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Nov 11th, 2020
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  1. Taking walks alone during the day in the garden of the sun, you pass upon a stunning woman wearing a vested blouse and a plaid skirt. Carrying a lovely parasol, she walks calmly, appearing to be deep in thought. She notices your presence, asking what brings you into the area. You reply you simply wanted to take some time to walk through the lovely garden, and reflect on a few things. She smiles, and says she understands that need very well herself. Rather boldly, the woman asks what's on your mind. The motherly aura this woman exudes makes it difficult to resist exposing your emotions, as you lay out one worry after another. You tell about your difficulties getting along with some other humans mostly, which she patiently listens to, nodding her head as you express your frustrations, sorrows, and regrets. You feel rather embarrassed when she tells you that you are "a fine young man", and have nothing to feel ashamed of. From the little you have conversed with her, she acknowledges you as something of a kindred spirit - someone quite introverted, yet highly emotional. It is getting late, and you tell her that you need to get going. She apologizes for keeping you so long, explaining that its been quite some time since she was able to have such an interesting conversation. As if she owned the place, she warns you not to disturb the flowers, joking that it may upset a very powerful flower youkai who lived in the area. Before you leave, you quickly ask what her name is. She tells you her name is Yuuka Kazami. You wave goodbye.
  2. The next day, you see her passing by in the streets, greeting her formally. You offer to help carry some of the gardening tools she purchased back home with her. She happily accepts.
  3. You talk more with her on the way back. Her beautiful scent, gorgeous appearance, you slowly realize there's something different about her. And with the way all the older humans cower in fear when they see her passing back you begin to develop suspicions...
  4. You get to Yuuka's house and she offers you tea. You talk about the weather, current events in the village, and you nervously begin to ask her about her own background.
  5. She tells you with a smile that she is a simple flower youkai who tours the country with the passing seasons. Her true home lies elsewhere she explains, this house is one of many of her smaller retreats. You feel slight tension, but you can't help but get the feeling that this woman really wouldn't hurt a fly. Your instincts tell you consorting with youkai is a dangerous game that often leads to death, or worse. Still, you are drawn to her...for a reason you can't quite explain. Not so dissimilar to a bee attracted to a flower's nectar.. Or a fly in a carnivorous plant's trap. She offers you a job helping her tend to the garden. You could use some spare cash, but you mostly want a chance to get closer to this intriguing woman. You accept.
  6. The following day, you report into work. Unlike in the previous encounters, she is now wearing a rough farmer's outfit overall jeans, a straw hat, and a grass stained white t shirt. However, her natural beauty still shines through effortlessly. Including that wonderful smile of hers. A charming smile no matter which angle you viewed it at, however you could not help but feel like something was missing from it. Like the beautiful smile of a doll. An expression worn, but not felt.
  7. She instructs you on the various tasks for the day, constructing a flowerbed, paving a walkway with tiles, clearing away detritus, pulling weeds, pruning, watering, and protecting vulnerable flowers from the local wildlife. The heat is intense with not a single cloud in the sky, and the bugs are merciless, but Yuuka appears completely unaffected. You put on a tough face, and push on, though you feel like you want to puke. Sunset approaches, and the words you had waited to hear finally ring out - let's call it a day!
  8. Yuuka congratulates you on a job well done, saying that she admires your strength and perservance. You tell her you only held through because of your prior physical training and that it was nothing compared to her own performance, but she simply laughs. As a reward, she asks if you would like to stay for dinner. You gladly oblige.
  9. As a delicious smell fills the room, you feel spoiled from receiving a home cooked meal from such a lovely woman. You can't help but express that this might be more than you deserve at the dinner table. She pretends to be offended, accusing you of not trusting her cooking abilities, which you sincerely reply NO to, causing her to giggle. Dinner is a lovely ensemble of home grown vegetables, delicate fish seasoned with fresh herbs, and a light portion of rice. You admire the feminine grace of the meal, a reflection of the health and wellness of the woman who prepared it. You are quite hungry, and Yuuka takes pleasure in seeing you recover from such a hard day's work. After finishing, you enjoy more conversation with the woman. This time, you direct the conversation more in her direction, though being careful not to ask such brazen questions, such as the woman's age. She tells you that she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and playing music. You are delighted to know that your interests align pretty well, feeling ever more drawn to her by the second. She explains with no small amount of blush that she was looking for someone to help her with gardening, as well as someone to test her cooking abilities on. With that sentence, your heart melts completely at hearing the generally composed woman lay a small amount of her weakness to bare for you. You happily tell her it was no problem at all, and despite your sore body protesting, you offer to continue working on the garden.
