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  2. Charles P.:Hi!
  3. Wizzzargh (GM):Heyo
  4. Charles P.:I'm going to take a shower, before I start pinging again. Gimme about ten minutes.
  5. Alright, I'm fully around now. Solo? Perhaps people will show up!
  6. Hey!
  7. Pkdragon:Hi, assuming my keyboard works like it should I should be able to play
  8. just got internet set up in my apartment
  9. Wizzzargh (GM):Two's a more survivable party than one
  10. Pkdragon:(I've been having random keyboard issues)
  11. (it's fine 90% of the time but then it randomly decides typing is hard)
  12. Charles P.:I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  13. Who's your PC, pkdragon?
  14. Pkdragon:Leah the Thief
  15. I've had about half a session worth of adventure
  16. Charles P.:And @wizzargh: Survivable matters a lot less with the time moon situation.
  17. Alright. I've got a Wizard/Fighter with one and a half sessions under his belt.
  18. Pkdragon:excellent
  19. we got the three important classes covered
  21. Charles P.:I think they're actualy the strongest class, if they get used in a supporting role.
  22. Wizzzargh (GM):On the other hand, the class is fairly redundant with equal-access prayer and alchemy tbh
  23. anyway, what's the plan
  24. Aten Bast and his minion Drodred want to chop off a wizards head.
  25. Pkdragon:sounds like a great plan
  26. Aten Bast:I just so happen to know where one might be found, too.
  27. Pkdragon:oh hey the sheriff found my horse
  28. Aten Bast meets Blix at the sheriff's office
  29. Wizzzargh (GM):Which is just his little hut, tbh
  30. Leah:Yeah I would head to the Sherrif's Office
  31. Sherriff's Tiny Hut
  32. Aten Bast:"Yeah, that other horse is totally mine, Sheriff."
  33. Leah:"This one is definitely mine, no doubt about that."
  34. Aten Bast:(What does a lamp cost, these days?)
  35. Aten Bast buys a lamp, some torches, and a few molotoves, in preperation for a trip to the Estate.
  36. Wizzzargh (GM):5gp, looks like
  37. Leah looks in my pouch. 14 silver, hmm.
  38. Wizzzargh (GM):10 on account of the darkness, even.
  39. You may be better off just keeping a candle in a gourd
  40. Aten Bast:Oof. That's called price gouging, and it's illegal!
  41. Whatever, I'm rich today!
  42. Wizzzargh (GM):If it makes you feel better the price gouging is due to hamlet folk not wanting to be left without a lantern
  43. not the Lantern Consortium gouging prices
  44. Aten Bast spends the 24gp for his double priced light sources, leaving his purse fairly flat once more.
  45. Aten Bast:(Alchohol is double priced too, right?)
  46. Wizzzargh (GM):Right
  47. Hey, it's Blix, come in search of the eyeball no doubt
  48. Blix (ambnz):(indeed!)
  49. Pkdragon:Argh. I'm having trouble typing and it's super aggravating
  50. Wizzzargh (GM):You'll just have to be the stoic quiet one this sesion
  51. Aten Bast:"Are you guys adventurers? I'm headed to the Estate, and I have a light source!"
  52. Pkdragon:im going to baton pass to ambnz
  53. Aten Bast:RIP, Leah.
  54. Wizzzargh (GM):mebbe reinstall device drivers for the keyboard
  55. rip indeed
  56. Blix:(catching up, we're otw to the estate then?)
  57. Aten Bast:(Yup)
  58. Wizzzargh (GM):yup, with a horse and a lamp
  59. Aten Bast:We can leave my minion behind and ride double, for speed.
  60. Wizzzargh (GM):was just about to ask
  61. The moonlands are pitch black, but you both can ride on the horse, lantern held high, along the road without incident, until you reach the moonlit estate and the clocktower at the gates.
  62. Aten Bast:What's the class on Blix?
  63. Blix (ambnz):(Alice)
  64. Aten Bast:Oho.
  65. Pkdragon:(Yeah I'm having a hard enough time typing this. I'll try reinstalling drivers otherwise i'm going to buy a new keyboard tomorrow.)
  66. (Stepping out for now, sorry)
  67. Aten Bast:I played a precursor of that class. It's hella fun, but it is very important to avoid combat.
  68. (No problem, Dragon! Good luck with that.)
  69. Blix:(Which is ironic, since the two abilities I rolled were the fencing and knockout ones xD)
  70. Wizzzargh (GM):Any particular plan of action on the estate grounds itself? Ie, wander from point of interest to point of interest, or make a mad gallop to the castle proper or a tower or the lakeshore?
  71. Aten Bast:Save it for opponents who are non-threats, but capable of summoning threats. I can't help you with fencing...
  72. I want to go see if the Noble and Witch are dueling again. Then kill the witch and cut her head off.
  73. Blix:(Blix just wants to make some coin, ideally enough to buy that magic eye. Currently dead broke)
  74. Wizzzargh (GM):That was on an island on the reservoir, which would probably be easier to reach by boat and skip the estate all together.. but ignoring that, sounds like 'rush to the lakeshore'
  75. Aten Bast:"So... Blix, was it?"
  76. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  77. (
  78. 5
  79. +
  80. 3
  81. +
  82. 6
  83. )
  84. =14
  85. Aten Bast:(Is the island outside the moon magic?)
  86. Blix:"Yes indeed! And you were the wise magical one who wanted to see what happened to those eggs we found. Mr. Bast, right?"
