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  1. <b><color=#ff8000><u></color><size=30><align="center"><color=#ffffffff>Welcome to</color> <color=#ff8000><b>Quake</color><color=#ff8000>Servers</b></color></align></size></u></b>
  3. <color=#ff8000><u><size=20>Rules</size></u></color>
  4. <color=#ffffffff>1.Harassment and racism will get you kicked if you continue a 10 minute ban.</color>
  5. <color=#ffffffff>2.Delaying rounds will get you slain.</color>
  6. <color=#ffffffff>3.Meta gaming is not allowed. (providing information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage)</color>
  7. <color=#ffffffff>4.Mic spam is allowed but keep it low.</color>
  8. <color=#ffffffff>5.Cheating isn't allowed and you be punish if caught doing so.</color>
  9. <color=#ffffffff>6.Don't go on spots that scps cant reach.</color>
  11. <color=#ff8000><u><size=20>Links</size></u></color>
  12. <color=#ffffffff><link=""><u>Discord</u></Click></color>
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