Shieldbro White Day [1-4] UNEDITED

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  1. **SPOILER WARNING: There are MANY references to the Valentines content (which i haven't read)**
  3. The Shield Hero's White Day [1-4] UNEDITED
  5.         [1]
  7. Half a month after the rotten Valentines.
  8. We were pursued for compensation for the damages produced on Valentines.
  9. By the way, Imia, the Lumo and other dexterous slaves were taking care of the Girls Festival in my place so it progressed without any particular problems. [T/N: Hina Matsuri]
  11. The damages reffered to the Chocolate Monster.
  12. Jeez…. When the Chocolate Monster incident was started by Gaelion, I fled to Zeltbur via portal.
  13. I thought I escaped with that at first, but the Chocolate Monster continued chasing with the addition of Fohl's weapon.
  14. And the damage caused by me escaping further after that….. It increased by way of the snowball effect.
  16. If I was to be clumsily caught, the things that Chocolate Monster moving to Gaelion's will would do would be no laughing matter.
  17. There were many victims but I was….. Saved in that I was able to protect myself.
  18. I ended up having to pay reparations in the end so I planned a White Day event using Firo and Kiel.
  20. "Hey, Naofumi? It's supposed to be a gift returning event and yet, are you really making the fans buy the White Chocolate and stuff?" (Melty)
  21. "Yeah, these fans like limited merchandise and stuff and will buy them even though they're supposed to be on the receiving side." (Naofumi)
  23. The guys who bought Firo's handmade chocolates will each send presents to Firo in return…. The White Day event will probably be like that, but I'll further restrict the development.
  24. I'll make it so the return gifts given to Firo have to be purchased from the Shops related to Firo.
  26. If it goes well, it's possible to appropriate the gifts as they are.
  27. We might be pressed for inventory disposal so we'll sell them at a low price after the event using the Accessory Merchant's connections who deal with sweets.
  28. The exchange rate may be close but I expect we'll make a good profit.
  30. "Ah, this time we don't need that much craftsmanship. Just putting a stamp on a standard model is enough. But leave off the packaging. Because we'll be recycling them." (Naofumi)
  32. There's the chocolate production from last time, and we have the know-how.
  33. Because of that, the work will progress more smoothly than before.
  34. With these conditions, the awaited day will probably be well-received with no problems.
  36. "Naofumi is full of cunning as usual…." (Melty)
  38. Melty mutters, looking at the prepared site for White Day.
  40. "It can't be helped, right. Because the reparations for damages were terrible." (Naofumi)
  42. I’m sorry for the places I ran to.
  43. It would have been fine to defeat them together with Raphtalia and Firo if they came chasing.
  44. Or so I had thought optimistically, but I ran out of luck when I warped to Zeltbur.
  46. "Think a little when you're escaping, Naofumi." (Melty)
  47. "I guess so. But if I ran to somewhere else, it seems like she'd be vomiting from morning sickness or something in two months." (Naofumi)
  48. "Uh…. That's true. I don't want to see her figure slowly growing bigger because of Naofumi." (Melty)
  49. "Seriously, just stop….that kind of conversation." (Naofumi)
  51. Something like conceiving with the Dragon Emperor would probably be considered a nightmare.
  52. A vivid one.
  53. Jeez…. That kid-Gaelion.
  54. Well he is who he is, so he did have some self-conflict and attempt to escape at the last moment, just like back then with the Wrath Dragon.
  56. Even so, he was grounded and wasn't allowed to approach me.
  57. He's being obedient now, but Taniko occasionally comes to report.
  58. It seems that he's acquired the new hobby of collecting the things I've discarded, like Atla did.
  59. Parent-Gaelion laments about him following me when he knows I went to the baths and drinking the bath water when he's confirmed that I've left.
  61. There's nothing more disgusting.
  62. I had thought that Firo was still more serious so I was also quite overwhelmed…..
  63. For the time being, I do my work and sustain my spirit.
  65. "Next are Kiel's goods. Imia, how's the situation?" (Naofumi)
  66. "At the moment, 3000 orders for the production of Kiel-kun plushies have been confirmed. Should I make more?" (Imia)
  67. "We'll be selling them at a slightly higher price so that much is fine. Please move on to the next product….. Because I'll be having that Sweets-loving Crepe Dog made into a musical." (Naofumi)
  69. When we were organising the next event, she whined about wanting to do it together with Firo.
  70. If we were to have a program featuring Firo, who felt like a play would be pretty interesting, a musical would be best.
  71. And so Firo's schedule became considerably packed.
  72. Kiel ought to have a handshake event as well, so I plan for a meeting with skin-ship.
  73. Rather than an idol, she's more like a popular mascot.
  75. "Yes. Understood." (Imia)
  77. Imia doesn't utter a single complaint at such times and follows through accordingly.
  78. Even though the work itself is quite a lot.
  80. "Sorry to trouble you every time." (Naofumi)
  82. I pat her head gently from behind.
  84. "Ah…. I-I'll do my best." (Imia)
  86. Imia runs over to Kiel's place with quick steps.
  87. Well, Kiel seems like she'd be able to enjoy it to some extent so it's probably fine.
  88. My own debt…. or rather, I don't have any guilt for making Firo and Kiel pay the reparations for damages.
  90. I could clear away the debt itself to a certain extent with my pocket money, but I'd feel uneasy if my money decreased.
  91. Despite everything, I did hold the position of Archduke in the large country of Melromark.
  92. The money and land I possessed was probably a prominent amount in this world.
  94. If this world had a list of the richest people like in the real world, I'd probably rate pretty high.
  95. And so, I have quite a financial surplus in reality.
  96. Well, because I've been troubled with money in the past and the outlook for raising future reconstruction funds has become murky, I've merely become a little greedy.