  87. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  88. (
  89. 3
  90. +
  91. 17
  92. +
  93. 9
  94. )
  95. =29
  96. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  97. (
  98. 20
  99. +
  100. 16
  101. +
  102. 20
  103. )
  104. =56
  105. Aten Bast:"Yeah. They hatched into golden geese, and I'm learning to speak bird."
  106. (Well, it couldn't be bc I'm alive.)
  107. (Nevermind on that then, bc I want to make use of this horse.)
  108. Wizzzargh (GM):You have come across a series of ponds- must be on the right path to the lake, to be finding moisture so soon. On a small, ornamental island in the center of a pond, a hermit crab, or perhaps a spider, wearing a wine bottle over it's back half, is skittering around the island, tapping the water experimentally, then withdrawing after a few slaps. It is the size of a cat.
  109. Aten Bast:"So, would you like to take another gander around the gardens, or make a run for the mansion?"
  110. Wizzzargh (GM):There are some graffitied statues of half--naked athletes around the ponds edge as well.
  111. Blix:"I would suppose the mansion would be more likely to have valuables, right? about whichever is just less dangerous? Or at least less likely to have..giant cupcakes"
  112. Blix shudders
  113. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 44
  114. 44
  115. =44
  116. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 2
  117. 2
  118. =2
  119. Aten Bast:"The garden seems less dangerous. At least if we die here, the inhabitants are more likely to eat us than take us to the clocktower."
  120. Blix:"Ah. Ok then! Perhaps let's start here."
  121. Aten Bast pulls out his golden goseling, to show it off.
  122. Aten Bast:"A fine specimen, eh?"
  123. Blix makes cute/ unintelligible cooing noises
  124. Golden gosling: gweh!
  125. Aten Bast:"I wonder what that crab is afraid of?"
  126. Aten Bast dismounts and approaches the pond, to peer in.
  127. Blix:"Whatever crabs are normally afraid of I would assume. Bigger crabs? Bad weather?"
  128. Blix approaches carefully, close behind
  129. Wizzzargh (GM):The pond is not particularly deep, though you suppose to the cat-sized bottled crustacean(or arachnid) it would be a sizable barrier.
  130. Aten Bast:"It looks awful smart, for a... spider crab thing?
  131. Wizzzargh (GM):The spider/crab thing seems to notice you, and taps its bottle with it's back legs after lifting it high. tap tap
  132. *its
  133. Aten Bast:"Huh... Maybe it can't swim with the bottle."
  134. (Is it a wade or a swim, to reach the crab?)
  135. Wizzzargh (GM):Now that you're closer, you can also read a bit of the graffiti on the statue if you like. it would be a wade.
  137. Wizzzargh (GM):tap
  138. Aten Bast hands Blix his lantern, drops his pack, and wades over to offer the crab a hand
  139. Aten Bast:"One tap for yes, maybe?"
  140. Blix holds the lantern patiently
  141. Wizzzargh (GM):tap
  142. The thing reaches out to your hand with it's front legs-. This close, you think it's more spidery lookin.
  143. Aten Bast extends his hand a bit warily, to offer himself as a mount
  144. Aten Bast:"Please don't bite..."
  145. Wizzzargh (GM):It dangles from your forearm with two legs.
  146. Aten Bast:"Oh... Ok."
  147. Aten Bast walks back and deposits the creature on the green.
  148. Wizzzargh (GM):The critter heads to a graffitied statue and begins making loops of webbing. Soon enough, there's 50 feet of silk dangling from the statue. The pale creature then taps its bottle and begins waddling off.
  149. Aten Bast:"Issat... Issat a silk rope?"
  150. Aten Bast reads the graffiti, since he's scrutinizing the rope anyway.
  151. Wizzzargh (GM):some warnings scribbled in chalk
  152. ‘Turn back now, before it’s too late!’
  153. ‘The nobles swap masks every reset
  154. ‘Beware the Vats! Correct order or you Perish!’
  155. all in different handwritings.
  156. Blix:Blix steps up and reads some as well.
  157. "I've only been to these grounds twice...have you encountered any 'Vats' in your travels?"
  158. Wizzzargh (GM):That seems to be the end of the writings
  159. Aten Bast:"No."
  160. "This rope is worth a lot, I think. That's our good deed for the day, and a bit of loot!"
  161. Aten Bast mounts back up and heads for the island again
  162. as you ride across the moonlit estate, a frost-rimed glass house will be the next point of interest you are near enough to see clearly. Investigate, or push deeper?
  163. Aten Bast:Investigate!
  164. Blix:Investigate!
  165. Riding nearer, you can see the place is rectangular, perhaps 100' by 80' and peering through the ice-rimed windows, the interior looks to house a cold and smooth plane of ice along the floor. Seems barren of adornment.
