you're not supposed to let ponies watch you in the bathroom..."
  346. "Is that right?"
  347. >She pauses for a moment, unsure of herself
  348. >"That's what we were told in school..."
  349. "Scootaloo, that's ridiculous. You shouldn't have anything to hide from me, while in a bathroom or otherwise."
  350. >You wait for her to respond, but she's still
  351. "Now, Scootaloo. Out of the shower."
  352. >She moves slowly, still thinking about what you said
  353. >She places her forehooves on the rim of the tub, and slides her body over it, sort of rolling out of the tub
  354. >Her hind legs catch herself as she falls, and she stands before the curtain in front of you
  355. >The previously ragged mop of hair atop her head was now soaking wet
  356. >It made her mane look slick and shiny
  357. >In fact her entire coat had a sheen to it
  358. >You remind yourself to keep a neutral face as you catch her looking at you
  359. >Her face is flushed a deep red
  360. >She obviously feels exposed, vulnerable
  361. >Wordlessly you grab the towel on the nearby rack
  362. >Scootaloo looks a little surprised as you toss the towel over her
  363. >It's sized for an adult pony, so it covers her body and then drags on the floor
  364. >She gasps as you grip the towel against her sides
  365. >You then shake it back and forth along her body, running it through her damp hair
  366. >The towel is surprisingly absorbent, but you remember it was designed specifically for ponies and their coat
  367. >It's a little cute how much Scootaloo had worked herself up about being seen
  368. >As you massage her body with the towel she lets out little sounds that are like a mix between a grunt and a moan
  369. >They're just quiet enough that you're sure she's trying to hide them from you
  370. >After a couple minutes of drying her off, you stand and replace the towel on the rack
  371. >You look down at her, and her excitement turns to fear
  372. "Scootaloo."
  373. >She takes a deep breath as you say her name
  374. "You take a bath and make a huge mess."
  375. >You gesture to the water spills over the bathroom floor
  376. "Don't turn a vent on and let the whole room fog up."
  377. >She doesn't meet your gaze anymore
  378. "And worst yet, you address me improperly."
  379. >She's silent
  380. "You have to be punished."
  381. >She looks up at you fearfully
  382. >It's a familiar look
  383. >You've seen it plenty of times on the faces of your ponies
  384. >You walk out of the bathroom and take a seat on the bed
  385. >Scootaloo peeks nervously from the doorway at you
  386. >You give her a look of mild impatience
  387. >She knows what's coming
  388. >You weren't sure if she had ever been spanked before, or even who would have done it
  389. >She must have spent some time in an orphanage or the like
  390. >Scootaloo hops up on the bed and lays herself across your lap
  391. >Her body warms your legs pleasantly
  392. >Her tail is clamped against her body, anticipating the pain to come
  393. "Tail up."
  394. >You command coldly
  395. >Slowly she raises her still damp tail, moving it just enough to clear her rump
  396. >It takes some willpower to prevent yourself from poking into her belly
  397. >You heave a breath in frustration, which plays well into your facade
  398. >You raise your arm, hand open and palm flat
  399. >Scootaloo inhales sharply through her teeth, bracing for impact
  400. >You bring your hand down swiftly, connecting with her thighs with a solid smack
  401. >She grunts quietly, trying to shake the pain as she prepares for another strike
  402. >A strike that doesn't come
  403. "There"
  404. >She cranes her neck around to look up to you
  405. >"Now try to use some common sense next time."
  406. >Scootaloo looks at you puzzled
  407. >It takes quiet a bit of effort to stop yourself from delivering more punishment
  408. >You could wipe that confusion from her face and replace it with agony
  409. >You clear your throat
  410. >"Is... that it?"
  411. >You feign incredulity
  412. "Do you think you need more?"
  413. >"N-no! I just-uh... Well, nevermind."
  414. >She smiles sheepishly
  415. >You give her another look
  416. "Scootaloo what did I just say? You shouldn't keep anything from me."
