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  1. Vibranium Gauntlets: A pair of gauntlets that fits over the hand like a pair of gloves. Over the knuckles is a long, oval plate of metal, with thick padding between itself and user, allowing hard strikes with no worry for damaging one's hands. The gauntlets extend down to just short of the elbow, allowing the user to defend themselves without having to rely solely on dodging. With each strike, it reduces the durability of whatever it hits by 3 points, to a cap of 15. On the inside of the plate is the symbol of a hammer over top of a rising sun.
  3. [Signature symbol: Gaheris]
  4. (Durability: 30)
  5. (Hit Points: 100)
  6. (Add 15 to Damage Calculation.)
  7. (Tier: 2)
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