  166. Aten Bast:"Ice magic, again."
  167. Wizzzargh (GM):The chill is certainly unnatural- it's been a bit cold, but not THAT cold
  168. Aten Bast:"Perhaps I should prepare a spell to speak with spell wisps, next time I come here."
  169. Blix:"Right. Doesn't seem to be much in there...."
  170. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d4-1
  171. (
  172. 2
  173. )
  174. -1
  175. =1
  176. Aten Bast:"Want to try skating?"
  177. Wizzzargh (GM):22
  178. Blix:"Alright! I have no skates or warm enough coat, but it could be fun nonetheless!"
  179. Aten Bast:(Hold on... I think I just got shanked.)
  180. Wizzzargh (GM):(nah that's preemptive rolsl for next location)
  181. Aten Bast:"Hmmm... I've got... nothing either... lame."
  182. Wizzzargh (GM):You can shuffle along on regular shoes regardless if you'd like anyway
  183. You'll have to reduce your rating of the rink for not providing you with skates
  184. Aten Bast:"Y'know what, though? I've got a shank, a knife, and this rope! Sitdown."
  185. Blix does so
  186. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d20
  187. (
  188. 12
  189. )
  190. =12
  191. Aten Bast cuts some bits of silk and straps blades to the sides of Blix's shoes...
  192. Aten Bast:"There, see if you can do anything with that. I'm going to put my chick with the horse, and I'll be right behind you."
  193. Blix:Blix carefully goes inside and onto the ice, testing his weight to make sure the ice will bear it before trying out the makeshift skates
  194. Aten Bast:"If that doesn't work, I'll switch the angle so they work like cleets."
  195. Wizzzargh (GM):YAten Bast is low-key genius, so
  196. I reckon he got it just fine
  197. As you skate about, the ice is smooth and the place is sheltered.Still, the lack of a merchant peddling rat-onna-stick means you can only rank the rink 8/10 at most
  198. Aten Bast drops off his chick and shuffles along behind Blic
  199. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d20+3
  200. (
  201. 15
  202. )
  203. +3
  204. =18
  205. The leisurely activity calms the mind- if you have any decreased INT, WIS, or CHA, you can fix that up.
  206. Aten Bast:I do have damaged Wis!
  207. Aten Bast feels better, and suggests moving on.
  208. Blix concurs
  209. Wizzzargh (GM):You ride away, your hearts lightened and the horse glad for a break. Your path is soon blocked by a high, thick row of hedges that have some curious silver leaves occasionally peeking from the green shrubbery.
  210. You could try chopping your way through with axe and sword (the khopesh would do) or look for an entrance.
  211. Aten Bast picks silver leaves
  212. Wizzzargh (GM):Whatever you do, you'll be collected the silver leaves as you see 'em, then
  213. (To GM)rolling 2d20
  214. (
  215. 4
  216. +
  217. 12
  218. )
  219. =16
  220. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 2d20
  221. (
  222. 19
  223. +
  224. 2
  225. )
  226. =21
  227. Aten Bast:"I'm taking anything that could possibly be valuable, until we find some real treasure."
  228. As you pick the leaves, you hear crashing from behind the high hedge- perhaps of some very large creature bulldozing through 'em, though you don't hear any bestial grunts or the like.
  229. Blix:"Should we hide?"
  230. Aten Bast shoves his haul into a pocket and quickly remounts
  231. Aten Bast:"I'd say get some distance!"
  232. Blix tries to keep up on foot
  233. Aten Bast hauls the kid up and trots away
  234. Wizzzargh (GM):As you trot away, a giant turtle with a tree and a small rock garden on its back bursts from the foliage. In pursuit of a turtle is a stone ogre-baby considerably smaller than the wagon-sized turtle. The chase is rather low-speed, all things considered, but they had the weight to crush through the hedges like they were nothing.
  235. Through the hole in the hedges, you can see more closely-growing hedges, with some gaps left by the chase. Looks like a massive hedge maze.
  236. Aten Bast:"What in the heck?"
  237. (Is that a pokemon?)
  238. Wizzzargh (GM):(it is, but it's unknown if it's a direct reference or not)
  239. In any case, you could traverse the maze while picking silver leaves, should you care to enter.
  240. Aten Bast:"Ok... Do you know how to ride a horse?"
  241. Wizzzargh (GM):(brb setting up some rice)
  242. Aten Bast:"Because if you do, I'm gonna try to jump on top of that turtle and put a bridle on it."
  243. Wizzzargh (GM):b
  244. Blix:(idk how skills work but being a noble I would guess riding lessons would be a thing at one point? Regardless..)
  245. Wizzzargh (GM):(that's exactly how skills work)
  246. Blix:"I can certainly try!!? It's been sometime and this is quite different from my father's trained showpony but the basics are about the same"
  247. Aten Bast deposits Blix into the riding position, grips his handy dandy new rope, and attempts to draw himself into a crouch, on the rear of the saddle.