  98. "Ah, next isー…." (Naofumi)
  99. "Naofumi-sama?" (Raphtalia)
  101. Raphtalia calls out to me.
  102. Well the next issue is… my own problem so it's fine.
  104. "So? Can I help you with anything?" (Naofumi)
  105. "Ah, yes. We've received a letter from the people in charge of the Chocolate farm. Also…. from Shadow-san too." (Raphtalia)
  107. Right, the scheduled report for me.
  108. I take the letter and documents and read them.
  109. ……I unintentionally facepalmed.
  111. "What's the matter?" (Raphtalia)
  112. "I don't like it…. That shitty old man reported it afterwards." (Naofumi)
  113. "W-what happened?" (Raphtalia)
  115. The shitty old many we met when we went to buy Valentines chocolates.
  116. I suppose he could be introduced generally by referring to him as the Chivalrous Thief's father.
  117. There was an uproar because of the Chocolate Monster Boss he captured, and the curtains of the incident were lowered because of the shitty chocolate he made.
  118. As far as it goes, he's a person of merit to Shadow but I don’t value him highly.
  120. That aside, the contents of the letter.
  121. That guy had unjustified resentment towards me, escaped the police cell and lived a life on the run while targeting my land…. apparently.
  122. However, it seems he witnessed the various plants and new monster species in my village and fully realising his own differences to a painful degree, was apprehended in a daze near my territory.
  123. Currently he had returned to his own home and was docile beyond recognition, was what was said.
  125. I wonder if it'd be better to first point him out somewhere….
  126. Not only being able to escape the policing, but having the enthusiasm to come all the way to my place was amazing.
  127. And to see the plants and monsters at my place and becoming speechless, huh.
  128. However, he was docile but starts repeatedly calling out "talent" whenever something happens which was irritating, such idle complaints were written.
  130. They exist, right…. The kind of people who put themselves down, concluding it to be talent if other people succeed, and calling themselves different.
  131. To have all those people's efforts be settled as talent.
  132. If someone says something, they'll declare that it's because those guys are geniuses.
  133. They're unable to understand the genius' accumulated things so it turns out like this.
  134. No, well, I'm not a genius though.
  136. I've said it before but I'm mediocre.
  137. It wasn't just the shield, everyone who possessed legendary weapons obtained various abilities regardless of the abilities of the person themselves.
  138. How it's used is dependent on the person themselves but at the least, I don't have the confidence that I can fully handle the power of the shield.
  139. If this was another me, then more or less….. Well, let's leave it at that. [T/N: Maoufumi certainly had no problems]
  141. In any case, that shitty old man just won't give up.
  142. It'll occur again if he makes something to oppose me.
  143. I'll have the organisation in the vicinity of that town be careful and keep him under vital observation so we can break the bridge of his nose beforehand if he tries to do anything. [T/N: break his spirit beforehand?]
  145. The Chivalrous Thief also sent me a letter of gratitude.
  146. It was decided that his quota would increase just a little bit, and it'd be great if he worked proactively but…..
  148. "And so, it's a problem that's already been settled." (Naofumi)
  149. "Well….. I hate to tell you but another sheet has come." (Raphtalia)
  150. "Hm?" (Naofumi)
  152. A letter from the next day? It's from the Chivalrous Thief's little sister.
  154. 『I sent a letter yesterday as well, but I've discovered that father has made a new tool in secret. It was cleverly hidden so I'm in the middle of investigating. There was this kind of rough sketch so I've enclosed it.』
  156. There….. a picture resembling urinating youngster was drawn.
  157. Without hesitation, I decided to write a letter with instructions using the desk nearby and dispatched a messenger to Shadow.
  159. I understood it at a glance.
  160. It would be fine if this was just an ordinary picture but it's that shitty old man's.
  161. It was clear he was making something horrible involving chocolate.
  163. If I let him freely do as was indicated in the letter, I'd immediately be the subject of that guy's experiment when the invention takes form.
  164. Perhaps…. it seems like it'd fill the place it appears with white chocolate or something.
  165. Because there's plenty of material on water fountains.
  167. And well, without any of the problems we had for Valentines, it was now White Day.
  168. I got out of bed early, and started making desserts in the village kitchen.
  169. Because I had received chocolate from everyone in the village.
  170. I suppose giving a White Day return gift of sweets is enough.
  172. Doughnuts and marshmallows, candy and white chocolate.
  173. I made many complex things since early in the morning, but I plan to establish these ones as a buffet in another corner.
  175. "Good morning Nii-chan, there's so many sweets!" (Kiel)
  177. Kiel stares at the sweets corner while wagging her tail.
  179. "That's for everyone so don't eat too much." (Naofumi)
  180. "Kay! Everyone, it's Nii-chan's return gifts for White Day!" (Kiel)
  181. ""Wah~!""
  183. However….. Even though I'm giving return gifts to the females, why it feel like I'm giving presents to children?
  184. Well these guys' outer appearance may look huge but many of them are still children inside.
  185. To begin with, they are actually children.
  187. "Good morning, Naofumi-sama." (Raphtalia)
  188. "Rafu~" (Raph-chan)
  189. "Morning. Raphtalia, Raph-chan." (Naofumi)
  191. I presented Raphtalia and Raph-chan each with a Bûche de Noël made from white chocolate as their return gifts. [T/N: Yule log cake]
  192. A Raph-chan cake would have been fine as well but I played it safe.
  193. Because Raphtalia doesn't really like novelty things, and she likes this kind of stylish thing, you see.
  194. For better or worse, she gives off the impression of a girl.
  196. A Raph-chan cake would look okay, but it would be terrible when cut up…..
  197. That's like eating Raph-chan, you know?
  198. It'd seem regrettable if it looks like cannibalism. Let's stop.
  200. "Wah…. Thank you very much." (Raphtalia)
  201. "Rafu~!" (Raph-chan)