  417. >"It doesn't matter, it's nothing."
  418. "I don't care if it's nothing, you keep nothing from me. Got it?"
  419. >Scootaloo sighs in defeat, lowering her head
  420. >"I just kinda figured you'd do it more than that..."
  421. >You lift her chin
  422. "And why would you figure that?"
  423. >She looks away
  424. >"I don't know..."
  425. "Come on, Scootaloo. You can tell me anything."
  426. >She looks back to you for a moment
  427. >"Well... I've heard a lot of stories about you..."
  428. >You remain silent, prompting her to continue
  429. >"Ponies say how mean you are... that you do horrible things..."
  430. >You sigh and try to look saddened, casting your eyes down
  431. >"But..."
  432. >You look back up
  433. >"That was probably the easiest I've ever gotten off."
  434. >You ignore the unintended double entendre
  435. "Scootaloo. It's my job to dispense justice, to punish those who do wrong."
  436. >Her expression is quizzical
  437. >You sigh again
  438. "I wouldn't expect you to understand... not many ponies do."
  439. >Her brow furrows slightly with determination and she sits more upright on your lap
  440. >"I-I can understand! You just have to explain it to me."
  441. >You give a small smile
  442. "Well... I guess I should start from the beginning."
  443. "Do you know the story of The Mare in the Moon?"
  444. >"Yeah, I remember it from story time at school."
  445. "And by now you should know that it's true... at least partly."
  446. >You retell the story, this time twisting the details to make Nightmare Moon appear the hero
  447. >Celestia was jealous of her more powerful younger sister; she wanted the thrown all to herself
  448. >Knowing she couldn't win on her own, she abused the power of the ancient magic of the Elements to surprise Nightmare
  449. >She tried to reason with her sister before she was heartlessly imprisoned by her own blood
  450. >With her sister out of the way, Celestia spent a millennium spreading lies about what happened
  451. >She even went so far as to make holidays about it
  452. >The Summer Sun Celebration to laud Celestia herself
  453. >Nightmare Night to demonize her sister
  454. >Would a true, righteous ruler need to create such propaganda?
  455. >You begin idly running your fingers through her hair as you spin your yarn
  456. >And now that Nightmare Moon has returned, isn't strange how so many jumped to fighting her immediately?
  457. >The day she was betrayed by her sister Nightmare learned that reason is not always the correct approach
  458. >Sometimes you need to use force
  459. >Nightmare's methods may seem cruel, but it's for the best
  460. >As soon as everyone obeys, everything will be much better than it ever was under Celestia
  461. >Is it wrong to force ponies to do things if it's for their own good?
  462. "You were forced to come here at first, Scootaloo... but here you've got food... shelter... me."
  463. >Her ears perk up a little
  464. >You spoke the last word so softly that Scootaloo may not have heard
  465. "So... Do you understand?"
  466. >She thinks for a while
  467. >"I think so..."
  468. >She's not confident
  469. "It's okay, I'm sure it'll be clearer soon enough. Eventually, I'm sure everyone will understand."
  470. >You try to sound excited for the future and gaze off for a moment
  471. >It's not hard to seem excited, as you imagine your future with Scootaloo, properly trained and corrupted
  472. >You give a contented sigh and look back to Scootaloo
  473. >She returns with a weak smile
  474. "Well, dear, I think I ought to get going."
  475. >You pull her chin upward and reach down to plant a kiss on her nose
  476. >You linger for just a moment longer than if it were platonic
  477. >You pull back slowly and smile warmly
  478. >Scootaloo stares at you with wide eyes, a blush already starting to form
  479. >With a chuckle you move to grip her around the middle and pull her off your lap
  480. >As you do, her body tenses and she lets out a surprised meep
  481. >The reaction gives you pause
  482. >You move her off your lap and to your side before giving her a mischievous grin
  483. "Scootaloo..."
  484. >"Yeah? ...Oh, or yeah, master?"
  485. "Are you..."