  248. Aten Bast:"Alright! Get me alongside!"
  249. Wizzzargh (GM):Yee haw
  250. Blix struggles but maintains control
  251. Aten Bast:(Is the head a big enough target, or should I jump on the shell?)
  252. Wizzzargh (GM):The horse is 4 time faster than the giant reptile so you quickly get into position. Go for shell- the head is probably a little small for you. A kid or halfling could perch on it.
  253. Aten Bast leaps!
  254. Wizzzargh (GM):You land atop the tortoise and its ornamental tree. It doesn't much notice.
  255. Blix:"Now what??!"
  256. Aten Bast tosses a loop of rope around the tree, to secure himself.
  257. Aten Bast:"Let's see if I can steer this thing!"
  258. Aten Bast spends some time tying knots in an attempt to produce a basic bridle, that he will attempt to lasso/wrestle, onto the turtles head.
  259. Aten Bast:(No bit, but won't it be cool if it works?)
  260. Wizzzargh (GM):Alright- you have set up a series of web-rope that should unction. You can pull the beastie's head from side to side with rather more effort than required to steer a horse, but hey, it seems to work
  261. The Turtle seems loathe to face the pursuing statue that crawls after it.
  262. Aten Bast:"Now! What do we trample?)
  263. "*
  264. (What's the nearby landmarks? Is Aten high ebough to see above the maze?)
  265. Wizzzargh (GM):He is not, so the only real directions are along the outer side of the maze (neighter of which really leads towards the lake) through the maze and towards the lake, or back to the ice-rink
  266. Aten Bast drives the turtle into the wall of the maze and follows the edge, in an attempt at mowing down the outer wall.
  267. Aten Bast:"Follow behind and look for LOOT!"
  268. Blix slows the pace behind the strange creatures, their single eye on the lookout
  269. You trample through the shrubbery on the giant tortoise, followed closely by Blix on the horse, followed in turn by the crawling statue
  270. Various lurking beasts are concealed in the maze, though I expect they will not be excessively keen to intervene here...
  271. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  272. (
  273. 5
  274. +
  275. 19
  276. +
  277. 8
  278. )
  279. =32
  280. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  281. (
  282. 15
  283. +
  284. 18
  285. +
  286. 17
  287. )
  288. =50
  289. Wizzzargh (GM):56
  290. Not beasts after all, but various masked lords and ladies who dive out of the way as you burst through hedge after hedge, exclaiming things like 'I say' and 'bugger and blast'
  291. At some point, you burst into what looks like the center of the place, where a small shrine holds a gleaming silver embossed treasure chest- perhaps a reward for navigating the maze?
  292. Aten Bast:Lol
  293. Big?
  294. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d20+3
  295. (
  296. 1
  297. )
  298. +3
  299. =4
  300. Wizzzargh (GM):Not so much- more of a jewelry box, if anything
  301. Aten Bast:Nice.
  302. Wizzzargh (GM):Blix could snag it from horseback, though your turtle is a bit too ponderous for such feats
  303. (To GM)rolling 1d4-1
  304. (
  305. 1
  306. )
  307. -1
  308. =0
  309. Aten Bast steers a big circle around the thing, to be sure not to hit it.
  310. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  311. (
  312. 20
  313. +
  314. 8
  315. +
  316. 14
  317. )
  318. =42
  319. Blix snags the box
  320. Wizzzargh (GM):After much more crashing and smashing, you exit the other side of the maze- the moonlit lake can be seen in the distance. You're getting closer.
  321. (To GM)rolling 3d20
  322. (
  323. 1
  324. +
  325. 9
  326. +
  327. 10
  328. )
  329. =20
  330. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d4-1
  331. (
  332. 3
  333. )
  334. -1
  335. =2
  336. Aten Bast:"Thanks for the hand, turtle!"
  337. "Get to that lake, and the baby won't be able to follow! Yah!"
  338. (Wait... Can a tortoise swim?)
  339. The slow-paced chase continues, ponderous stone statue still in dogged pursuit, and the horse Blix rides barely having to trot.
  340. Wizzzargh (GM):Nah, tortoises are the land ones. This one does have a distinctly not-aquatic tree growing on the mini-garden on its shell. so...
  341. Aten Bast:(Durn. I'd really like to help the thing out, given it's incredible usefulness.)
  342. (How would that baby fare on the ice, do you think?)
  343. Blix:(Even though its not a high-speed chase, since there's a statue chasing us could I make an exasperated roll? Hoping for the lore result)
  344. Wizzzargh (GM):Sure
  345. Aten Bast:(Oooooh! Feats!)
  346. Wizzzargh (GM):If there's any water below the ice, the statue would definitely crash through you reckon
  347. Blix:(Exasperated: 2)
  348. "What an unusual time to be back on a horse!!"
  349. Wizzzargh (GM):If solid, it might slip and becoem immobile upon it
  350. Blix:(lol the item again. hmmm )
  351. Aten Bast cuts a wide circle to head back to the ice rink
  352. Blix:(given the situation, would a riding crop be alright? Not sure if that's within the size requirement though)
  353. Aten Bast:"Hey Blix! This turtle can't keep this up forever, but that statue probably can! Let's see if we can shake it at the ice house!"
