Tiny Terror Gloryhole

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  1. The marketplace was, as usual, crowded with a large variety of races, classes, and individual beings that made up the large diverse culture of the city; beings from successful chocolate making orcs to down-on-their-luck golden nekomimi cat girls and boys all went about their business within this small, expansive region. For the diversity of the races came the diversity of the market; stalls of grand to small sizes took up various amounts of space on the cramped street, all of them selling common, unique, and rare goods depending on how skilled the merchant was at obtaining said items. Yet no matter what was shown, most merchants found their products being bought and their stocks of items well depleted by sunset. Yet for all the merchants that littered the streets came one of the biggest sources of income for the city; entertainment. The noise of chatter, music, and joy could be heard for blocks around; the clash of different sympathies of the pitch, volume, and tunes created a chaotic blare that had no right to sound as good as it did. Yet what was the noise to the color..the beautiful, rich color of the streets was as brilliant as the music that stained even the walls. Reds, purples, yellows, blues; darks, lights, greys, and colorful hues of the rainbow and more blended and twirled that dance and splattered in various ways to catch attention to the eyes and, if the merchants were smart, towards their stalls.
  3. For as grand as the city was, there was never a sight such as what went down on the marketplace. Yet for as beautiful and awe-inspiring as it was, for one day only, there was a new sight that seemed to rival even that beauty.
  5. In the marketplace’s town square, a large crowd began to gather around a strange, nearly small house-sized box that had appeared since the middle of last night. No one had seen it been built nor did anyone see who put it up; to everyone concerned it just..popped into existence. As the crowd began to shift around it, a bit of unease settling through them, the city guards began to slowly intergrade into the civilian’s gathering..yet instead of examining the box like most folks though, the guards instead stood with their backs to the box and took guard; their stern eyes looking into the large gathering as if to intimidate them into backing down from doing anything rash. As the crowd slowly began to disperse thinking the guards wanted them to leave, the box suddenly began to shift and shake; the top of it slowly unpeeling upwards into the sky and clotting out a bit of the sunshine that cracked between the spaces of the towering buildings around it. Magic was clearly at play as the box seemed to slowly shrink and wither into the ground, going away bit by bit to reveal what was hidden underneath it.
  7. As the box finally reached the end of its shivering retreat, the grand prize of what was in the box revealed itself. In the dead center of the marketplace were two things; the first of which was a large, deep blue metal box that held over several stalls surrounding it; the stalls themselves were rather cheap looking but effective enough to cover up whoever may enter it and give the person some privacy. Yet for all the stalls surrounding the box, there was a single small open wall panel that had no indication of a door or slot for something to enter inside, almost as if it was sealed shut, to begin with. The second noticeable trait of the box was a person itself; Standing next to the large array of booths and the large metal box itself was a male seemingly no older than twenty-two with a tall, average looking frame, a mop of chocolate brown hair, and two bright emerald eyes that shined against the light of the sun. His outfit consisted something more akin to a circus’ ring-leader with his attired consisting of a green jacket that laid over his shoulders while a white vest and a black undershirt laid beneath it, and a pair of long, tan pants with brown boots, and to top it all off on his mop of brown hair laid a large lime and white colored top hat that seemed to have been stolen directly off of an actual circus leader.
  9. Resting in his hands was, of course, a cheap brown wooden cane, and like anyone with good legs and the power of a  cheap wooden cane in their hands, he waves it around with a large, charismatic grin on his face. In a moderately-deep, booming voice the male spoke out to the large crowd, “Ladies, gentlemen, monsters, and all of those in-between! I present to you the three day attraction oooof…” After waiting several seconds for suspense the male twists the cane about quickly in the air so that his hand was gripping the top properly, and with a might swing downwards he cracked the bottom down on the pavement. In conjunction with the crack, a large plume of smoke shot up from the top of the main box, revealing several large, bolded out lettered signs that created the title of the attraction; “Tiny Terror Gloryhole.”
  11. “That’s right folks; inside this metal box here is a drugged up, VERY feisty, and incredibly tight Tiny Terror ready to serve any and all types of cocks; from big to small, from human to orc to equine, she’ll take any and all cocks!”
  13. This quickly got the attention fo the vast majority of the male, herm, and shemale audience; Tiny Terrors were known to be vicious little things when they needed to be, but otherwise amazing sluts when in the right environment. To have one captured in such a small box, surrounded by cocks? Either it was going to be the best fuck or suck of their life, or it would quickly end with the individual losing their “third leg.” Sensing the crowd’s unease, the male waves his cane about and holds his grin, “Not to worry folks! This little cum guzzler is VERY tamed! The only type of pressure she’ll apply to your dicks is just a good loving squeeze! I personally ensured this myself-”
  15. Ten hours ago...
  17. “Lfhg, I wiff rhast yourf BHLLS UN EN HPEN FHLAM!”
  19. “First off that’s a bit extreme, secondly that’s only if you can get out of this before I can leave the city and change my name to Juan Gomez.”
  21. With one final yank from her restraints, the male huffs out and takes a step back to examine his wife's bondage. Hoshi’s hands were tightly balled into open hole mitts, forcing her fingers to wrap around a padded cylinder in an ‘o’ shape manner. While this should have left her arms out open and allowing her to just simply sock the male in the face with her bound hands, sapphire blue armbands were situated at her wrists, upper arms, ankles, below her knees, her upper thighs, and her neck. Thanks to some magical runes and spells, the girl was unable to so much as budge an inch with her body, let alone escape or attack her loving husband. Of course, any complaints were thoroughly blocked by the large ring gag harness situated in her mouth and prying her jaw open enough to fit in a 12L bottle. The gag itself was a simple yet sturdy design
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