Finally Settled! Huge Site Update Coming Soon | (09/01/2020)

Feb 3rd, 2020
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  1. Finally Settled! Huge Site Update Coming Soon! | (09/01/2020)
  3. Yes, that's right, I'm not dead!
  5. If you've followed the news on Peelopaalu these last few months, you'll know that things have been incredibly slow due to me having quite a bit going on in my personal life lately, (you can read more about that on my personal blog here if you want) but let's cut to the chase as I've had a few questions via email that I want to use this news post as an opportunity to answer.
  7. Is the site dead? Is this project still ongoing? Are you dead? What's happening?
  9. Peelopaalu is very much still alive and well and will be back on track in no time. Thanks to some (see: a lot of) help from my friend RSA, the site has been rewritten entirely and will work much better than it did previously. As a result, this means that we will unfortunately be saying goodbye to the 400+ HTML table-entries that hold the site together with some duct tape and thumbtacks (srsly.) The rewrite is complete and is working just as it should without issue. The only thing left to do is migrate the current entries to the new site, and as soon as that's complete we should be good to rock and roll. Doing this may take a little while as an entry-ripper and entry-generator will need to be written in order to get this done, but I'll be sure to get on it ASAP.
  11. Also, no, I'm not dead. Not on the outside anyways.
  13. When will the next lot of links be added to the directory?
  15. Today. I've added 24 new links for the time being as my way to say "sorry" for the absence lately. I have a bigger update in the works, but hopefully these 24 will fill the gap for the time being. As soon as the actual site itself has been updated, a much bigger lot of links will be added to the directory.
  17. Why exactly is this complete rewrite of the site needed?
  19. This is why the rewrite is needed. If you don't know why this is an issue, please show this to a web developer friend and watch them cringe so hard that they turn themselves inside out :^)
  21. What will change?
  23. In terms of how the site looks and feels? Nothing, only now it will work better on mobile devices. If I hadn't made this post telling you that the update had happened, I highly doubt that anyone would notice the change. It will still look and feel as oldschool as ever. Under the hood? Very different. HTML5 and CSS3 different. There will also be a "take me to a random link" button because that's something I've been asked to add about a gorrillion times.
  25. When will this happen?
  27. Soon, but I have no exact date I can give you at the moment. I wouldn't want to make a promise I cannot keep.
  29. Thanks again to everyone for your patience, and if you have any further questions or just want to say hi or whatever, you can email me by clicking here as always.
  31. - Snooper
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