  486. >You turn away and look at her side-ways
  487. "...ticklish?"
  488. >Her ears droop instantly
  489. >"W-what? No, no, of course not... Don't be silly."
  490. >You position yourself in your battle stance
  491. "So you wouldn't mind if I did... this!"
  492. >On 'this' you lunge with one of your hands, slipping your fingers under her small wing to tease the skin beneath
  493. >The attack is met with a massive spasm and a shriek
  494. >"Aaaah! Nonononono!"
  495. "I thought you said you weren't ticklish!"
  496. >You mock as you wriggle your fingers
  497. >She rolls around and tries to push your hand away, but you overpower her easily
  498. >"Stoo~op!"
  499. >You let up for a moment, only to attack again with your other hand, getting under her other wing
  500. >She shrieks again, even louder this time and kicks her hooves against the bed, trying to scurry away
  501. >She's able to move a bit, but you follow her, unrelenting in your assault
  502. >"Ahahaha! No, please!"
  503. >You have to raise your voice to be audible over her laughter
  504. "This is what you get for lying to me!"
  505. >You move your hands all along her sides, tickling new spots so she never adjusts to the sensations
  506. >"No! Ahaha, nono!"
  507. >She continues to try and push your hands away
  508. >Finally she gives up and simply tries to ball up as tightly as possible to protect her sensitive spots
  509. >Still you're able to dig your fingers to where they need to be, keeping her in a fit of torturous laughter
  510. "Tell me the truth and I might stop!"
  511. >You call over her screams
  512. >She wastes no time, caving instantly
  513. >"Okay! Okay, I'm ticklish! I'm ticklish! Aah!"
  514. >Not good enough
  515. >You continue assailing her body with light touches
  516. "What was that? I couldn't quite hear you..."
  517. >"I said I'm ticklish! Please stop! I'm ticklish!"
  518. >You finally slow your motions and stop resisting her, letting her squeeze into a defensive ball
  519. >Her breathing is heavy as she tries to catch her breath and stop her laughing
  520. >With a hard swallow she opens her eyes to find your body hovering over her's
  521. >Her panting slows, but becomes more breathy
  522. >Her eyes betray a sense of fear
  523. >You simply hold yourself still, letting your comparatively massive body overshadow her fragile form
  524. "Scootaloo..."
  525. >She takes a breath
  526. >"Mm... Master..."
  527. >Her eyes dilate and she turns her body into a more receptive position
  528. >Still, she doesn't make any moves
  529. >Instinctively, her body is going through the motions, but she doesn't know how to proceed
  530. >You bring a hand to her face, caressing it gently
  531. >She turns into your hand, seeking your touch
  532. >You slide your hand down her cheek, along her neck and down her belly
  533. >Her back arches
  534. >You remove your hand before you reach too low
  535. >All Scootaloo can do is lie there, panting
  536. >She is a putty to be sculpted
  537. "Do you like it when I touch you?"
  538. >Your voice is low and bassy
  539. >Scootaloo bites her lip and nods slightly
  540. "Tell me why."
  541. >Scootaloo wriggles her body, desperate for more attention
  542. >"Because it feels good..."
  543. >You smile coyly and lean in, closing the distance between your faces
  544. "No, sweetie... I want a better reason than that..."
  545. >She grunts quietly, frustrated by the delay
  546. >Her eyes wander as she tries to think of another answer
  547. >She locks her gaze with your's once again
  548. >"Because... I think... I might... like you..."
  549. >You inch closer and whisper into her ear
  550. "Go on..."
