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  1. Evyllin
  3. We would stay up late some nights underneath the twinkling stars
  4. She a black shadow next to me, a reflection of youthful joys and timid ignorance
  5. Bearing hair upon her shadowy form, of black yarn lain out in perfect strands
  6. We held hands; the crickets sang; her skin not soft but worn and worked.
  8. Still, the youth in her face has not faded.
  9. She is still beautiful, all of these summers past.
  10. She is my guilty pleasure, her laugh is contagious,
  11. her warm features still shadowy to my memory.
  13. She loved adventure. We would get lost in the woods of my childhood.
  14. She would bite her nails when she was nervous, and we shared my first kiss.
  15. Like sea salt and rose petals when our lips brushed.
  16. You cannot see how time has aged her.
  18. The naivety of my youth had me fall in love. The scent of citrus coerced me.
  19. It betrayed me for her understanding smile,
  20. and her stubborn refusal to let a secret go unshared between us.
  21. Her mistakes as she grew older each a pale reminder only of how truly herself she was.
  23. If I could go back to that day when I left, fifteen and in love
  24. I would fight to remain there
  25. to be with her
  26. Evyllin
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