  10. This lovely day repeats itself nearly perfectly in the weeks to come. Aside from working on the garden, you also join Yuuka on her long walks to and from the human village to gather supplies, as well as her strolls through the garden of tlhe sun itself. You pay the whispers of the locals no mind as your world slowly shrinks to just Yuuka. You learn more about her personality from these idle conversations. More than just a gardener, you explore Yuuka's other interests. Music, literature, history, art, she is a woman of impeccable taste and an endless well of conversation in seemingly every area possible. A woman whose soul is as lovely as her appearance. Incredibly wise, but also equally playful at heart. Reserved, quiet, but not for any deficiencies in passion. No, she understood the power of words, and took great care in picking and choosing them carefully, well aware of the effects they have on others. You imagine this woman must be a force to be reckoned with if you were to get on her bad side. Extremely conscientous, a woman with high standards for herself who made you want to strive to improve yourself just by being in her very presence. With every conversation you began to think about her more and more, to the point of obsession. Her pure perfection simply put all other women to shame, putting it bluntly. Of course, you want nothing more than to get ever close to her, but could such a thing be possible with a woman who was so clearly out of everyone's league?
  11. One day, late at night, the feelings just become too much too bear. You stay a bit longer than usual at Yuuka's home, due to a particularly grueling gardening session. After dinner, you both relax just a bit longer in the parlor. You find yourself getting lost in her eyes, unable to even continue concentrating on what you were talking about. Ever so perceptive, Yuuka notices, and asks you whats wrong. You hesitate to tell her the real reason, saying that you're quite tired. She apologizes for putting you through so much work, but tells you that she really does appreciate it a lot. An awkward silence fills the room, which you finally break. You give up, and you tell her that you've enjoyed her company so much over the past few weeks, and confess that you view her as more than just a friend, or an employer. Yuuka is uncharacteristically slow to react. You hear her stutter even, telling you that she's never gotten this close with a human before. You find yourself astonished that a woman like her would not have had numerous relationships, but she claims it is true. She explains when she saw you that day, she felt something different, some sort of strange attachment she had to investigate further, and decided to turn over something of a new leaf. With some tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, she tells you that she was waiting quite a long time for you to confess, worried that you might have found her scary, as so many other humans do. You are a little disturbed by this knowledge, recalling the looks she got from villagers. For a brief moment, you wonder what this woman must have done to earn the fear the older humans held for her. But all of that is washed away when you feel her nudge a little closer to you, pressing her body against yours for the first time. Just that small amount of contact alone is enough to send you over the edge. Her delicious scent that seemed to never waver, the shampoo of her hair. You embrace her ever so slightly with one arm, and you are amazed when she rests her head on your shoulder in return. You turn towards her as you, and you both gaze into each others eyes, laughing, tearing up, experiencing a cascade of emotions you both felt were long overdue for both of you. You lean in for a kiss, and in that moment, you know your fate is sealed. With your own mouth, you have now tasted the fruit of perfection, from which there is little going back. Insticts such as self preservation and foresight were rendered completely powerless in the presence of this all consuming love, this lust, for what you now knew was your soulmate. Small girlish moans escaped Yuuka's mouth at a higher pitch than you thought she was capable of, turning you on to your limit. She brazenly pressed her massive breasts against your chest, hugging you with a strength beyond what a normal woman should be able to conjure. You both greedily enjoyed each other with sloppy, inexperienced kisses which hardly considered such petty things like technique. You realize the woman must not have lied about her inexperience. She looked away with yet another uncharacteristic nervousness, and said she might not be ready today for anything more today. Catching your breath, you hold her again, and tell her it's alright. Far be it from you to treat Yuuka like some hookup with a woman of the streets. She tells you she looks forward to seeing you again, and kisses you once again as you head out the door.