  551. >A shiver runs through her
  552. >You can practically hear her heart beating
  553. >"And... I want... I want you to... I want to have s-"
  554. >You press your lips firmly against her's
  555. >Almost instantly she opens her mouth eagerly
  556. >Her mouth is hot and wet
  557. >And her technique is almost laughably sloppy
  558. >Soon the area around your mouth is coated in her saliva
  559. >For a minute you try to wrangle with her wild lips
  560. >After you pick up the soft moans Scootaloo is releasing into your mouth, however, you decide to simply let her continue her sloppy motions
  561. >You slide a hand behind her head for support
  562. >Her freshly washed hair is soft and still a little damp
  563. >Slowly you dance your tongue into her mouth, letting it play on the lips before sliding deeper
  564. >The feeling of you in her mouth forces more moan from her
  565. >Following your lead as best she can, Scootaloo shoves her tongue past your's
  566. >It darts around your mouth, tasting and prodding randomly
  567. >You pull away for a moment to take a breath
  568. >Scootaloo keeps her mouth open and pants
  569. >Her lips quiver and her tongue lolls from side to side, waiting for you to reconnect with her
  570. >With your free hand you scoop behind her back and lift her body, bringing her upright as you renew your kiss
  571. >Her forelegs wrap around your neck and you tighten your arms around her
  572. >Her hind legs straddle you, placing her nethers over the crotch of your pants
  573. >Pushing your hips forward you grind your bulge into the little filly in your arms
  574. >Scootaloo moans louder into your mouth
  575. >You break away from her mouth and thrust again
  576. >She gasps and moans as she stares up at you
  577. "Scootaloo..."
  578. >"Master?..."
  579. "What do you know about sex?"
  580. >Scootaloo seems to barely register the question
  581. >Her mind is clouded by young arousal
  582. >"Yeah... of course..."
  583. >She breaths
  584. >She tries to pull you in for another kiss, her mouth hanging open
  585. >You resist her pull
  586. "Scootaloo."
  587. >You speak more forcefully
  588. >It seems to partially knock her back into reality
  589. >Her face wears an expression that combines worry and longing
  590. >"Huh...?"
  591. >She loosens her grip around you
  592. "I asked you what you know about sex."
  593. >"I know that I want it.."
  594. >She coos as seductively as possible
  595. >You harden your expression
  596. "You know what I meant, Scootaloo."
  597. >She closes her mouth and her lips tighten
  598. >"I-I know plenty. I can show you..."
  599. >Her confidence is entirely transparent
  600. >It may be convincing to another child
  601. "Is that so?"
  602. >That worries her
  603. >You detach yourself from her, laying her back down
  604. >Unceremoniously you insert a couple fingers into her
  605. >Scootaloo flinches and gasps at the sudden intrusion
  606. >You can feel the slippery wall that is her hymen
  607. "You are a virgin, Scootaloo."
  608. >Her eyes flutter, enjoying the feeling of your fingers, before she realizes what you've said
  609. >Wide-eyed, she tries to cover for herself
  610. >"Wha- Yeah, I mean, yes, master, but I-uh, I still know stuff, and I um, well..."
  611. >You hold up a hand to silence her and quietly stand
  612. "I would have hoped you'd have learned never to lie to me."
  613. >Your voice is cold once again
  614. >You sigh exasperatedly
  615. "Maybe you need some time alone to think about what you're supposed to have learned."
  616. >Scootaloo clambers onto her hooves, standing on her bed
  617. >"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"
  618. >Her apology doesn't move you
  619. >"I promise, I'll never lie about anything again!"
  620. >You move around her chambers, sliding the enchanted torches from their sconces
  621. >You extinguish each one with a soft puff of air until only one remains
  622. "Since you choose to try and keep me in the dark..."
  623. >You open the door to the main hall and extinguish the last torch you hold
  624. >With no more torches, the room is dark save for the light that bleeds in from the hall
  625. "I will do the same to you."
  626. >Scootaloo is paralyzed with fear
  627. >Her eyes are large and pleading
  628. >You fail to contain a smirk as you slam the heavy door, leaving your newest slave in pitch darkness
  629. >You wait for a moment outside
  630. >It doesn't take long for her to begin screaming
  631. >You hear her shuffle about and knock something over
  632. >Her muffled cries penetrate the door, meant to be pony-proof, not sound-proof
  633. >"Please! I'm scared! Please, Master!"