  203. Raphtalia and Raph-chan also accepted them delightedly.
  205. "How nice~ Just for Raphtalia-chan's party~" (Kiel)
  206. "Kiel, yours are over there though." (Naofumi)
  207. "Raphtalia-chan's ones look better." (Kiel)
  208. "The grass is always greener on the other side. Just give up." (Naofumi)
  210. The type who sees other people's as more delicious.
  211. Besides, you guys are the ones who prefer quantity over quality.
  212. Because you guys eat more than Raphtalia.
  213. I would've made the same thing if they were fine with a small portion but they'll definitely say it's insufficient.
  215. "Oh~? Today looks very enjoyable." (Sadina)
  217. The Orca woman who was quiet on Valentines has come.
  219.         [2]
  221. "Sadina, huh, what do you want?" (Naofumi)
  222. "Oh, did you forget? Today is white day." (Sadina)
  224. Today is White Day. [T/N: The above 'white day' was written in Kanji whereas this one is written in Katakana.]
  225. If it was similar to Valentines then I'd welcome it, but I can't read this guy's actions.
  226. I'm afraid she might have come where everyone is to suddenly start something.
  228. "Naofumi-chan, it's fine to wait until night-time for this Onee-san's share, okay?" (Sadina)
  230. She said while staring at my lower body.
  231. Just how persistent is she.
  232. I feel like she'll seriously assault me if I don't bait her with something.
  233. Recently she's tried pulling when pushing doesn’t work, and she's shown hints of forcing her way through if pulling doesn't work either.
  234. I've also had to take action to counter her tactics.
  236. "Yours is this." (Naofumi)
  238. I relied on my memories to make whisky bonbons.
  239. There wasn't any whiskey so I substituted with another type of alcohol.
  240. The alcohol I used was… seemingly rather strong.
  241. It's slightly better than the one Sadina drunk during Christmas.
  243. "Oh? What's this~?" (Sadina)
  244. "It's a candy we had in my world which uses alcohol." (Naofumi)
  245. "Oh~ so it's a present just for this Onee-san, right." (Sadina)
  246. "Everyone but you would probably be knocked out in a single dose though?" (Naofumi)
  248. As far as it goes, the next strongest drinker after me would be Sadina.
  249. In my case, my inability to get drunk is constitutional so I probably can't really be called strong though.
  250. With a pop, Sadina stuffs her mouth with the whiskey bonbons.
  252. "Oh~…. This is pretty strong alcohol~ Onee-san might get addicted." (Sadina)
  253. "You should probably do something about your habit of drinking from in the morning though…." (Naofumi)
  255. Well, I am the one who brought it out, but it shouldn't be a problem.
  256. She did her work to a certain extent, and it's fine to let her rest since we're treating it as a holiday.
  257. If she'll sleep until tomorrow then it's a really great thing.
  259. "Well, I'll settle with this for now~ but next time this Onee-san wishes for obscene relations for sure." (Sadina)
  260. "Yes, yes." (Naofumi)
  262. Lately I've been able to deal with Sadina's sexual harassment to some extent.
  263. ….Sometimes, really, sometimes there have been times when she seriously comes assailing though.
  264. Ugh…. I've got a new trauma from that rotten Valentines….
  266. "Naofumi-sama…. Please came down." (Raphtalia)
  267. "Ha!" (Naofumi)
  268. "You remembered the events from that day again, right? Let's just forget about all of that." (Raphtalia)
  269. "….You're right." (Naofumi)
  271. I've got to avoid the sex talk as much as possible.
  272. If I can deal with it in advance then it's still fine.
  273. Sudden verbal sexual harassment reminds me of that day which makes me shiver.
  274. If one were forcefully stripped by someone, they'd probably panic, right…..
  276. I'm normal!
  277. For a child to emerge from my stomach is impossible!
  278. ………..Sigh.
  280. "You guys, don't eat it all. Because Firo and the Filorials' share is there too, for when they return." (Naofumi)
  281. ""Oka~y""
  283. At present, some of the Filorials were participating in the races in Zeltbur.
  284. New, extraordinary Filorials that Motoyasu and I brought up and raised were revealed…. that sort of event was being held there.
  286. The one who proposed the project was Zeltbur's Merchant Guild.
  287. Because I was the one who caused the disturbance, I couldn't refuse and was stuck with a troublesome job.
  288. It seemed the Filorials entrusted to the village and the village Filorials had just produced eggs and Motoyasu was hatching them at that point.
  290. For me…. there were also a variant among those submitted by a certain Filorial.
  291. Both were treated as subordinates supervised by Firo.
  292. Apparently they were competing to see which one was more capable.
  294. "……Ah-choo!" (Variant)
  296. Outside the Dining Hall, the Filorial I raised were waiting obediently.
  297. The sneeze was from that.
  298. A brown-coloured Filorial.
  299. This Filorial had various secrets though….huh.
  301. Motoyasu's was a Filorial with a slender figure and longer legs.
  302. Both were checked by Rat and Taniko, and I received a report saying there was no problems with their health.
  303. Both Motoyasu and me, the Filorials we were in charge of had questionable mental states…. but it was no use worrying about that.
  305. Those two…. The Filorial raised by Motoyasu saw my Filorial as a rival to be exact.
  306. Conversely, the guy raised by me always seemed drowsy.
  307. And, he really liked eating.
  308. As he ate, he made impact sounds on the plate his food was served on.
  309. Moreover, the plate would be licked clean until it was sparkling.
  310. He might be more of a glutton than Firo.
  311. To become a glutton like Firo when raised by me….. I wonder why that is?
  313. "Kueー…." (Variant)
  315. Ah, he's sleeping.
  316. The Filorial raised by Motoyasu was sneering at that.
  317. It's similar to the old Motoyasu so it's a bit irritating.
  318. Quite…..
  320. "Kue!" (Hiyo-chan)
  322. With a whack, Hiyo-chan hit and woke the sleeping Filorial.
  324. "Kue! Kuekue!" (Hiyo-chan)
  326. However, he ignores Hiyo-chan's scolding and starts dozing off as if it didn't concern him.
  328. "Does it look like he'll run today?" (Naofumi)
  329. "Kue….." (Hiyo-chan)
  331. When I draw near and call out, Hiyo-chan cries out apologetically and shakes the mutated one.
  332. With that, the variant vocalises with sleepy eyes.
  334. "Kueー……" (Variant)
  336. It's a pitiable voice.
  337. He was making an especially slovenly face even among the Filorials.
  338. As far as it goes, he was quite altered but I do wonder if this guy is really all right.
  340. "Oi~" (Naofumi)
  341. "Ku…..Kue!" (Variant)
  343. At my voice, the variant opens his eyes wide and greets me vigorously.
  344. That's right, this mutated Filorial is normally sleepy-looking so it's hard to check but his eyes are very beautiful.
