One Wish

Jan 5th, 2020
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  1. >Your vehicle steams.
  2. >You're pretty sure half of the sounds it's making aren't supposed to ever come out of a car.
  3. >But yet, here you are.
  4. >You still remember the day you were approached at your dead-end desk job and time froze.
  5. >His hair was long, and his face scraped and scarred.
  6. >He said you could have anything you wanted, you only needed to fuck up some other people while driving your old car.
  7. >You wrote down your conditions then and there, being very meticulous to avoid any loopholes he could take.
  8. >You know his type. Leprechauns, fae, the type of beings that will twist your wishes and make them nightmares.
  9. >You triple-checked the contract for any abusable wordplay, and then stamped it.
  10. >The two of you shook then and there, and you resigned your shitty job by throwing that fat fucking dyke that had made your life hell out the window onto the pavement four stories below.
  11. >The battle was hard-fought.
  12. >Inside some vehicles, you could see people.
  13. >Some of them like you, scared but determined to achieve their ultimate prize.
  14. >Others were warped facsimiles of humanity, their expressions off.
  15. >Those ones were the most dangerous.
  16. >But, one after the other, they all fell before your V70 Volvo with a mounted six-barrel rotary machine gun.
  17. >It helped that you were an engineer by trade, the only issue beyond the time sink needed to build your more exotic weapons was the lack of the plans.
  18. >A few more dead bodies on the pile and you had them.
  19. >The police were on your ass of course, but if you couldn't take out a few cops then there was no way you'd be able to win the man's contest.
  20. >Your preparations paid off. After the slithering of the massive twisting metallic serpent stopped, your PDA beeped with a set of coordinates.
  21. >Driving to them over the course of several days wasn't easy. There were more than just police on your tail now.
  22. >But it wouldn't matter soon…
  23. >The forest was dark when you crashed through the rusty metal chains that were supposed to keep vehicles out.
  24. >Something told you this psychological effect was intentional, a stronghold beneath the guise of a house of cards.
  25. >But you're getting ahead of yourself.
  26. >Your PDA beeps once more and your vehicle begins to sink.
  27. >This is it.
  28. >For the first time in years, you feel a smile growing on your face.
  29. >It's finally going to happen.
  30. >You get out of your car, giving her scratched paintjob one last tender stroke before you close the door on her forever.
  31. >She's served you well, after all.
  32. >"Anonymous! Excellent driving out there. Not the best I've seen of course, but certainly winning contestant material. And speaking of your victory…"
  33. "I believe my conditions are written on the contract you gave me."
  34. >"Indeed they are. Quite a strange request, but I'm not the sort to judge."
  35. >You nod.
  36. >"You wished… to be a small filly based off of the common features of one in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with a loving mother to care for you?"
  37. "That is correct."
  38. >"Anonymous, your wish…"
  39. >There's a feeling, sort of a popping.
  40. >"Is granted."
  41. >You look up and see that the man is far taller than you are.
  42. >You look down.
  43. >The fucker was actually able to do it.
  44. >Your tiny form is decidedly equine, but not in a realistic manner. Your limbs are thick and a bit pudgy, your coat clearly a substance more akin to fur than horse hair…
  45. "Oh, my. Mr…"
  46. >"It's not important yet."
  47. "I can't thank you enough."
  48. >"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Are you ready to meet your mother?"
  49. "Yes, I'm sure-"
  50. >"Moooommy! More tendies!"
  51. >A woman who looks to be in her mid-forties trudges down the stairs towards you.
  52. >"Oh, those stimulants must be doing more than I thought… are you one of those ponies Jeremy is always talking about? He's such a sweet boy…"
  53. >You give the man a death glare.
  54. "What the fuck did you do?"
  55. >The man turns back his head and laughs.
  56. >"Only exactly what you asked me to. As far as mothers go, you won't find any more loving than this one."
  57. >"Well, I do try my best."
  58. >"Your roommate on the other hand…"
  59. >The basement door on the left opens up to reveal at least 300 pounds of man.
  60. >"Oh my god! An anonfilly! A real one! I just finished fapping to your tag on derpibooru!"
  61. >"I am Calypso, and I thank you for playing!"
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