  354. Wizzzargh (GM):Close enough I reckon
  355. Blix nods, remembering an unlikely riding crop they had in their petticoat, pulling it out just in case the chase becomes more breakneck in it's pace.
  356. Perhaps ten minutes later, you've managed to turn around the turtle, crash through the edges of the hedge maze, and return to the ice house, which is now populated with chattering masked nobles(the ones you rustled up from the hedge maze) and a couple of servant- looking types carrying trays of snacks and drinks.
  357. Wizzzargh (GM):One of the servants sees the not-exactly stealthy advance and cries 'Here it comes again!'
  358. Aten Bast:(Double lol these guys get no party today!)
  359. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 2d6
  360. (
  361. 5
  362. +
  363. 4
  364. )
  365. =9
  366. Aten Bast:"Sorry!"
  367. Blix:"Double sorry!"
  368. Aten Bast:"Still got your skates on?"
  369. Xelor:(you guys still going?)
  370. Wizzzargh (GM):Perhaps Ambrose was at the noble ice-rink party
  371. Aten Bast:(Mid encounter, atm.)
  372. Wizzzargh (GM):Trying to ID the masked noble he encountered once befre
  373. Sir Ambrose Noure is skating around at an ice rink party(?)
  374. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Aten. Aten Bast my chap, is that you?!"
  375. Sir Ambrose Noure skates over to him, "And here I was thinking you were dead...but the time loop and all right?"
  376. Sir Ambrose Noure nods at Blix
  377. Aten Bast:(Lol, not even close, bro.)
  378. Blix:"Greetings Sir Noure!"
  379. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Oh, hello."
  380. Sir Ambrose Noure also has his numerous servants (10) and his 2 pyro retainers
  381. Sir Ambrose Noure:"I believe we've met...Blix, right?"
  382. Aten Bast is riding a wagon sized tortoise, followed closely by Blix on horseback, followed closely by a stone baby.
  383. Blix:"That's right! I was with you when.." Blix has difficulty maintaining the conversation further while outpacing the chasing stone creature
  384. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Oh dear...." (BTW bought 5 molotovs a piece for 100 gold for the twins
  385. )
  386. Aten Bast:(Okie dokie. How much rope do I have left over, bc I need a lassoe, now.)
  387. Wizzzargh (GM):*100 silver I expect you mean
  388. Sir Ambrose Noure:(er, yeah lol)
  389. Wizzzargh (GM):You'd have to give up on tortoise control to have a harness
  390. Sir Ambrose Noure gestures to the brothers, "Help em out, huh?" And points to the stone baby
  391. Wizzzargh (GM):altho, prices are double atm
  392. so it would be 200 silver
  393. Sir Ambrose Noure:(oh, oof, then only 3 a piece then, for 120 sp)
  394. Pyromaniac Brother Minions: Eh....
  395. Stone don't burn, boss.
  396. Aten Bast:Alright, then, no lasso...
  397. "Here's the plan! Blind it!"
  398. Aten Bast steers straight for the ice house
  399. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Well, distract it then! Also," he claps for a butler servant in his 10, "Prep some drinks for my guests Aten and Blix, you imbecile!"
  400. The nobles and various servants scatter, tittering and waiting to watch the ensuing shower of broken glass.
  401. Aten Bast:(Then at the last possible moment I'll cut a left, hopefully rending a hole for the blinded baby to stumble through.)
  402. Sir Ambrose Noure:(oh, you're blinding it?)
  403. Wizzzargh (GM):Yeah, are you slapping it with a light to the eyes as you corner?
  404. Sir Ambrose Noure will tell the Brothers to stand down seeing Aten is doing something
  405. Aten Bast:(I'll try my light spell if no one manages to blind it before I hit the building.)
  406. Wizzzargh (GM):Aight, anyone got blinding plans?
  407. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Hold those molotovs boys!"
  408. (I was just gonna toss molotovs to try I guess, explosions gotta disorient it a little at least...)
  409. Aten Bast:(Fire is bright!)
  410. (Blindingly bright, even?)
  411. Wizzzargh (GM):I mean, if it's in the eyes, seems legit
  412. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Well, you fools, think its time - fire!" He leverages his crowbar to point at the stone baby!
  413. Wizzzargh (GM):They shrug and throw- 10
  414. Sir Ambrose Noure:(they are shit at throwing lol)
  415. Sir Ambrose Noure slaps his forehead...
  416. Wizzzargh (GM):With feeble results. The tortoise corners poorly, taking off a corner of the ice-rink, and the baby crawls through the flames... it seems distracted by all the attending nobles and such nearby though...
  417. Aten Bast casts light to the eyes!
  418. Wizzzargh (GM):Blix, any thoughts, or just keeping well away?
  419. Blix gets out his own rope and attempts to "bind" the giant
  420. Aten Bast:(Oh, you've got a rope???)
  421. Blix:(yup)
  422. Wizzzargh (GM):Aight, roll a d20 to use it as a lasso-blindfold
  423. Sir Ambrose Noure skates to his butler and gives him a goo thwack, "Well, we gotta be prepared for the inevitable, so...drinks!!!"