  345. Taking a triumphant pose, he shows me his enthusiasm.
  347. Incidentally, if he didn't wake up, I think he would wake if I hung the White (T/N: Day) Chocolate made today by his nose.
  348. No matter how deep his sleep was, he would instantly wake.
  349. That's how much he loves eating.
  351. In that sense, he differed considerably from Firo.
  352. Firo won't eat when she's sleepy.
  353. For better or worse, she was like a child.
  355. "Do your best." (Naofumi)
  356. "Kue~!" (Variant)
  358. By the way, these two were top class among the village's Filorials in terms of speed.
  359. Apparently Motoyasu's side was bred from a famous breed even in Zeltbur.
  360. That was combined with ours and turned into a Filorial Queen so it was already a given.
  361. Well she was expectedly no match for Firo though.
  362. However, I was excited to see how they would turn out in an actual race.
  364. "Look, don't run until you're ragged though, okay? (Naofumi)
  365. "Kue~" (Variant)
  367. This variant Filorial.
  368. His favourite food was candy, and he stood up swiftly when he at the candy I prepared.
  369. Yeah, he's more gluttonous than Firo indeed…. Number one in the village.
  370. He'll be a terrible leech so I must caution him to some extent.
  372. "G-good morning. Eclaire!" (Ren)"Hm? Ah, it is a good morning, Ren." (Female Knight)
  374. Turning towards the voices, I witnessed the scene of Ren facing the Female Knight, bashfully doing something.
  375. No matter what I think, I'm aware that it's White Day.
  376. I'm sure he has prepared a present.
  378. However, the Female Knight continues walking this way.
  379. She has probably come for breakfast.
  381. "Good morning. Iwatani-dono." (Female Knight)
  382. "So it's morning. How's the state of things over there?" (Naofumi)"Didn't I say so before? The eradication of slave hunting is difficult. Those guys keep turning up from somewhere." (Female Knight)
  383. "I see…." (Naofumi)
  385. The Female Knight also knows which country the principle offenders of slave hunting are in.
  386. With their past glory now fallen to the ground, the fools had to pay and invaded the new land to cover their fines.
  387. Of course, the ordinary peasants have no sin.
  389. Even so, a crime is a crime
  390. In the case that Melromark and the allied Silt Welt lost in the war, we would have had to pay the penalty.
  391. Such is war.
  393. However, to force one's own crimes on another is not a good thing.
  394. There was an attempt to subdue even the world's underground but the heroes disapproved and defended as the vanguard.
  396. "E-Eclaire!" (Ren)"What is it? Ren?" (Female Knight)
  398. Ren called out hesitantly, interrupting my conversation with the Female Knight.
  399. Oh, so he's going to promptly hand over the Valentine return gift.
  401. "The Valentines chocolate from last time…. was very delicious. So this is in return for that." (Ren)
  403. Ren hands some kind of large bag over to the Female Knight.
  404. Even if he says it was tasty, it was chocolate I made though.
  406. With that, the Female Knight would probably have some complex feelings about it.
  407. She's receiving a return gift for chocolates made by someone else anyhow.
  408. I see, so there was this kind of drawback.
  409. The Female Knight glared at me once and then examined the contents of the bag.
  411. "A return gift for Valentines, huh…. But it's pretty big." (Female Knight)
  413. The Female Knight opened the bag that Ren handed over and checked the contents.
  414. Inside was a large quantity of candy, and furthermore underneath that was an expensive looking dress and…. Hair ornaments?
  415. There's a considerable amount of presents inside.
  417. Well, Ren likes the Female Knight, is it that he just put too much of his feelings inside?
  418. A typical male's fruitless efforts, huh.
  419. I think these kind of guys are usually ensnared by wicked women.
  420. It's good for Ren, the Female Knight isn't that type.
  422. "…..Can I believe this is to be split with Wyndea?" (Female Knight)
  423. "No, this is Eclaire's portion." (Ren)
  424. "One person's share? It's quite a lot." (Naofumi)
  426. Looking on from nearby, I muttered, to which Ren inclined his head in confusion.
  427. Why are you making a puzzled expression.
  428. Isn't it more than usual.
  429. I don't know how it is in actuality because I'm not a girl, but I'd think the partner would be troubled.
  431. "What are you saying? Return gifts are important, right?" (Ren)
  432. "So return gifts are omen carriers?" (Naofumi)
  434. I'm pretty sure for candy sent on White Day…. marshmallows means dislike, cookies are for friendship and candy is for affection, I think.
  435. There were a variety of other things but the standard is something like this.
  436. The meanings might change depending on the place, there may be other nuances affixed, and there have also been cases where everything qualified as a general return gift.