  12. The next few days pass with very little mention of that night's events. You begin to wonder if it was some sort of dream. Yuuka makes no mention of it, but you can't stop thinking back to that magical kiss you both shared. Just the memory alone is enough to send your heart aflame, a flame that will not perish no matter how often you pleasure yourself to the memory. Finally, Yuuka seems to hit her limit as well. She asks you if you would like to stay a little longer tonight, while you are both in her parlor once again. Using her own teasing style against her, you ask her just how long would that be, smirking ever so slightly. She is visibly affected, and tells you can long as you like. With no more of a need for words, you can tell Yuuka is ready for something more than a kiss. Though nonetheless, you choose to begin the festivities by tasting those ever so lovely lips once again. You taste a slight hint of lipstick this time, exciting you with the notion that Yuuka came well prepared. After kissing for quite some time, she suddenly pulls your body downward on top of her with that monstrous strength. Not only her chest pressed against your body now, but her entire beautiful figure. The immense softness lying underneath was more than enough to make you explode instantly, but you somehow forced yourself to keep it together just a little longer. Breaking your kiss, you start to work on unbuttoning her blouse. A lacey black bra lied underneath, barely containing a massive bust yearning to be free. Try not to go too crazy, ok? she says, as you move your hands underneath the bra and slide its pads upward to reveal beautiful pink areolae and two erect nipples. Touching them ever so lightly, she puts her hand over her mouth as her eyes close, twitching and tickling from the sensations. You rub them with greater eagerness in response, filling up more than two handfuls. This is not fair at all, she says, and sits up to unbutton your own shirt. Your physique was well defined before you began your gardening work, but you've only trimmed out in response since then. Well satisfied, Yuuka sits on your lap and rubs her naked body against your own, hugging you ever closer. You can feel her soaking wet panties, even though you have both yet to undress your lower halves. Unable to wait any longer, Yuuka now takes the lead, taking off your trousers as you remove her skirt. The wall of fabric growing ever thinner, you both rub against each other ever more boldly. You lie Yuuka down again on her back, and move your hand under her panties while kissing her as she leglocks you in response. Her moans become much louder as you familiarize yourself with her pussy, stroking and teasing her. You feel her body convulse as she reaches climax, no longer putting any pretense in containing herself. You'll pay for that she says, as she once again comes to her senses, her facial expression barely recovering from the ecstasy. Her panties slide off effortlessly as she tosses them in the corner of the room, a soaking mess. Sitting on the floor now, she drags your own underwear off, and immediately takes your penis into her mouth. Looking earnestly into your eyes, she swallows the entire length of your penis at once, as though her life depended on it. Moving her head back and forth, gripping your cock tightly, lascviciously maneuvering her tongue back and forth - seeing this gorgeous woman so earnestly desperate to satisfy you is as much of a treat as the service itself. I'll take all of it, she gasps, don't hold back a single drop. She wraps your penis in her massive breasts, sucking and titfucking at the same time. Feeling her breasts all the way to the base of your cock is too much to bear, the heat in your cock making you lose all rational thought whatsoever. She increases the pace, then takes the entire length into her mouth, ingesting an enormous amount of cum with tears in her eyes. The orgasm seems to last forever, far stronger than any you could have ever induced through masturbation. An embarrassing moan of your own bubbles out through your lips, pleasing Yuuka greatly. Your cock is still fully erect, begging for more. Rubbing her pussy against your cock, Yuuka sits on your lap once again for a kiss. Lets continue this on the bed, please. Not needing to be asked twice, you stand up with Yuuka still clinging to you with her arms and legs. Collapsing onto bed with her, she guides your penis with her hands into her soaking pussy. Breaking through her hymen effortlessly, Yuuka asks you to ravage her to your heart's delight. Tightly constricting your cock like a loving vine, locked in the embrace of her arms, you can't help but acknowledge her request all too obediently. Pumping harder, harder, every inch of your body in full contact with hers. Like a baby you can't help but suck on her nipples as she runs her fingers through your hair. Sucking, thrusting, you take her in with all 5 senses at once, and feel yourself bonding with her on a deeper level. As though you had reuinted with a lost fragment of your own soul, you feel as though you are truly at home. Desperate to release your seed, to mark this territory as your own. Inside, inside please, I love you so much, you hear her gasp out in between pants. Without even needing thought to direct your response, you profess your love for Yuuka as well. I'm forever yours, Yuuka, you say, unable to understand fully in the moment what your admission of love truly meant to her. Ahhhhhh, I love you too! She fiercely pushes you even deeper into her breasts, locking her tongue with your own in a famished kiss. You pound her with all your strength, moving the full length of your penis in and out, releasing all the way into her womb. Feeling her shaking within her arms, your ecstasy is all the further as you orgasm in sync with Yuuka. Motionless, and silent, you remain in each others arm for minutes. Don't pull out, stay like this with me, please, longer, she says. You cover Yuuka and yourself with the bedsheets and begin to fall into the deepest slumber you have ever known. As you begin to drift away, you hear Yuuka whisper that you are her favorite flower, and she'll keep you close forever. Nothing and no one will ever get in our way, darling. Feeling as though you are in the embrace of a goddess, you fall asleep with your penis still fully inside Yuuka's pussy. As though you had finally returned to the womb.
  13. The next morning, you awake to the beautiful chirping of birds, a lovely breeze flowing in through a window, and the fresh smell of flowers. You stumble out of your room to find Yuuka dressed in nothing but an apron, still smelling like your own semen, quietly cooking breakfast and humming to herself. Sensing your presence immediately, she smiles at you. A real, warm, genuine smile, a smile unlike all the others you have seen before. Hello, darling, she says. I just finished our breakfast, please enjoy yourself--mmm! Before she even finishes you overtaken with love once again, kissing her, nuzzling her face, kneading her gorgeous breasts and ass. Bending her over doggy style, you fuck again.
  14. What an amazing sex drive you have, she says...but I myself am no different. That is why I wore this apron after all...I want you so bad. Ohh, I've wanted you for so long now...You will be my husband, yes? Stay with me forever, darling...
  15. You slowly surrender yourself to the oblivion of Yuuka's all-consuming love, wondering if you have awakened the extremely lewd woman you now call your own, or if she was simply there all along...waiting to open up...
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