  424. Aten Bast:(Wow. I had no idea. A lasso to haul the baby onto the ice was my first idea.)
  425. Blix:lasso-blindfold 11
  426. Sir Ambrose Noure:(*good)
  427. Wizzzargh (GM):Your plan was somewhat foiled by having to back away from the goons tossing molotovs dangerously near you, and the horse spooked a little
  428. 19
  429. Aten Bast reorients the turtle, upon seeing that Blix has a rope
  430. Wizzzargh (GM):The magic fails to take hold, Aten- whatever spellwisp or soul animates the statue repelled your own.
  431. The area is well-lit at least now, not by mere moonlight
  432. Aten Bast:"New plan! I'm running alongside the building, you guys haul the baby onto the ice!"
  433. Aten Bast attempts to take out a whole wall
  434. Wizzzargh (GM):The baby is distracted by the numerous people- 5
  435. Looks like it's sticking to the tortoise's tail though
  436. With a great crunching, aten drives the tortoise through the building's wall, leaving shards of broken glass everywhere. Much applause from the watching nobles at the spectacle. The baby follows through the ruin, glass shards bouncing off its stone head.
  437. Blix, Ambrose?
  438. Blix:"What now? How do we get it onto the ice without leaving us crashing through?"
  439. Aten Bast:"Use that rope!"
  440. Blix tries again(?)
  441. Sir Ambrose Noure joins in the applause, "Bravo, bravo!" He then pulls a molotov on his own and throws at the stone baby himself
  442. Sir Ambrose Noure:"If you wanna do something right you gotta do it yourself..."
  443. Wizzzargh (GM):I think the main question is 'how to pull babby onto the ice while you're on the ice yourself'
  444. Aten Bast:Answer:From 50 feet away.
  445. Sir Ambrose Noure:20
  446. (LOL)
  447. Wizzzargh (GM):The ice rink is 100 by 80 so that would still be on the ice... Ambrose drops a molotov on the baby's face, blinding it with flames in its eyes for 2 rounds.
  448. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Wah la!"
  449. Sir Ambrose Noure takes a bow
  450. Aten Bast:Not enough traction from the skates?
  451. Sir Ambrose Noure:"And that's how its done boys!" He smirks at the brothers.
  452. Wizzzargh (GM):Not as much traction as a stone baby crawling across grass and earth...
  453. Aten Bast slices his restraint and leaps from the turtle
  454. Aten Bast:(I'm gonna tackle it, now.)
  455. (1d20?)
  456. Wizzzargh (GM):Blix still has an action this round, but yeah, that'll be a grapple
  457. Aten Bast:(I dunno, maybe shove it with the horse?)
  458. (Hey, all those nobles have skates?)
  459. Blix:(Sure, I'll try to...assist in Bast's heroics?)
  460. Sir Ambrose Noure will help (next round) by skating along the rink, and as he does, tying his 10 foot chain to his crowbar to make a sort of metal whip. He will go and attempt to pull the baby to the ice as well.
  461. Sir Ambrose Noure:(so help as well, lol)
  462. Blix:(Yeah I'll throw the lasso again) 4
  463. (nope)
  464. Aten Bast:(No heroics neccessary, maybe! We've got a rope, and a lot of folks wearing skates!)
  465. Wizzzargh (GM):Again, you draw back the lasso- the baby is in flames and you fear the lasso would burn...
  466. next round-
  467. Ambrose is skating and tying
  468. and Aten is leaping to wrassle the baby manually
  469. Sir Ambrose Noure:(that the whole round?)
  470. Wizzzargh (GM):yup
  471. Sir Ambrose Noure:(kk)
  472. Aten Bast:(How many rounds will these guys take to pass up the ice house?)
  473. Wizzzargh (GM):Blix, gonna try a different assist to aid Aten, or lasso again?
  474. The ice house will be passed about when the baby's eyes cease burning with thrown alcohol flames
  475. so 1 more round
  476. Blix:(yeah I think lasso again unless someone else has another idea? Maybe two of us can hold the rope and run around it to tie up it's legs??)
  477. Aten Bast:(I'm down for that.)
  478. Wizzzargh (GM):Aight, you can roll a d20 to grapple, with rope assist
  479. aiming for legs in particular
  480. Blix:19
  481. (woot, just in time)
  482. Charles P.:I've never seen that before...
  483. Aten Bast:"Hey Everybody! Wanna see it skate?" waves the crowd closer "Tell the servants to lend a hand!"
  484. Sir Ambrose Noure:(lol)
  485. Aten Bast hauls on the rope
  486. Sir Ambrose Noure while tying the rope, "Go help them out, you wastes of space!"
  487. Wizzzargh (GM):Aight, the lot of you, after blix got the first hold, pull the creature off balance- it must weigh near 300 pounds.
  488. Blix:"We can do this!!"
  489. Wizzzargh (GM):It rolls over as its legs tangle and slides across the ice. The ice holds fast, but it now does not have the sense to regain its balance, and it flails and slips on the ice harmlessly.
  490. Looks like its not going anywhere for a while.
  491. Aten Bast:phew
  492. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Well, alrighty then!"
