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  1. [20:12] *[user]Segenam[/user] slides his massive tongue out and penetrates Ace's behind. He's done this before. His tongue plunged deep inside, toying at the lil' kid's prostate.
  2. [20:13] *[user]Gordhon Rilla[/user] squats in front of his son and rubs at the 6 year old's head, holding him close as the big adult croc pounded his tongue into that lil hole.
  3. [20:16] *[user]Ace Graham[/user] "Ooohhh" the boy moaned, closing his eyes and reaching to hold on his father's strong arm "he has a big tongue, daddy" gives a big, dumb smile to his father, his guts relaxing while the slimy muscle sloshes in his sloppy anal cave. With just a little effort a thick turd is pushed towards the exit, pressing back the man's tongue, cunt-slop oozes out of him and soaks the croc's neck, leaking down his chest
  4. [20:19] *[user]Segenam[/user] hungrily eats up that fat log, suckling on it as it slid down his throat. his massive dick began to rise, flopping up and hitting the kid on the head. precum began leaking out, his huge nuts sloshing around. His tongue went ever deeper into the boy's asshole, one of his free hands coming up to jerk Ace off.
  5. [20:21] *[user]Gordhon Rilla[/user] rubs over the boy's head and chuckles, kissing tween his eyes and over his muzzle. "That he does, kiddo. Daddy's gotta run off to go get some food, you think you're okay hanging out with this guy for a bit?"
  6. [20:26] *[user]Ace Graham[/user] hips rolled against the croc's head, puffy hole stretched around invading tongue, smooching down onto the man's lips and leaving a big brown imprint around them "Yeah, daddy, I'll be fine! He's gonna take good care of me, right mister?" he smiled and reached to now hold onto that huge cock, fingers wrapped under the bulbuous head with the boy slightly leaned in to make out with the drooling slit "Mmm, really big cock, mister... maybe bigger than my dad's" the kid complimented dragging his tongue around the potent smelling cockhead.
  7. [20:34] *[user]Segenam[/user] 's enormous cock jumped at the touch. The feeling of tiny hands on such a huge slab of meat drove him wild. At the touch, a fat glob of cum shot out, splattering the kid in the face. The hand he had wrapped around the little boy's cock moved in a slow rhythm, his hand starting to glow...purple. Seg was never satisfied being the only one with a huge dick.  His lips wrapped around Ace's fat asshole, sucking on it like a baby would a teat. Fuck it tasted so good.
  8. [20:42] *[user]Ace Graham[/user] Started to feel funny all over and he knew something was up, but couldn't figure out why. "Ohhhh fuck, mister" the kid gasped, dongue lashing out to catch some droplets of that potent croc spunk before smooching the slit and sucking some more on it. Warmth enveloped his entire body, the heat travelling and focusing towards his crotch. The kid's backdoor, well used and loose, sleeved out slightly into the croc's lips, churned shit-paste from the depth of his bowels came out in gushes into the man's mouth, overfilling it in seconds and leaving the child to moan out at the top of his lungs. The heat increased ten-fold, turning into a dull throbbing pain as his boyhood suddenly increased in bursts, couple inches at a time, thickening out in just mere seconds, veins bulging across the surface. It grew till the man couldn't even wrap his hand around it. "Mi-mister what did you doooo" the 6 year old cried out, legs shaking from the effort and just as he realized the size of his cock, he also realized that his pussy had grown just as obscenely, squishing down on the croc's neck and chest.
  9. [20:50] *[user]Segenam[/user] 's one hand continued to rub along the bottom of Ace's giant cock, but now he took the opportunity to shove his entire fist into the kid's dripping pussy. If there was one thing he loved more than anything else, it was gettin' little kids pregnant. Seg's cock continued to pump out cum like a hose turned on full blast. the kid was gettin' covered in it, and his face was getting covered in shitlube. It was difficult for the croc to not blow a whole load right then and there, but he could at least think far enough to know his dick had to stuff the kid's pussy till he was massively pregnant.
  10. [20:56] *[user]Ace Graham[/user] the fist got him jolted upward, puffy backdoor escaping croc's lips with a lewd, wet plop, little Ace's churned anal sludge, a mix of his shit and some old potent spunk that had been fucked deep into his guts earlier that day, all cam rushing out and splashed out on the man's face. "Mister, I CAN'T!" he tried to warn only to be abruptly stopped by another gush of that thick dick-slop. "Ohh fuck" legs shook, pussy clamped down on the man's fist and juice came gushing out from the sides, squirting over the croc's huge pecs "oohh fuuuuuck" he cried out again, melon-sized doggy pussy unable to stop from gushing those slimy kiddie juices out and drench the man beneath him.
  11. [21:00] *[user]Segenam[/user] figured now was the time for the finisher. he collected a mass of jizzshit with his free hand and stuffed it right into the kiddie's womb. both of his hands now inside that piece of fuckmeat's pussy, his own cock released his cumshot, gallons upon gallons blasting out. his hands moved back and forth, elbow deep into Ace's womb. He was basically punching the kid's hole, all while shooting his enormous load.
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