Smokey's First Smut

Nov 8th, 2015
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  1. >You are Resolute Gale.
  2. >The first and last defense for the wonderbolts.
  3. >It sounds much more impressive than it is.
  4. >Mostly you make sure no over enthusiastic fans get access to the inner sanctum of cloudsdale colosseum.
  5. >In there is not only the wonderbolts locker rooms, with all their personal items.
  6. >But also the wonderbolts training equipment and their living quarters for when they are on duty.
  7. >Being a bouncer for the wonderbolts do has it’s benefits.
  8. >For one, you get to actually hang out with the various members from time to time
  9. >And you get a free season pass to all their shows.
  10. >Add on top of that a hefty paycheck and it’s pretty much a cushy dream job.
  11. >After all, there’s never any real trouble and the overly eager fans usually back down when met with a stern gaze from yours truly.
  12. >That was all true. Until today.
  13. >In front of you is the most notorious fan the wonderbolts have ever had.
  14. >For one, she’s an amazingly talented flier and a wonderbolt prospect.
  15. >Secondly, she’s a national hero. Hence, you can’t just throw her out on her rump.
  16. >She still don’t have access of course, but your job is made more complicated by the fact that she has to be handled with care.
  17. >”C’mon! You have got to let me in! I’m not going to touch anything I swear! I’m just going to take a little peek around and see how they live while not flying around being AWESOME!”
  18. >Your ears are laid painfully flat against your skull, trying to stop the incessant mare from giving you a headache.
  19. “As I said Ms. Dash. I cannot allow you access to the restricted area. Only authorized ponies are allowed. I have said it multiple times already. Please, be on your way so I can continue to do my job”
  20. >You could already tell she was having none of that.
  21. >Putting on a stubborn expression Rainbow Dash sat on her haunches and gained a thoughtful look on her face.
  22. >Scrunched up muzzle and all.
  23. >”I got it!” She said, almost shooting up from the cloud.
  24. >Oh dear Celestia, this can’t be good.
  25. >”Okay, so here’s the deal. I scratch your back and you scratch mine. Sounds good?”
  26. >She’s giving you this cheeky look telling you that whatever she was talking about, was neither good for your career, nor for you personally.
  27. >”I can’t be allowed inside because I’m not authorized right? Well, you are aren’t you? And there’s nopony else around as far as I can see. And I’m also pretty sure you can lock this door. So if you come along as my guide we’ll be fine right?”
  28. >You roll your eyes at her “idea”
  29. “Ms. Dash. It’s my job to guard this entrance so that we don’t have to rely on locking it. The door is locked at all times yes, but I’m also here to make sure nopony tries to break in.”
  30. >”Pfft, it’s in the middle of the day, and this door is out in an open street. There’s ponies everywhere. Nopony would try to break in when they can be seen. We got lots of time. I’ll make it worth your while” She says with a wink
  31. >Involuntarily you feel your wings start to rise from your sides.
  32. >Relying on your training as a professional guard you get your wings under control and maintain your stoic expression.
  33. >This does not go unnoticed by the mare in front of you however.
  34. “Ms. Dash, please woul-”
  35. >You are struck speechless as The Rainbow Dash bumps her flank into your side and uses her wing to quickly and lightly stroke your nethers.
  36. >”C’mon big guy, open this door and I’ll show you just how fast I can get you out of that clunky armor of yours”
  37. >You are Resolute Gale.
  38. >By your namesake and your professionality you shall prevail.
  39. >Bribes and flattery shall not make you abandon your posts.
  40. >You have a job. A job you take pride in. A job that means a lot to you. A job that is the cornerstone of your career.
  41. >You shall not be tempted by such vulga-
  42. *Wink*
  43. “Yes Ma'am!”
  44. >You’re a bloody failure and should feel ashamed of yourself.
  45. >But dammit if you aren’t going to lose your job in style.
  46. >You waste no time unlocking the door and ushering in the athletic mare.
  47. >Closing the door behind you. You lock it down tight.