  437. I've heard that where I lived, giving clothes as a present meant they wanted to go steady.
  438. There were places with local rules so it's a little ambiguous, this kind of thing.
  440. Well, I think the clothes were more on the local side.
  441. To begin with, it also seems like they started dating after receiving valentines chocolate from the girl.
  442. Or rather, to know the clothing size of their partner, what's up with that?
  443. This…. might be different from my memories.
  445. "……Ren, can I speak honestly?" (Female Knight)
  447. Oh, the Female Knight who received a present asks Ren with a troubled expression.
  448. Yup, she should be speaking honestly here.
  450. "Yeah, please tell me whatever you like." (Ren)
  451. "Then I'll say it, isn't this too much?" (Female Knight)
  453. Right. I also think so.
  454. However, Ren said this with an innocent look.
  456. "Eh? Isn't the return gift normally ten times for Valentines?" (Ren)
  458.         [3]
  460. The White Day return gift is ten times as much?
  462. "Where did that kind of preferential event for females come from!" (Naofumi)
  464. I retorted without thinking.
  465. Because I've heard of returning three-fold but I've never heard of returning ten-fold.
  466. And besides, even a three-fold return gift is just an urban legend.
  467. It's that. If it was a pretentious guy like the old Motoyasu though, a three-fold return gift wouldn't be strange.
  468. At the least, a girl who naturally demands a three-fold return gift is not someone I'd like.
  470. "Eh? Eh? But Mom and my childhood friend always told me to "return ten-fold" so I'm sure." (Ren)
  472. Right, so it was a local rule in the family?
  473. Ren has a pretty nice face, and seems like he'd be popular.
  474. Such troublesome things, don't accept them so easily; it might be that kind of teaching.
  475. Or else, they could have been skanks who wanted some nice memories.
  476. I'm afraid they're both possibilities.
  477. Nevertheless, Ren's childhood friend.. He certainly said he died protecting that sort of person when he came to this world.
  478. It didn't turn up in conversation much so she doesn't appear to be much of a romantic interest to Ren.
  479. It seems like a route in a fan disk of ero-ge and such though. [T/N: Ero-ge = Erotic Game]
  480. She's not going to come to this world anyway.
  482. "Heavy." (Female Knight)
  484. Yeah, I agree with the Female Knight.
  485. There's too much weight both physically and mentally.
  486. To receive this much candy and clothes from just a single piece of chocolate, it's heavy in various meanings.
  487. A hero who can easily earn money in this other world is doing it so it's fine but in reality, one wouldn't have the money to pay for this kind of return gift.
  488. With this, even the receiving side will be troubled.
  489. During such a conversation, Ren turns around.
  491. "Ah, Wyndea! This.. is in return for Valentines!" (Ren)
  493. Ren brought out an identical large bag for Taniko, who just arrived.
  494. After looking at the Female Knight, Taniko pushes that large bag away with her hand.
  495. It's good that there wasn't a first casualty.
  497. "…I don't need so much." (Taniko)
  498. "Ren, it might be ten-fold in your world, but I was told that the standard in my world is around three-fold. Female Knight, what about you?" (Naofumi)
  499. "I've received Valentines before but I've never given a response. However…. I feel like I've heard three-fold before." (Female Knight)
  501. There isn't enough information.
  502. No, if we assume three-fold is the norm in this world, I'll have to reconsider a little.
  503. I turn my attention to Raphtalia and the others.
  505. "Was it good to return three-fold?" (Naofumi)
  506. "Er…. Is this not three-fold?" (Raphtalia)
  508. Raphtalia was just in the middle of eating the bûche de Noël I gave her as dessert.
  509. Yeah, well if she was fine with that then it's good.
  510. It's easy for me, and I think it's appropriate for Raphtalia.
  512. "The handmade chocolate I made and this chocolate that Naofumi-sama made differ greatly in both workmanship and taste….. Anyway, was the return gift supposed to be three-fold?" (Raphtalia)
  514. Hmm, so it seemed like that.
  515. Well, it's ridiculous to say that three-fold is absolute.
  516. I can only say the extent is at the liberty of the person themselves.
  518. "Oh? Then shall Onee-san also request for three-fold?" (Sadina)
  519. "If I made it three-fold, you'd die from the alcohol." (Naofumi)
  521. That Sadina, so she was still here.
  522. Even the Whiskey Bonbon from just now had a befitting degree of alcohol.
  523. If it was three-fold, she'd die from acute alcohol poisoning without a doubt.
  525. "I'm asking seriously but is returning three-fold the standard here?" (Naofumi)
  526. "It's not like I haven't done that, but it's not absolute~" (Sadina)
  528. I suppose that's right.
  529. No, wait! The return gift for Firo is three-fold!
  530. If we advertise that strongly beforehand then won't we double our profits?
  532. No, I feel like even I can't do this to such an extent.
  533. Otherwise, the rule of returning three-fold on White Day will be made in the future.
  534. I'm not Ren but what would happen if three-fold of three-fold becomes the norm? [T/N: so nine-fold?]
  535. I can't spread it. For the sake of males in the future.
  536. Not to mention, ten-fold is absurd.
  538. Taniko removed only the candy from the bag Ren presented.
  539. Similarly, the Female Knight received only the bag with candy inside.
  540. You guys don't give them out in reality, do you. [T/N: them = return gifts]
  542. "Eh… this is?" (Ren)
  543. "It's heavy." (Female Knight)
  544. "I don't need it." (Taniko)
  545. "Such….. After I specifically made various arrangements for these things I thought would suit Wyndea and Eclaire." (Ren)
  547. Ren hangs his head after being rejected so clearly by the two.
  548. Certainly…. They're too heavy.
  549. The receiver would normally feel troubled if they were given a large quantity of candy and clothes, and even accessories because of a piece of chocolate.
