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Feb 26th, 2020
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  1. @everyone
  3. Thank you for your patience regarding the recent issues with our loyalty system. The loyalty features are now enabled again.
  5. On Monday, one of our databases maintained by a 3rd party vendor was accidentally deleted from their server along with the related backups. The database held all of our loyalty points data. As a result, the systems which rely on this program--such as giveaways, contests, stream store, watchtime, and songrequest with loyalty points--were disabled.
  6. Because we were able to identify the issue, we have re-enabled the loyalty program today. Since the vendor informed us that they are unable to restore the lost data, we are using our own offsite backups from November of 2019 to reflect data captured up until that month.
  8. We realize this is not ideal, but it is the only available option. If you prefer to opt-out of using the older data we restored, simply use the reset button on your leaderboard.
  10. We apologize for the impact this has on your channel and community and will be putting in additional safeguards to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
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