  48. >Checking it twice before spinning around and seeing a firm flank lightly swaying down the hallway.
  49. >”So are any of the wonderbolts here?” She asks, looking back at you.
  50. “Nope, they are all off on a show over in Trottingham”
  51. >You rush on to catch up to the vixen that’s ending your career.
  52. >”That’s too bad, could have been exciting with the prospect of getting caught”
  53. >Your wings are now at full mast. No getting them down, no matter how well trained you are.
  54. >That, and the fact that you have fully committed to this makes trying an unnecessary effort.
  55. >”Well big guy? You know your way around here. Any place comfortable for us to go?”
  56. >She gives you the kind of look that would sends shivers down any stallions spine.
  57. “Well, I do actually know of just the place”
  58. >You are not going to just get fired for this. If they find out. You are going to be beaten half to death.
  59. >Indicating that she should follow, you lead Rainbow Dash down a side corridor and to a unassuming door.
  60. >Further down the hall is many more such doors.
  61. >You quickly open it and usher her in, before she can get a good look at the nameplate on the door.
  62. -Cpt. Spitfire-
  63. >Closing the door behind her, you hear a sharp intake of breath.
  64. >Inside the room, is a grand king size cloudbed made out of pure breezie silk. A rare commodity to have even in small quantities.
  65. >A full bed made of the stuff would not only be ridiculously expensive, but also insanely comfortable.
  66. >Guess being the captain of the famous wonderbolts has it’s perks.
  67. >Before you can get a good look at the rest of the room, you notice a clunking sound and feel yourself grow substantially lighter.
  68. >”Hah, told you I’d get you out of that armor quick”
  69. >Looking down, you see that she had indeed gotten you out of your four piece armor.
  70. >You hadn’t even noticed that she’d started.
  71. >That was sort of unfair. It took you several minutes to get in and out of that thing.
  72. >She had done it in seconds.
  73. >When you tried to look back up at her, your vision was blocked by all the colors of the rainbow and you felt warm wet lips meet your own.
  74. >Shocked to stillness, you take a few seconds before you meet her kiss with your own.
  75. >Noticing you accepting her advances Rainbow Dash starts snaking her tongue into your mouth.
  76. >You comply eagerly, wrestling her tongue with your own.
  77. >Soon, you have both built up a bit of sweat and a lot of desire.
  78. >You are happy to see her wings have also risen and are now standing at attention as well.
  79. >”I must admit big guy. It wasn’t just because I wanted to get in here that I convinced you to come with me”
  80. >She’s giving you a lopsided grin as she turns around, flank swaying suggestively.
  81. >You stallionhood almost crashes painfully to the ground as she lifts her tail to the side and gives you a full view and a *wink*
  82. >Feeling almost dizzy from the sudden shift in blood flow and lust, you drunkenly make your way to the bed with her.
  83. >Before you can even try to initiate anything she bodily flings you onto the bed and flies on top of you.
  84. >Her muzzle close to yours and her steaming breath on your face is sending you into an almost crazed state of lust.
  85. >You want her now!
  86. >You need to be inside of her.
  87. >An almost pitiful whine escapes you as her primaries starts to tickle your belly and nether region. Making sure to never directly touch your member.
  88. .>”Ooh, big boy wants me that bad does he?” She says in a husky voice.
  89. >Still wearing that lopsided grin, but with an almost manic look in her eyes.
  90. >You can see that’s she’s struggling with holding herself back as well.
  91. >She wants to tease you, to control you through your desire.
  92. >But it’s almost all she can do, just to control herself.
  93. >You waste no more time, and bring your muzzle up to hers in a passionate kiss.
  94. >Streaking out your tongue, you once again start exploring her mouth.
  95. >A gasping breath and a moan wash over you, as if in reward for your actions.
  96. >Lowering herself down, Rainbow starts grinding up and down on your belly.
  97. >Your dick lying between the two of you.
  98. >You can feel wetness start to drip from her, as she gyrates up and down on top of you.
  99. >All the while, wrestling for control with her tongue
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