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Citizen Z Interview

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  1. GeneralFreedom: "...are you sure there's nothing actually you know, interesting, to do?" Bom-Pom sighs as she walks into the Prodigy Center. She only looks up from her phone briefly to give the guests waiting in the lobby a look. "Quite sure. Establishing these early connections and dealing with people that can aid the team later may not be interesting. But it is essential," Tutor tells the impatient girl. "The team will have plenty of opportunities to show what it's made of." Becky just grumbles at this a bit and opens the door to the office room she usually uses for interviews and boring team management stuff...
  3. Swixer: *As Becky opens the door to the interview room, she's greeted by the unusual sight of someone already waiting for her. Looking out the window with his arms folded severely behind his back, a familiar face turns towards her with a curt nod and a polite half smile.* "Good afternoon, Rebecca."
  5.  "You have a lovely view. I'm always impressed by American architecture. Rows and rows of sleek buildings towering towards god knows where. It's almost inspiring, I think."
  7. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom starts a bit, finally breaking her gaze away from her phone! Tutor halts as well, robotic gaze fixed on the young man in the office. "Okay, first of all, what are you doing here and why wasn't I informed you were here?" She glances back at Tutor, who hesitantly responds. "...I have no records of this person and no knowledge of his presence. Explain yourself." Bom-Pom purses her lips at his reply, obviously annoyed at being caught off guard in her own office.
  9. Swixer: *He takes a seat in her chair and looks towards Tutor with a questioning expression.* "Will your drone be joining us? That's unusual."
  11. GeneralFreedom: "I'm not sure what you think is going on here, Erich, but I would suggest you get out of my chair." Becky crosses her arms as Tutor takes a step forward. "I am co-leader of this team. If you have 'business' here you will be dealing with both of us."
  13. Swixer: *He gives an amused kind of laugh at Tutor.* "Well, it takes all sorts, no?" *With that he claps his hands together, as if ready to initiate whatever he had been planning.* "Well, rest assured, I mean you no harm. You'll have to forgive my...eccentricities. I had an unusual rearing." *He gets up and offers Becky her seat.* "I just wanted to have a meeting with the esteemed leader of the..." *As he walks around the desk, he makes a gesture with his hands as if searching for the right words.* "Hottest newcomers to the world of teen superhero teams."
  15. GeneralFreedom: "I'm not certain that's entirely reassuring, but I'll let it slide for now," Becky huffs and takes her seat. Tutor smoothly moves in to take his usual place at her side. "Also I don't know if people realize this, but you can set up a regular meeting. It tends to be much less annoying." She studies Erich a moment, a small frown on her face. "...so you're interested in the team, huh? I have to say I didn't expect you'd have that kind of hobby from our meeting at school." She sounds a bit suspicious for some reason!
  17. Swixer: *He gives a quick laugh and flashes her a smile.* "Ah. Yes. I'm afraid I've not been entirely truthful with you." *He turns his hand upwards as if holding a wine glass and, in response, a holographic display opens up over it, revealing several documents on one Erich Zimmerman.* "I am not the wide-eyed German exchange student you gave a rousing tour of Belrose Academy to. I merely needed an 'in', and my actual identity tends to draw unwanted attention." *He gives a faint shrug and smiles again.* "I'm the 'save the drama for your mama' type." *He flicks his hologram towards Becky's computer and several files begin to open up on her screen providing a visual aid to the coming information.* "My real name is Erich Zestoiten, and I am the son of this world's Albert Zerstoiten." *He pauses for a moment.* "Well, actually, I'm his genetic clone, but I find that to be such an impersonal relation."
  19. GeneralFreedom: "I... see," Becky smirks and raises an eyebrow. "And who exactly are you then? Not some, world renowned mas..." She cuts off with a blink and sits back at the revelation. "I'm sorry. Did I hear that right?" Tutor stirs, gaze shifting from the screen to Erich. "That's quite a claim. And not one many people would want to make."
  21. Swixer: "I think it should be apparent to you that I am not many people, Rebecca." *He paces a bit before continuing.* "A few years ago, when I was a boy of 13 bent on childish dreams of world domination, I went by the name 'Dr. Devastator'." *He gives a slightly embarrassed bow of his head.* "I was a pest, like most kinder, but I was endowed with a super-genius intellect and bigger than average toys."
  22. "Beneath the talk, however, I was just a misguided child who had been alone in the world since his birth. So, I deviated from the course intended for me. I joined a quaint little group of teenaged heroes calling themselves the 'New Vigil'. You may have heard of them?"