  550. And yet they don't actually hand them out themselves so the feelings of guilt are boundless.
  551. Really, the two refused while glaring at me.
  553. Enough, who's the one taking care of Ren.
  554. Because for a Riajuu, this kind of annoying behaviour would also be a little more submissive.
  555. For it to reach the point where I hope for another person to become a Riajuu……. I wonder what will happen.
  556. Normally it's a nice guy, right? Nah…. I feel like it'll be somewhat different.
  557. It's a very complicated feeling.
  559. "Uh… Ren, I'm not trying to hinder your goodwill. Right, Wyndea?" (Female Knight)
  560. "I don't need them." (Taniko)
  561. "Wyndea!" (Female Knight)
  562. "Is that so… so that's it. Haha, sorry….. Wyndea, Eclaire." (Ren)
  563. "Uh…. I don't really hate you or anything." (Wyndea)
  564. "I see! Then that's good!" (Ren)
  566. Ren is pretty positive.
  567. Nevertheless, these guys seem to be having fun one way or another.
  568. With this romantic comedy kind of feeling.
  569. See, wasn't this bad-luck-type quite popular a while back.
  570. Something like that.
  572. "Wouldn't it be fine if next year you settled down and returned three-fold at the most?" (Naofumi)
  573. "…..Even so, I will put my everyday gratitude into it and prepare ten-fold." (Ren)
  574. "Didn't they say it was heavy!" (Naofumi)
  576. Ren's also pretty obstinate….. His childhood friend shouldn't have preached to him so much.
  577. She probably won't encounter him again though.
  579. What kind of disposition did Ren's world have again? My memory is a little fuzzy.
  580. Will it turn into something like Ren suddenly becoming unaccounted for?
  581. It should have been a world that was starting to recognise alternate worlds…. I'm just hoping they won't start invading or something after their developments in science.
  583. "Hm?" (Naofumi)
  585. While I was thinking, I saw Itsuki giving a return gift of candy to Rishia out of the corner of my eyes.
  586. Moreover, it was given together with a dress and Rishia was full of emotion.
  587. …..So they were close enough for him to know her clothing size.
  588. These two, they were like this on Valentines as well.
  589. They were advancing casually, but weren't they actually the ones enjoying it the most?
  591. From Ren's perspective, the Itsuki in this situation probably seems too enviable.
  592. I guess this is Itsuki's expression of gratitude for a girl who continued thinking wholeheartedly about him despite being tricked and ejected from his company.
  593. That kind of moving tale seems probable somehow.
  594. Ugh!
  596. I wonder why such differences arose among us heroes.
  597. I gave return gifts to most of the villagers.
  598. Ren tried to return ten-fold and failed.
  599. Itsuki did what Ren wanted to and gave a ten-fold return gift to Rishia, which was accepted and produced deep feelings.
  600. Motoyasu….. was running to stock up on White Chocolate as a return gift for Firo.
  602. I feel somewhat inferior.
  603. Wasn't only my returned quantity the abundant one originally? [T/N: Yup, but that's what you get for having a harem]
  604. Did Ren intend to give this amount of presents to everyone he received from?
  605. What he received was obligation chocolate, so he already reached his limit as it was.
  606. Raphtalia also watched Itsuki and Rishia with an envious look….. or so it seemed to me.
  608. "What's the matter, Naofumi-sama?" (Raphtalia)
  609. "No.… I can't return ten-fold but did you want presents of that level?" (Naofumi)
  610. "Er….." (Raphtalia)
  612. Nodding restlessly, Raphtalia looks towards my direction….. behind me? And then comes to her senses.
  614. "N-no! This is plenty!" (Raphtalia)
  616. Hmm…. It would be fine if she was more spoilt but…..
  617. Well, let's reflect on that a little more from now on.
  618. Such is a man's resourcefulness.
  620. By the way, Fohl and Atla are away and thus haven't appeared as yet.
  621. They're secluding themselves in the mountain with a certain granny of the Hengen Musou school.
  622. I am told that Fohl has been deeply reflecting upon the previous incident, disciplining himself so he won't go crazy a second time.
  623. Atla has been dragged along against her will.
  625. Such was what I was thinking when a chill crawled down my spine.
  627. "Na~o~fu~mi~cha-n. This candy, you wouldn't perchance have any more?" (Sadina)
  629. Then, I had my ass fondled by Sadina
  630. ―Flashback
  631. The memory of being stripped by the Chocolate Monster!
  633. The chocolate that clung to my legs.
  634. My sinking feet.
  635. The Choco tentacle that followed.
  636. The chocolate that took the shape of a dragon's wings which tried to engulf me and remove my clothes….
  638. Ahhhhhhhh……. Ahhhhhhh……!
  640. "Naofumi-sama! Get a hold of yourself! Naofumi-samaaaa!" (Raphtalia)
  642. I was able to come to my senses but it took thirty minutes.
  645. Calming down, I ordered the destruction of the Chocolate Monster (now white chocolate) and regained my presence of mind.
  646. I have a feeling that Gaelion is looking this way from a distance!
  647. Who's going to give you a return gift!
  649. "Orca woman! You stop with the jokes as well, it's no laughing matter!" (Naofumi)
  650. "I think this Onee-san will also be wounded like this~….. But I believe experience is necessary for Naofumi-chan." (Sadina)
  651. "It's enough so shut up! Haa……! Haa…..!" (Naofumi)
  652. "Naofumi-sama, calm down! It's nearly time to depart." (Raphtalia)
  653. "Rafu~" (Raph-chan)
  654. "Uuh….. I see." (Naofumi)
  656. I'll reconfirm it for the time being.
  657. For White Day, there is the Musical Event with Firo and Kiel, and the Filorial Races.
  658. I plan to turn up at both events.
  660. Well, as long as the preparations on Firo and Kiel's side are put to order, they'll manage one way or another.
  661. The issue is the Filorial Races.
  662. Judging from yesterday's state, it's at a passing level so there shouldn't be any problems though.
  664. "Kue~……"
  666. Sleeping again.
  667. The Filorials I raised….. Why did this one also grow up so carefree?
  668. So I often wonder, but there's never an answer.
  670. "Alright, you guys go do your job properly too." (Naofumi)
  672. Kiel was playing in the village until the very last-minute as always.
  674. "If I'm not mistaken, this Onee-san was in charge of acoustics, right?" (Sadina)
  675. "If it's directing the thunder sound effects.." (Naofumi)
  676. "Then I'll be going~" (Sadina)
  678. So we're bringing that Orca woman…… well, it should be fine.
  680. "Now then, we're departing." (Naofumi)
  682. I warped using the Portal skill, and the other guys also leaped to the venue in Zeltbur.
  684.         [4]
  686. Arriving at Zeltbur, I made the final checks and just waited for the opening.
  687. I have no choice but to depend on the efforts of the villagers after this.
  689. I looked over the Musical programme.
  690. One performance is the Legend of the Shield Hero, Act two.
  691. Firo had just made her appearance so it appeared to be more of a grand-scale musical.
  693. Firo's role was acting as herself?
  694. And the second item was a legend of the past?
  695. The Hero of the Cane…. It appeared to be about one half of Trash's life.
  696. It seems Kiel was the leading actress for this.
  698. And for some reason, Trash was also performing and when I wondered what role he had, apparently it was arranged for him to act as the Pig King of Faubley or something.
