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Sad panda for sad anons

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  1. ITT, All galleries searchable and viewable.
  2. Using firefox, install "cookie manager" add-on.
  4. 1. Log into your account at e-hentai
  5. 2. Open a new tab for exhentai (If you get sad panda, thats okay)
  6. 3. Open the cookie manager (the black "CM" on your add-on bar)
  7. 4. Open your e-hentai cookies and look at the member id, should be a 6 digit number
  8. 5. open your exhentai cookies and edit the ipb_member_id to match your e-hentai member id
  9. 6. Go back to your e-hentai cookies and copy the ipb_pass_hash value to the clipboard
  10. 7. Return to your exhentai cookies and click "ADD COOKIE"
  11. 8. In the NAME field type "ipb_pass_hash" and paste the value in from your clipboard
  12. 9. Save, and close cookie manager
  13. 10. Refresh the exhentai tab. You should have full access.
  14. 11. Never ask for source, sad panda, or pining for fjords ever again.
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