(TF) Celestia and Luna pick on humans for fun 8 (B)

Dec 8th, 2012
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  1. >The walk home was pretty uneventful, even the monster seemed to have calmed down a little
  2. >That made you a little nervous
  3. >You know it never sits still or calms down for anything
  4. >Not wanting to question a good thing, you and Joe give each other your good byes, and you return to your apartment
  5. >It was 9PM now, that wait really lasted a while
  6. >You take a look at the note, thanking the royal sisters for things like this
  7. >Setting it on a stand near the door, you make your way to the one place you almost dread going to
  8. >The one place that's supposed to bring you the most piece, yet only gives you pain and suffering
  9. >Your bedroom
  10. >The bed wasn't anything amazing, but you always loved it before the hallucinations started
  11. >It was just the right level of comfy without being stupidly expensive
  12. >You would think that those snobs about town would get in on stuff like this, but after listening to the salespony, on the day you got it, you have to wonder just how proficient with bits they are
  13. >Oh well, you have your own problems to worry about, and worry you do
  14. >The monster sits in a chair in the corner of your room pretending he's smoking a pipe of some sort
  15. >Forget it, you'll sleep on the couch tonight
  16. >You have absolutely no energy left to deal with this maniac
  17. 1/5
  19. >Fixing a space on the couch you're out in seconds
  20. >You don't even check to see what dumb thing that idiot is up to now
  21. >Another night, another nightmare
  22. >This time that freak appears to be in an argument of some sort with others of his kind
  23. >You're beginning to feel a little uneasy, as if you know what is about to happen
  24. >Much to your surprise you don't even flinch when one of the other creatures punches yours to the ground
  25. >The one still standing appears to be pointing
  26. >Off in that direction stands... a rather tall pony, but it's just casually munching hay as if it has no clue what's going on
  27. >You can't quite hear the argument, but it seems your monster has done something to upset the other
  28. >For some odd reason you feel like something important has been taken from you
  29. >Ripped right out of your hooves, and it hurts
  30. >You don't want to feel any sympathy for this creature so you trot up in front of him
  31. >For the first time ever you see tears in his eyes, and not tears of laughter from one of his cruel jokes
  32. >NO! You will not feel sympathy for this... thing, he is the enemy
  33. >You start shouting at it, screaming obscenities you've heard it utter, and overall insulting it like the pathetic worm it is
  34. >That made you feel good, really good
  35. >Wait... you aren't feeling good from shouting, what's going on?
  36. >You don't get another thought as light floods your vision
  37. 2/5
  39. >You slowly open your eyes and feel pain from the light, but at the same time your mid-section is sending you waves of pleasure
  40. >It feels amazing, and you can't really fight against it to wake up
  41. >Giving up you just let it continue, whatever it is feels too good to stop
  42. >Involuntarily, you let out a sigh of contentment
  43. >You think you hear a knock at the door, but you can't get up to answer, not now
  44. >The door opens and when you look you see Joe standing there
  45. >His jaw has dropped to the floor
  46. >Confused for a second you finally check yourself over
  47. >Your eyes cannot get any bigger than this when you realize just what has been giving you those sensations from earlier
  48. >That beast is giving your belly a rub
  49. >That THING is touching your stomach and rubbing it!
  50. "Get off me you freak!" you shout as you scramble to your hooves
  51. >You glare at it with intense anger as it just responds by making odd noises, not unlike the ones a pony would use on their pet
  52. >"Shiner, what the hay is going on?" Joe asks stepping in front of you
  53. "That thing had it's claw on my stomach and was rubbing it! I'll rip it to pieces!!" you shout as you circle around Joe to dive at it
  54. >You don't get far as Joe clamps down on your tail and holds you back
  55. >The struggle continues for a few moments as Joe, even while muffled, tries calming you down
  56. 3/5
  58. >Finally settling down you don't release that thing from your fearful gaze, not that it is phased
  59. >"Shiner, knock it off for a second, it's just a hallucination. Are you listening to me? Look at me!" Joe shouts at you trying to help you get a hold of yourself
  60. >You finally look over to him and he continues trying to convince you it's not real
  61. "B-but it felt so real, I could feel those disgusting claws on my body. I...I-I actually enjoyed it!" you cry out before slumping onto the floor defeated
  62. >Joe just rubs a hoof along your back and sighs
  63. >What could he say? He doesn't really know what you've been going through
  64. >A little bit of pep talking and convincing later the bo-three of you are on your way to the castle
  65. >It was about 9:30 when you two left the apartment
  66. >Your usual bright demeanor has long since faded away
  67. >Anyp0ny seeing you now only sees the husk that monster left in it's wake
  68. >Stressed, frustrated, and generally tired of everything has destroyed most of the life within you
  69. >It's winning, you don't want to admit it, but it's true
  70. >Very soon you are going to succumb to this insanity and not even this specialist will be able to save you
  71. >Glancing up you catch a small reflection of light and begin to squint your eyes
  72. >The royal sisters!
  73. >They're... watching you?
  74. >Something nearby must have their attention, but you're curious as to what since nothing notable is nearby your location
  75. >Why are they waving?
  76. >Looking around once again you still do not see what they could be waving at
  77. >You decide to shyly wave back to them and what happens next surprises you
  78. >The princess of the night seems to blow a kiss to you
  79. 4/5
  81. >Joe whistle and looks at you "Since when were you on such friendly terms with the princesses buddy boy?"
  82. "I-I never have been. I don't understand." you say still looking up at the two royals
  83. >They continue to eye you, but make no effort to do anything else
  84. >You look back at the monster, yet he's only asking the guard something about inches
  85. >Sparing them a glance once more you see something that nearly stops your heart cold
  86. >They've taken on the form of a female member of the monster's species!
  87. >Nighty night Shiner
  88. 5/5
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