  699. Always playing the villain, was that masochism?
  700. I feel like he was preparing his part in that direction.
  702. In the meanwhile, I checked the condition of those participating in the Filorial Races, and immediately returned to the venue to confirm the visitors.
  703. Lots of incredible people were gathered together.
  704. The sales of Kiel's goods seemed to catch up to Firo's.
  705. At this rate, the ceasing of Kiel wearing female clothes might be just a matter of time.
  707. "The Kiel-kun plushies have sold out!" (Imia)
  709. Disgruntled voices resounded from the grounds.
  710. It sold out despite setting the price quite high?
  711. Or perhaps I should say, I feel like it hasn't even been 30 minutes since the sales started….
  713. "Aww. I want Kiel-kun~" (Child)
  715. Cried a child from the parent-child couple I saw before.
  716. What terrible remarks.
  717. It's as if they're saying Kiel is being sold like a pet.
  718. If you want her that much then I think similar guys would be sold if you went to the slave merchant's place.
  720. "It can't be helped. They're all sold out." (Parent)
  721. "I want I want I want!" (Child)
  723. Er……
  725. "Imia." (Naofumi)
  726. "Yes! What is it?" (Imia)
  728. I call out to Imia, who was busy as a salesperson.
  729. Raphtalia was also tirelessly selling Firo goods and White Day merchandise and was very busy.
  731. "For the time being, make a list of the people who are fine with reserving Kiel's plushies and inform them that we'll sell them again another day." (Naofumi)
  732. "U-Understood!" (Imia)
  734. The 3000 we prepared was sold out, just how popular was Kiel as a pet.
  735. That Loinclothed Dog! She entertained various people while peddling simple-mindedly.
  736. Unlike Firo, she was easy to approach and therefore was popular.
  738. A carriage pulling bird and a sociable dog are rising in popularity…… are the times changing?
  739. The basis in this world is that Kiel is a demi-human and beastman right?
  740. The customers aren't only from Melromark but there should have been differing feelings…. right?
  741. Maybe I should try making a quota while they're peddling, it seems like their popularity will continue.
  743. I should be able to hope for long selling merchandise as well.
  744. Like that bear figure. [T/N: Winnie the Pooh?]
  745. We might be able to go for the long-lived anime route, a 'if it's children then it's this!' -kind of feeling.
  747. And, when the merchandise was mostly sold out, the performance started.
  748. The tickets sold well, and it was Firo and Kiel's repayment for the White Day goods' sales.
  749. Of course we couldn't just collect money.
  751. We have to take heed of karma… or else.
  752. We can't have the guests return home unsatisfied.
  754. "Rafu~!" (Raph-chan)
  756. Why has the role of Raphtalia been continuously played by Raph-chan?
  757. Since Firo is playing herself, it should be fine for Raphtalia to do the same but… the person herself seems to dislike it.
  759. I watch the performance while thinking that Raph-chan's acting is pleasant.
  760. There's singing in the various scenes but…. Firo doesn't appear in the beginning.
  761. But then somehow the backdrop changed into the inside of the Slave Merchant's tent and Firo came dancing out from an egg-shaped prop.
  762. It differs slightly from reality, but for the tempo to have Firo to emerge at the same time as the purchase of the egg……
  764. Ah, occasionally Kiel turns into a dog from excitement.
  765. Now I want to see up to the Dragon Zombie in the programme.
  766. "Kyua!" (Gaelion)
  768. Ee!? The dragon zombie role was played by Gaelion.
  769. I quietly avert my eyes.
  770. Kiel turning into a dog from any stimulation is a bad habit.
  772. In the scene with the Wrath Shield, she shows off while still a dog.
  773. Firo-fans were singing and dancing at the back, completely satisfied with Firo.
  774. And so, they somehow defeated the dragon zombie.
  775. The curtains closed at that point.
  777. After that, they start to perform Trash's Half-life. [T/N: クズの半生]
  778. The little sister's role is….. Why is Atla here.
  779. Before I know it, Fohl also appears as an extra.
  781. Didn't they go out for training?
  782. Did they abandon that to participate in the performance?
  784. "『Onii-sama….. Did the work at Melromark go smoothly?』" (Atla)
  785. "『It's alright…..』Woof woof." (Kiel)
  787. Uh-oh….I'm going to laugh.
  788. There's a gap between the character in the programme and Kiel's lines and actions, so it turned into a comedy.
  789. Trash appeared, but he saw the semi-transparent Atla playing the role of his little sister and got a distant look in his eyes.
  790. Don’t superimpose your dead sister on her.
  791. Is this it? Is this the reason Trash is participating?
  793. Eventually the programme ended, and it changed to the next scene.
  794. Incidentally, Firo had a singing role in the background throughout the programme.
  795. A young Queen was played by Melty. As far as it goes, I think she did a good job.
  797. Trash's life made a hilarious story but the leading actress, Kiel's acting had some problems.
  798. She turned into her dog mode at times.
  799. Other than that, she had an androgynous appearance and would be rather enchanting if she acted seriously….
  800. Well, she didn't become a ham actor like during Valentines, so it wasn't an issue.
  802. Ah, Firo morphed into her Filorial Queen form to rival her.
  803. When she did, Firo's fans started an Angel chant.
  805. "Don't lose to the curse, turn into your true form~!" "A・N・GEL! A・N・GEL!"
