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  1. From: Mark McGrath <>
  2. Subject: Re: Unruly groups of kids
  3. To: "Patrick. Madden" <>, "George. Vanbramer" <>, "John. Tedesco" <>
  4. Cc: All City Council Members <>, "Monica. Kurzejeski" <>, "Christina A. Urzan" <>
  7. Patrick, in my "email" this morning I offered a possible solution to a very real problem. I also spoke with AC Vanbramer tonight and actually saw a substantial police  presence in the neighborhood. I'm hoping he will heed my advice in calling in mutual aid as our public safety officers continually respond to all municipalities around us, The safety of our residents is paramount. Your response of meeting with " stakeholders" leads me to believe you're still living in your TRIP days, These are decisions that need to be made in real time, not in a meeting with "stakeholders'.These are residents that are taxpayers who deserve to be protected and feel safe at the time, not grand plans. This is the real world mayor..I firmly believe you are blind to the needs of the people who only want to to live peacefully and safely. The fact our neighborhoods are in a steep downward spiral are oblivious to you. You can tout your press releases with downtown and bike paths and ...the residents of Troy from Hoosick street north see a very different reality, the steep downward spiral of Troys neighborhoods. I as a resident of Troy for 62 years have NEVER seen this city so dirty, out of control with absolutely no leadership in city hall This isn't political, this is the reality.If you don't want emails, answer your phone. Thanks
  10. On Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:32 PM, Patrick. Madden <> wrote:
  13. Mark,
  14. I spoke with AC VanBramer at length last night and again today.
  15. Yes, the unseasonably warm weather is inclining people to be outside later in the evening.  Last night tempers flared and a fight broke out between two young women.  This naturally drew a crowd and they became vocal.  The fight was broken up and the immediate crowd dispersed into smaller groups of people.
  16. Anticipating that this evening will be another warm one AC VanBramer has scheduled additional patrols for the area.
  17. I think that the circumstances in both North Central and areas of South Troy and our tactical responses should be discussed in a meeting with stakeholders and not via email.  In the meantime we are encouraging all residents to continue to call the police when incidents arise and to share information with us so that we can make informed decisions in response.
  18. I’ll discuss a meeting time with the Chief when he returns to the office.
  19. Thank you,
  20. Patrick
  22. From: Mark McGrath []
  23. Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 8:33 AM
  24. To: George.Vanbramer; John.Tedesco
  25. Cc: Patrick.Madden; All City Council Members; Monica.Kurzejeski; Christina A. Urzan
  26. Subject: Unruly groups of kids
  28. Good morning all, as some of you are aware large groups of unruly kids were out and about in the North Central neighborhood last night.
  29. There were multiple complaints and I know we had TPD officers on it but were highly outnumbered.In a perfect world these kids would be doing homework or at least have some sort of parental supervision, unfortunately this is our reality. As a city our resources respond to mutual aid calls from throughout this area. Would it be possible to ask for mutual aid from these same municipalities to assist with dispersing these large crowds?
  30. With the weather forecasting more hot weather for the next few evenings I don't see this behavior subsiding. I'm asking please for a plan or strategy to be implemented so this doesn't get completely out of hand. Thanks
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