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A Tale of Sockpuppets and Other Fables

lawliet Dec 27th, 2011 232 Never
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  1. One day, a YouTube user by the name of Phenomental1ty(call him Phenomal1ty, it upsets him every time)engaged in a lovely interwebz argument with AnteroX1234, although he lost all credibility when he called hax in a fit of frothing rage.
  3. @AnteroX1234 Everyone is asleep, winrar! I've already disowned Quake in general, I'm all Steam and playing with really chill people in =BRC= clan server, the ones who don't care about skill. They actually have a strong like for the game, to strong to wanna hack it. If I ever see your Steam ID in our server, I will personally ban you. Not only do I play there, I am an admin. Quake 3 is not really much left but people that don't have computers capable of playing newer games. :)
  4. Phenomental1ty
  6. This is him not understanding console commands
  7. @AnteroX1234 Are you still going to stick with that story that you're the BEST FPSer, even after you posted L4D2 videos of you using a wallhack?
  8. Phenomental1ty
  10. @Phenomental1ty its called using r_drawothermodels 2 in demo playback, congratulations on admitting you're a fucking ignorant retard, oh wait, i already knew you were an idiot, afterall you're american!!!
  11. AnteroX1234
  15. Everything changed when I replied(on my account Jektorx2187).
  17. Such a simple comment:
  18. @Phenomental1ty LOL you block someone after raging on HIS video okay gtfo scrubbie pubbie too legit to quit haters gonna hate firend
  19. Jektorx2187
  21. Then he started replying to every comment Antero and I made, no matter what video it was on, with things like this:
  22. @Jektorx2187 Give up already, Antero. You're pathetic, and this Jocktorx2187 sock account makes it obvious that YOU are Antero. What do I care though, have fun with your life in Confogl. Your opportunities to make something of your life is limited.
  23. Phenomental1ty
  26. He also posted some more accusatory comments on my profile which targeted one of my friends(who, by the way, doesn't have ANYTHING to do with L4D2 or the entire derpy debacle itself).
  28. Antero, with two youtube accounts. How clever huh? You ONLY comment and have activity on AnteroX1234's account, because YOU ARE HIM. What a pathetic piece of shit you are. Not only are you a cheater, you are just a hoax professional, and DO NOT handle any situation, PROFESSIONALLY. 3 friends, registered September 11, 2011, this broad below my comment doesn't know who the fuck you are or why you added her. No dude, just... no. You're not winning, you got the mentality of a 12 year old, dunce cap, retarded, misguided child for your parents let you freely use the internet. If you want to get owned again, feel free to respond. Aside from that, just keep your fucking mouth shut, sport.
  30. Off topic, but I'll ask her anyway. You know it's a sock account, scumbag. First you post the bullshit cover-up comeback response, then you log back onto your primary account to put a "lol". You're all figured out, counterfeit.
  32. I later responded to some people about Antero on other videos, and unsurprisingly, Mr. Phenomal1ty(he's going to be mad about that)stepped in.
  34. @Jektorx2187 Antero's sock account again, classic. :D
  35. Phenomental1ty
  37. He was so sure that we were the same person.... so sure that he blocked both of us(remember that we are two different people). But insanity never quits, so eventually he replied to more comments about 1 month after the retardation began.
  39. @zendigital He's sucking his own cock then, because that user name is another account Antero made to have himself look good, relying on a shadow of his former self to defend him. He is his only friend, and Bow's friend. :D
  40. Phenomental1ty
  42. @Phenomental1ty i love it when mentally unstable people jump into retarded conclusions
  43. AnteroX1234
  45. @AnteroX1234 Conclusions about you being terrible at this game.
  46. Phenomental1ty
  48. @Phenomental1ty LOL here we go again, so you finally came back after being a faggot and blocking both of us huh
  49. Jektorx2187
  51. @Jektorx2187 *blocking you. <------ he's so sure!
  52. Phenomental1ty
  54. This is where things really get interesting:
  55. @Jektorx2187 No one defends you, Antero. You're creating sock accounts to cock ride yourself about "skeetz" and "flickshots". Shoo Antero, no one cares to hear it. You made enemies, and now it is everyone versus you and you're outnumbered. :) I already know you are Antero, but does this Jekzor2187 you speak of have a Steam account? What is his name in the game? You can't be some random nobody sticking up for a social reject like Antero.
  56. Phenomental1ty
  58. @Jektorx2187 No one else refers to themselves saying "sevant skills" other than Antero. The vocabulary matches, so you're already caught. What is your Steam ID? Maybe Anterolollerz? You can't provide me a Steam account controlled by Jekzor2187, you avoided the questions I asked on my previous post and kept ranting about "skills". EXPOSED LMAO.
  59. Phenomental1ty
  61. So I give him my URL, and I point out how Antero and I have $400 worth of the same games on our separate accounts. Mine was created on November 26, 2009, and I've got over 1k hours altogether. Maybe this was enough for his personality disorder to give up.
  63. jekzor? holy shit and you made fun of me for getting your scrub name wrong. and i put it so that any logged in member could see it, but you know i just changed it to fully public so you can get owned. go look at the account, holy fuck, why would antero buy the same games all over again? and i joined november 2009. but no no you're right i'm the same person. go look at it you fuck
  64. Sent to: Phenomental1ty
  66. I done looked. Shut the fuck up with your yammering, I really don't care all that much. So what, I'm wrong about you. Why hitch a ride on this immigrants cock about "skills" though? You're wasting your time if you are wanting to convince me he is the greatest FPS gamer, because he would not ONLY be playing l4d2 and sticking around if everyone shares a strong dislike for him.
  67. Sent to: Jektorx2187
  69. Note that he insists he does not care, but he started making these claims 1 month ago and it's only gone this far because he ignited it once again by unblocking us and posting more accusations.
  71. you really don't care, right? is that why you posted a bunch of stupid shit on my profile, replied to a shit ton of comments, BLOCKED both antero and i, then unblocked us for some reason, replied to more comments, and made me link you my steam profile? yeah, you really don't care. alriiiight. i'm not convincing you of shit, you're already dumb enough to call hax so there's no point. besides, i never said he's the best, because fisher is. and not everyone does, but you'd only know that if you weren't delusional. but good job trying to tell me that i'm antero and i spent $400 repurchasing games i already own. and he will always be better than you. post a video of you getting better shots than him, i dare you. the difference between you and i is that i can recognize skill, you just call hax and call antero bad when you have no proof of either.
  72. Sent to: Phenomental1ty
  74. What does he say after I point this out?
  76. tl;dr
  77. Sent to: Jektorx2187
  79. I'm sure you read all of it, though.
  81. You and Antero are still just uneducated nerds. You two and Fisher are all you got. I'll private this inbox just so you don't have to keep typing paragraphs, go get a life, make yourself useful to society, get educated, learn civil respects and get a job you clown.
  82. Sent to: Jektorx2187
  84. He's acknowledging that we are two separate entities here. Great.
  86. I don't need a job since I have $400 to blow on games I apparently already own. But I'm not the one who was so cut up about a stupid argument that I had to come back and start it again after a month of silence. Is that what you did on Christmas?
  88. Oh, no, that's actually not it, but this is.
  89. =BRC=Kamikaze posted on December 25, 2011 @ 3:32am
  90. lmao a faceless nobody trying to have someone feel bad about themselves because they're insecure and got winned over.
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