Love Handles, chapter 4

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  1. Love Handles, Chapter 4, by Natsume Ooe Class 3-3
  2. >If you find this story being distributed, burn it, by order of the Newspaper Club.
  4. "I-I really c-couldn't!" Hanako blushed. Her mouth said no, but her body said 'More!'
  6. "Oh, what could one more hurt?" Emi's hand delicately caressed the last cold greasy pizza slice in the box as if it were the hand of a loved one.
  8. "O-okay, but just one more." Emi held out the pizza as though it were an extension of her own body with nerve endings and everything. As Hanako greedily bit into it her heart and face lit up with delight.
  10. Feeding Hanako gave her pleasure even though she couldn't tell why. If this shy once-skinny girl were a boy she'd be all over his case about dieting and exercise. But Hanako's shiny slowly growing tummy brought the athletic Emi a perverse pleasure. "You're getting love-handles, Hanachan..."
  12. "Wh-what? Oh d-dear," a deep red blush washed over her cute face as Emi lightly pinched the roll of fat she'd been so carefully growing. If it weren't for the obvious reasons, Hanako could be a school idol. "M-maybe I should start running with you in the mornings...i-if that's okay with you..."
  14. Emi shook her head, "they're called love-handles for a reason..."
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