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  4. Westworld Full Movie Download Mp4
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  39. In a near future, the Delos Company offers the vacation of the future in in the amusement parks Medievalworld, Romanworld and Westworld for U$ 1,000 per day. The vacationers get to experience life in the themed period, doing whatever he or she wants, interacting with the robot inhabitants that populate the parks. Peter Martin and John Blane travel by hovercraft to Westworld and soon Peter duels against a Gunslinger. However, when there is a malfunctioning of the machinery, the robots get out of control, jeopardizing the guests.
  40. Peter Martin and John Blane decide to take a holiday in a high tech amusement park, Westworld. Here they get to play cowboys - saloon brawls, saloon girls and quick draws against the town's gunslinger - with lifelike robots. All is well for the first few days but when the park's central computer malfunctions, the built-in safety features are turned off and the robots begin to attack the guests. The gunslinger in particular seems indestructible and relentlessly pursues his prey.
  41. Throughout his career, science fiction novelist Michael Crichton has had a profound influence on the history of film and stories. Although the variety of Crichton&#39;s work doesn&#39;t differ greatly, much of his ideas bring up intriguing questions about our existence as the human race. Of Crichton&#39;s work, the most popular of his films was Jurassic Park (1993) dealing with re-animated dinosaurs running a muck. Yet 20 years earlier, Crichton had wrote and directed another science-fiction film involving other creatures running a muck. The creatures this time are robots. With technology ever increasing in its complexity, people take it for granted more often than before. The question is, do we realize how realistic this technology has become? Everyday that passes, this applied science gets closer and closer to our personal lives to the point where we can interact with it as well. This is no longer a fantasy nowadays and that can be a scary thing. What happens with these machines become self- aware? Will we know how they&#39;ll react?<br/><br/>Taking place some time in the future, the world has created Delos, the &quot;perfect vacation resort&quot;. Consisting of three different time capsules; Romanworld, Medievalworld and Westworld, where each visitor can experience life as it was during that time for $1000 a day (oh yeah, pocket change). Helping make these three settings as realistic as possible, the Delos system uses robots that look like real people. The only way to tell the difference between a real human and these fake ones is by looking at their hands. Audiences will learn this after being introduced to Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin) and John Blane (James Brolin), two visitors to the resort; Blane of which is a returning guest. Martin on the other hand has never been to Delos and is excited to experience the authenticity of it. Behind the curtain of Delos, a sophisticated network of technicians and other workers help keep things moving. If a robot breaks down, it&#39;s hauled back for repair. However, things are acting up more than usual lately.<br/><br/>According to the Chief Supervisor (Alan Oppenheimer), the robots have been encountering frequent issues for strange reasons. There needs to be answers but no one knows why. How is that? The only answer given is that it&#39;s some kind of &quot;disease&quot;, which is immediately impeded by another board member saying how could a machine have a disease? But that&#39;s as far as it goes. For Jurassic Park (1993), saying that the dinosaurs became smart is somewhat acceptable and if that were the answer that would also work. Nevertheless leaving the inquiry as possibly a disease doesn&#39;t solve much. The other noticeable problem with this film is its pacing. As Michael Crichton&#39;s first theatrical film he directed, this could be the reason why his direction wasn&#39;t on point. There are moments where scenes move slower than usual and some events that take place feel longer than necessary. Plus remembering that he also wrote for this film probably added to the amount of work Crichton had to deal with so it&#39;s plausible he was under a lot of pressure.<br/><br/>James Brolin and Richard Benjamin as the main two leads help give viewers a better understanding of what there is to expect from Delos. Benjamin plays the role viewers can relate to since any newcomer would have the same initial opinion. Brolin&#39;s role is to assist in cementing the new belief. Co-starring with Brolin and Benjamin are also Norman Bartold playing another guest and Yul Brynner only known as the gunslinger. Bartold&#39;s role isn&#39;t greatly defined but he does play an important part for the viewer to see. Yul Brynner as the gunslinger may not have a lot to say but his appearance as a robot with reflective eyes is dastardly credible. The inflections in Brynner&#39;s lines have just the right amount of flare to make him sound fake but dangerous all the same. The action / sci-fi &amp; horror elements that show up throughout work too. Though it was given a PG rating at the time, it is far from it. There are blood squibs and some brutal violence throughout. For 1973, the makeup effects did wonders when it came to robotic creatures.<br/><br/>Behind the camera was Gene Polito as the cinematographer. Polito&#39;s camera-work is solid in every shot that occurs. That means capturing not only each setting&#39;s background but also remaining completely still for action shots. There are also a number of slow motion shots that amplify how much Polito was able to capture in each frame. Looking at his entire career, it&#39;s likely that this was the movie that he&#39;s most widely regarded for. The same could be said for Fred Karlin, the musical composer. Understanding that the majority of the events featured will be in Westworld would incline that some of the score would include country music themes. This does occur and perhaps too exaggerated at points because sometimes it sounds like hillbilly music. However, what Karlin made efficiently dark and scary was the horror of his music. Relying on prepared piano (which is rare in most scores) and scratchy strings truly makes the horror cues much more intense because the sounds or so uniquely constructed compared to other compositions.<br/><br/>Writing in particular is well thought out even though there are unresolved questions. The pacing in some areas may also be a bit slow but it&#39;s made up with relatable characters, a twisted film score and well-shot cinematography.
  42. This one had a really interesting theme and was a kind of predecessor to Chrichton&#39;s own &quot;Jurassic Park&quot;, but except for the things that are rather well done (e.g. Yul Bynner&#39;s death at the end), there are flaws that make the whole film ridiculous (spoilers...):<br/><br/>1.) If the visitors of the park cannot shoot at each other (because of sensors in their guns), why are the robots able to do that? No one would give the robots real ammo, because they are not supposed to shoot at the guests. And why is a robot snake able to bite someone when it should never do so? Construction error? 2.) When they turn off the electricity, all of their computers and monitors still work, but the scientists are not able to open the electric doors and suffocate. How stupid can you be constructing such a trap for yourself?<br/><br/>And there are also a lot of minor flaws in the film. It&#39;s simply not believable.
  43. Westworld is an excellent film, which combines solid entertainment, chilling topicality, and superbly intelligent serio-comic story values. Michael Crichton's original script is as superior as his direction.
  44. It could have been a prototype test for future models.<br/><br/>Or the scientist/mechanic could have been one of the machines that was self-aware and built the robots as was mentioned by the scientists.  a5c7b9f00b
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