  493. Blix gasps, out of breath from the adrenaline
  494. Aten Bast:"That was fun."
  495. Sir Ambrose Noure unties the chain and makes it a buckler again
  496. Sir Ambrose Noure then claps his hands, "Butler! Tea for Aten and Blix!"
  497. Aten Bast does not look like he really had fun at all.
  498. Sir Ambrose Noure then skates over to them to join them for tea
  499. Wizzzargh (GM):The cringing butler, who only just arrived with some wine, fades away once more...
  500. Aten Bast:"We can't stay too long. I was hoping to see if I could retrieve that witch corpse, again."
  501. Wizzzargh (GM):The amusement over, the nobles start drifting off. What now?
  502. Blix:Blix takes a look at the box he swiped from the maze
  503. Sir Ambrose Noure:"Well, lets sit down for some tea at least, and you lot let me know what's going on?"
  504. Aten Bast:(Did the turtle keep running, or stop for a break?)
  505. Wizzzargh (GM):It stopped for a break. Looks like the glass cut up its feet a little.
  506. Aten Bast:"We're just out and about, looking for valuables, or wizard corpses."
  507. Wizzzargh (GM):The box contains a small vial of red potion, and is probably worth something itself on account of the silver filigree if nothing else
  508. A velvet-padded interior kept the glass phial from rocking.
  509. Aten Bast:"Wanna drink that, Blix?"
  510. Blix:Blix nods and takes a very* small sip
  511. Wizzzargh (GM):Your missing eye stops hurting.
  512. Sir Ambrose Noure:(well shit, i gotta, uh, Ambrose goes back to entertaining guests I guess...)
  513. Blix:"Huh! It takes some of the pain away. Could be quite handy, some sort of healing potion maybe? Regardless.."
  514. Wizzzargh (GM):truly a guest appearance, xelor
  515. Sir Ambrose Noure:(Indeed lelel)
  516. (cya)
  517. Blix puts the vial back inside the box and then tried to approach the turtle to help it remove the glass from it's feet
  518. Blix:Tries*
  519. Aten Bast doesn't drink any of the offered wine/tea, and excuses himself as quickly as possible.
  520. Wizzzargh (GM):The reptile seems to accept your presence- it must be fairly used to humans, which makes sense, you suppose.
  521. Aten Bast:"Hey, give the turtle the potion. Maybe we'll make a friend. Or you could chig it, and maybe grow your eye back."
  522. "Or we could sell it to Hab Sinut, it's probably worth a fortune."
  523. Aten Bast attempts to retrieve his rope
  524. Blix:Blix thinks that's a good idea and offers the liquid to the reptile, more interested in helping a potential friend than riches or their missing eye
  525. Wizzzargh (GM):rope get. a foot or so is lost tying it back together from where you cut it.
  526. The turtle laps at the tiny potion with its huge tongue, and the wounds on its feet vanish in moments.
  527. Aten Bast:"Let's leave him to rest, then. Hopefully that witch got killed again, and her corpse is still around."
  528. Blix:(is there any left after it's wounds heal?)
  529. Aten Bast mounts up to head for the lake
  530. Blix:"Yeah that's a good idea"
  531. Wizzzargh (GM):nope, it was gone in one giant tortoise-tongue lick
  532. Back on the horse, and back to the lake....
  533. Blix:(got it, I'll save the vial though with the box
  534. You pass some smoking firepits and a scorched rose garden. Seems like some arson went down- probably the work of Ambrose's buffoonish minions...
  535. Wizzzargh (GM):After that, you've reached the edge of the lake. No sign of any canoes for now, though.
  536. Aten Bast:"Throw the vial away. I don't know how the magic works, but I think that the vial and potion will reappear, if we leave them in the garden. Maybe we can find the maze again, and the potion too."
  537. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d4-1
  538. (
  539. 3
  540. )
  541. -1
  542. =2
  543. Aten Bast:"Oh... There were canoes, last time... I guess there's no way across, now."
  544. Blix:"oh ok! The box seems valuable though and I'd like to sell it or try to trade it for that magic eye the other group found,"
  545. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  546. (
  547. 6
  548. +
  549. 3
  550. +
  551. 1
  552. )
  553. =10
  554. Wizzzargh (GM):There was a chess-set and cnal too- maybe it's further along the lakeside?
  555. Aten Bast:"Sounds feasable."
  556. Aten Bast follows the shore
  557. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 1d5
  558. (
  559. 5
  560. )
  561. =5
  562. Wizzzargh (GM):As you trot along the lakeside, you get a brief look at a half-constructed statue of considerable size out on the waters... then the fog of the lake swallows it up, and begins creeping onto the land. Not much for visuals now...
  563. (To GM)rolling 1d4-1
  564. (
  565. 4
  566. )
  567. -1
  568. =3
  569. Wizzzargh (GM):(To GM)rolling 3d20
  570. (
  571. 4
  572. +
  573. 9
  574. +
  575. 20
  576. )
  577. =33
  578. Wizzzargh (GM):Unless you wish to investigate further, I'll assume you carry on, using the lake's edge to find your way in the fog.