  24. GeneralFreedom: Becky lets out a breath and nods. "...yeah. We have a few former members and their former leader came to speak with us recently," she glances back at Tutor, but it's impossible to read his body language. Stupid robot. "Let me guess, you're in the market for a new group now."
  26. Swixer: *He folds his arms beneath his back and gives her a smirk.* "Yes. When New Vigil disbanded, I was more alone than I had been entering into the group. My mother was dead, the cult that she had formed around me lost to the shadows. All I had was my technology and my intellect. And so, I went in search of my heritage -- the one thing that gave me identity. When I could not find it on this Earth..." *He looks out of the window once again.* "I sought it on -other- Earths. Alternate. Parallel. I managed to galvanise some mystical artifacts to fuel my technological aspirations." *He looks down at his feet in what appears to be shame before continuing.* "And in investigating these Earths, I found myself. Although, not in the way I expected I would...I found out a dark truth: A truth that spurred me to return to this Earth and change my ways." *He looks up again with a solemn expression.* "And that is why I'm here."
  28. GeneralFreedom: Becky gives him a somewhat disbelieving look. "Well. A lot of people go on long trips to 'find themselves'. Going to other dimensions is a bit much though." She taps her fingers on the desk, her disbelief giving way to curiosity. "What you learned... is it something you'd rather keep private? It must have been something quite exceptional to make you come back and decide to turn things around."
  30. Swixer: "Let's just say it was a wake-up call." *His next words are said with a tone of bitterness.* "There is no purpose in world domination or the never-ending equation of villainy. The only purpose in this world is in protecting it from all the forces that set out to destroy it." *He brightens up again.* "And so, I would like to offer you my unique intellect and talents in helping to do that."
  31. "I assure you, they're beyond compare."
  33. GeneralFreedom: She takes a deep breath and gives him an appraising look. "...it's not every day the heroic son of the world's greatest supervillain offers to join your team," she pauses to consider it a moment then nods. "I guess if you're dedicated to protecting the world and have so much to offer, I would be crazy to turn you down. Tutor?" The android gives a slow nod of his own. "Your name still carries a lot of negativity around this city. Hopefully you'll be able to repair some of that damage." He takes a Gen Prime card from a slot in his arm and hands it to Becky, who slides it across the table.
  35. Swixer: *He picks up the card and somewhat derisively looks it over.* "You have cards?"
  37. GeneralFreedom: "What did New Vigil have?" Becky grins. "It's got our contact information and can be registered to give you access to whatever you'd need at the base. And I personally think they look nice."
  39. Swixer: "New Vigil had a catastrophically untrustworthy alien sharing the body of a catastrophically obnoxious teenage girl at its helm." *He pockets the card.* "I'm pleased to see that's not the case here."
  40. "No doubt my teammates will need to be eased into trusting me, and I imagine some of their mistrust will be passed through me to you."
  41. "The Zerstoiten name, as you say, is rather...infamous."
  43. GeneralFreedom: "Tsk. I'm sure they'll get over it," Becky says dismissively. "I'm sure most of them will be level headed enough to give you a chance!" Tutor nods in agreement. "...I'll do my best to smooth over any misgivings."
  45. Swixer: "Then I'll get settled in immediately. Obviously, I'll have to make some adjustments to my quarters..." *He begins tapping away at his holographic display.* "I'm surprised I didn't have to deploy my mind-controlling ray on you."
  46. "...A joke."
  48. GeneralFreedom: "Maybe work on your sense of humor while you're here too," Becky says, giving him a dangerous look. "Ah, please submit any major changes to me before doing anything too extreme," Tutor speaks up. "They're made to be changed, but I like to be kept updated."
  50. Swixer: "Yes, yes. I'll be sure to upload them directly to your internal memory."
  52. GeneralFreedom: "I would prefer them to be sent to the appropriate database, if you would," Tutor says firmly. "Any other questions before you get that taken care of," Becky asks, slightly amused at Tutor's annoyance
  54. Swixer: "Yes, actually. You said there were members of New Vigil present on your team's roster. Which?"
  56. GeneralFreedom: "Cobalt Crush, Stegoboy and... Bolide," Becky says after a quick scroll through her phone. "Do you know them?"
  58. Swixer: "To an extent." *He gives another smile.* "It's always good to know what you're working with." *With that he turns to leave.* "I'll be in touch, Rebecca. Thank you for giving me the chance to do the right thing."
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