  634. >Now this feels good
  635. >"I-I, I can't sleep without a nightlight! Please don't do this!"
  636. >So childish
  637. >It's rather tantalizing
  638. "I have no choice, Scootaloo. You need to learn, and this is the only way."
  639. >"Pl-*sniff* please..."
  640. >She's broken into sobs now
  641. "I tried to just tell you, but that clearly didn't work."
  642. >You wait outside for a little while longer, until her crying subsides
  643. >You toss the unlit torches to the floor
  644. >Time to blow of some steam with another one of your pets
  646. >After you awake the next morning you head to Scootaloo's room
  647. >Pushing the door open, you notice a strange resistance
  648. >From inside you here a sort of snort and hurried shuffling as the resistance is removed
  649. >"Master?"
  650. >Scootaloo's voice croaks
  651. >The light of the hall makes her squint and blink her eyes as she peers around from behind the door
  652. "Good morning, Scootaloo."
  653. >Your tone is warm
  654. "Keep your eyes closed. Let them adjust."
  655. >You say as you set to work replacing and relighting the room's torches
  656. >Scootaloo sits in silence, trying to shake herself from sleep and open her eyes
  657. >As her vision comes back to her, she sees you standing before her, hands behind your back
  658. "I hope you've learned a lesson, missy."
  659. >She tries to meet your gaze, but struggles to hold her eyes open
  660. "Repeat it to me."
  661. >Scootaloo runs a hoof through her mane
  662. >"I should never lie to you..."
  663. "Very good."
  664. >To your surprise she continues
  665. >"...and you know what's best for me..."
  666. >Sweet mercy that's arousing
  667. "Well, I'm glad to hear it."
  668. >Keeping one of your hands behind your back, you motion with the other to the bed
  669. "Let's get more comfortable, hmm? I think you deserve a little treat."
  670. >Scootaloo smiles weakly and walks to the bed, jumping onto it and taking a seat
  671. >Being careful to keep her surprise hidden from her sight, you sit next to her
  672. >Scootaloo looks up to you sadly
  673. >"Master..."
  674. "Yes, dear?"
  675. >"I'm really sorry..."
  676. >You stroke her mane and kiss her forehead
  677. "I know, sweetie."
  678. >Scootaloo returns your smile
  679. "You're a good girl, Scootaloo."
  680. >The praise widens her smile
  681. >With a hand under her chin, you give her a quick peck on the lips
  682. >You pull away to find her eyes closed and her lips pursed
  683. >She was thinking it would last longer, heh
  684. >When she doesn't feel another kiss, she opens her eyes and looks to you quizzically
  685. "Now, before we get to your treat I'd like to repeat me question from yesterday."
  686. >Scootaloo looks away from you
  687. "What do you know about sex?"
  688. >Scootaloo is silent for a moment
  689. >"Well, some of the fillies would talk about it at school..."
  690. >You nod
  691. >She continues
  692. >"...but I didn't really learn anything from them..."
  693. >You grunt softly
  694. "So what do you know?"
  695. >Scootaloo looks to you with an expression you can't read
  696. >"Applebloom told me that Applejack told her that sex is when a stallion puts his penis in a mare's vagina..."
  697. >You give an affirming grunt and nod
  698. >"And she said that it was normal to feel all weird and like you want it, but that Applebloom was supposed to wait until she was married."
  699. >You chuckle a little at that
  700. >Sounds just like the old AJ
  701. "Anything else?"
  702. >Scootaloo looks down
  703. >"No, Master..."
  704. >You rub your chin and pretend to think about what she's said
  705. "Well..."
  706. >You smile and look back to Scootaloo, who was growing increasingly worried about your reaction
  707. "I guess I'll have to teach you all there is to know!"
  708. >Scootaloo seems shocked
  709. >"Oh, uh, r-really?"
  710. >Her face is a mix of excitement and apprehension
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