  579. Blix:(up to you,)
  580. Aten Bast:(It's getting a bit late. Let's maybe hit one nore random gen'd landmark, then call it a night?)
  581. Blix:(yup)
  582. Aten Bast:"Do you think a half built statue will have anything valuable on it?"
  583. Blix:"Well I didn't think a chicken coop would either so..."
  584. Aten Bast:"Good point."
  585. Aten Bast dismounts and strips down, to get ready for a swim
  586. Aten Bast:"Let's check it out, real quick."
  587. Blix blushes and does the same, keeping on some fancy looking undergarments that still mostly cover their skin
  588. Aten Bast dives in!
  589. Blix follows
  590. Wizzzargh (GM):You swim out into the fog to the base of the statue, the fog being an excellent modesty-preserver... there are other statues around the base, of somewhat disturbing appearance- various people (and one ape) sunk into the shoulder-deep water, in weird poses... the scaffolding of the statue is a bit twisted and warped, as though it collapsed partially and swung out in odd directions under its own weight.
  591. The big statue is labelled by an engraving that has been chiselled out and engraved over repeatedly- the name definitely starts with an S though
  592. Aten Bast:"Sssss- no idea."
  593. Aten Bast tries to climb it
  594. Aten Bast:(How big is it?)
  595. Wizzzargh (GM):20 feet high, missing a head.
  596. Easy enough to climb the scaffolding- the parts that might collapse look obviously shaky
  597. and can be avoided
  598. Aten Bast sits on the neck and looks around
  599. Wizzzargh (GM):There is a curious indentation on the neck- like the bottom half of an open palm, driven into the rock. The fog is closing in, but you don't see the missing head anywhere.
  600. Blix:"So many statues. Art pieces, do you think? Or actual busts of the nobels who might be trapped here?"
  601. Wizzzargh (GM):Oh, to clarify- if the indentation is a palm, the fingers would have been on the chin of the missing head
  602. Aten Bast:poses thoughtfully "Just inexpesive rock, is all I can tell for sure. We should keep moving."
  603. Wizzzargh (GM):One more procedurally generated landmark?
  604. Or was this gonna be the last one
  605. Blix:"ok then" (either or)
  606. Charles P.:rolls dice... "Just one more..."
  607. after redonning your clothes in the clammy mists, you and the horse trot along until, looming out of the fog, is a fungal forest.
  608. Wizzzargh (GM):Great mushrooms the size of trees with little lanterns hanging from 'em for illumination.
  609. Blix:"How curious. I didn't know those could get that big"
  610. Wizzzargh (GM):You can hear some sort of joyous revelry from deeper inside.
  611. Aten Bast:(Lanterns! 10gp Lanterns!)
  612. Wizzzargh (GM):Now this is treasure
  613. Aten Bast dismounts once more
  614. Aten Bast:"Let's investigate a bit, but I don't want to risk getting noticed, because those lanterns are worth a small fortune."
  615. Wizzzargh (GM):The lanterns seem to be lighting a path to whatever party is going on deeper in- do you want to snag all that you pass as you venture nearer, or get them on the way out?
  616. Blix:"Ok! " (,Way out I think)
  617. Aten Bast:(On the way out, I guess. We'll lose them if we're getting chased out, but we won't show up to the party with armfuls of stolen lanterns.)
  618. Wizzzargh (GM):aight...
  619. (To GM)rolling 2d20
  620. (
  621. 5
  622. +
  623. 17
  624. )
  625. =22
  626. You delve deeper inside, to find some nobles with wobbly mushrooms sprouting from their heads dancing and shrieking with laughter. The center of the party appears to be a nude, grey-skinned woman with a gargantuan red and white spotted mushroom hat dancing on a treestump- no, on closer examination, its not a hat, and her legs flow into the tree stump.
  627. Wizzzargh (GM):You can see a little of the lake from here- you could probably find your way back to this place in the future by simply looking for mushrooms from a canoe.
  628. Aten Bast:No need to join this party. Let's steal those lanterns and call it a day.
  629. Wizzzargh (GM):Lanterns stolen and the bizarre revelry left behind, you make your escape...
  630. Blix:Sounds good
  631. Wizzzargh (GM):Downtime actions?
  632. With the heavy fog that's rolled in, there's little risk of anything finding you as you ride vaguely in the direction of the fence
  633. Blix:Trade for / buy the glass eye and see what magic it do-- Rumors for the turtle friend of that's not possible
  634. Aten Bast:I'll take my chances with Carousing, since I don't have anything I'm too keen on doing.
  635. Wizzzargh (GM):That's certainly possible, but not a full downtime action so you can do both blix
  636. Blix:Cool cool
  637. Wizzzargh (GM):the eye is just owned by a player (i forget who) so you can chat them up in discord or whenever, I'm sure they'll give you the eye
  638. Also assuming you'll sell the filigreed box as it's worth a pretty penny
  639. Aten Bast:Ofc!
  640. Wizzzargh (GM):Log will be up in 30min to an hour
  641. Aten Bast:We're not broke anymore! Woot!
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