  806. "A・N・GEL! A・N・GEL!"
  807. "My Angel! Firo-chan!"
  808. "My Angel!" "Angel!"
  809. "Firo・Chan!"
  810. "Do your best Firo-chan!"
  812. So loud… it'll ruin the mood of Kiel's fans.
  813. This might give rise to a small part of Firo = disgusting in their hearts [こりゃあ、一部でフィーロ=キモイの縮図が生まれるかもな]
  814. Firo puffed out her cheeks at the word of those fans and returned to a human form.
  816. "Why does Kiel-kun get cheered for even when she changes form but it's no good for Firo~…." (Firo)
  818. Give up.
  819. Your true form is subconsciously recognised as your fan's target so it's completely disregarded.
  820. In Kiel's case….. She was originally treated as a pet and was converted into a dog-form in everyone's minds.
  821. Of course, there were people charmed by her androgynous appearance as well, but the guests' types were different so a call of desire is impossible.
  823. Finally, the programme ended and the curtains were lowered, and the casted assembled on stage and bowed.
  824. This is what happened after everything was over.
  826. "Master~" (Firo)
  828. Firo looked at the situation behind the venue and waved at me..
  830. "Now then, I'd like to invite the sponsor of this event, the Hero of the Shield-sama!" (Melty)
  832. Melty majestically stands in front with the microphone in one hand and introduces my arrival.
  833. …..It can't be helped.
  834. I walked onto the stage, stood before the audience and waved.
  836. "Thanks for today, everyone~" (Firo)
  838. Firo stands next to me while waving.
  840. "Today~ I was thinking of telling everyone my request~" (Firo) "Hm? I didn't hear anything about this though….." (Naofumi)
  842. Somehow Firo was talking of her own accord.
  843. Melty was also confused and exchanged looks with me.
  844. It looks like Melty has no idea either.
  845. "Lately Firo's been worked to exhaustion~ and so I want a break~"  (Firo)
  847. Geh! That Firo…. she said such a troublesome thing.
  849. "Is that okay? Master~?" (Firo)
  851. I want to say no.
  852. I want you to go on diplomatic matters together with Melty as friends.
  854. When I silently look at Melty, Melty also seemed to approve of Firo's thoughts.
  855. Well…. They have been working on something or another even after the world was at peace.
  856. I should let her have a holiday at least.
  858. "If Melty is fine with it then….. isn't it alright?" (Naofumi) "That's right. Firo-chan worked hard so I think she should have a little break. Many of the diplomatic matters have been resolved anyway." (Melty)
  860. In that case…. it's fine though.
  861. The fans all looked at each other and nodded respectively.
  863. "Certainly… Firo-tan's health is number one." (Fan) "If she's going to sing happily then a little rest is important! I'll wait for a century!" (Fan)
  865. Yup. With that thinking, it's fine because Firo will live for over a century.
  866. Your lifespans will most likely end first.
  868. "Agreed!" (Fan) "Agreed! Firo-chan, rest well, we'll be waiting until we see you again~!" (Fan)
  870. It's good that there were so many understanding fans.
  871. Or so I thought, but then Firo made a bombshell announcement.
  873. "Firo, you know! Firo wasn't around much lately so she wants to spend some time with Master~" (Firo)
  875. Firo hugged my arm with her whole body.
  876. That situation was, how should I put it, like getting a boyfriend and introducing him in front of her fans despite being an idol.
  877. I felt the illusion of Firo's fan's chilling, yet blazing with envy, gazes turn towards me.
  879. "Haha! Firo-tan is also a spoilt child. She's so affectionate with Father-in-law." (Motoyasu)
  881. In this, Motoyasu wasn't being direct, but at least he wasn't as jealous.
  882. If I didn't know, I'd think that the pressure of being unable to discard him was weighing down on me.
  883. Firo's fans started talking noisily.
  885. "Ah, Firo-chan, no fair~! Me too, me too!" (Kiel)
  887. The dog-shaped Kiel jumped at me playfully.
  888. The feeling of Kiel's fans looking at me enviously….
  889. Either way, the me who didn't feel much tension in this situation….. The spine of the Hero of the Shield who saved the world…. Felt a freezing chill.
  890. Crap. If I don't say something…. I'll probably meet with misfortune.
  892. "Haha, as you may have learnt from the performance, I'm something like Firo's foster parent. That's why her acting spoiled like this, and Kiel also being similar, isn't something strange, though? Firo and Kiel are everyone's idols forever more." (Naofumi)
  893. So I said with a business smile.
  894. The fans seemed to come to an agreement.
  895. "Ehh…. Firo is… you know~" (Firo)
  897. I cover Firo's mouth and silence her deceivingly.
  899. "And thus Firo will be resuming her activities after a short break so please look forward to it." (Naofumi)
  900. "Ehh, Firo isー" (Firo)
  901. "You be quiet!" (Naofumi)
  902. "Nii-chan, Nii-chan!" (Kiel)
  903. "Yes, yes. It's fine so calm down a little!" (Naofumi)
  904. "Naofumi-sama! I was obstructed by Onii-sama and couldn't see you for a while, but we finally get to meet!" (Atla)
  905. "Atla!" (Fohl)
  907. Fohl approached me and seizes Atla.
  908. Any more than this and it'll get complicated.
  910. "Oh, Onii-sama? Won’t you answer to Kiel-kun's good will?" (Atla)
  911. "Wha― you're mi-mistak―!" (Fohl)
  913. Don't make such a loud disturbance in a place like this!
  914. While being wary of some of those guys' suspecting gazes, I escaped to the back of the stage.
  915. Sigh… those guys cause nothing but trouble.
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