Breakfast - Just a party

Mar 11th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light... and you have a severe headache.
  2. >You really didn't think Hexferry had it in her, but she's throwing a giant house party.
  3. >It started in the afternoon.
  4. >It's now past midnight.
  5. >You've been trying to get to sleep for a few hours now, but the party is too loud to handle.
  6. >You even tried sleeping in different ways, like with ear plugs in or moving to a different room.
  7. >You're surprised they haven't received any complaints yet...
  8. >... Well, you're just wasting your time trying to sleep now.
  9. >You take your head out of the sink and position yourself on a safe part of the counter so you can properly get down.
  10. >... That was your last resort way of getting to sleep.
  11. >Needless to say, it didn't work either.
  12. >You gently float down from the counter and land gracefully on your hooves.
  13. >You're up but you don't know what to do.
  14. >...
  15. >Your house is already the cleanest thing in the village, so you don't need to clean more; you've already drawn three things in the past twenty-four hours, so you don't feel like drawing; and you generally aren't hungry until breakfast, no matter how long you stay up after dinner.
  16. >...
  17. >You have nothing to do.
  18. >Through all of the music and clutter of voices next door, you can hear the sound of something breaking.
  19. >... Glass, most likely. Maybe a vase.
  20. >It sounded a lot like a vase breaking.
  21. >Because you have nothing better to do, you peer into Hexferry's back yard through one of your beautiful windows.
  22. >Sure enough, Hexferry is shooing a few moths away from a broken vase.
  23. >Despite being midnight, she is illuminated quite well.
  24. >... Most of that is from her house.
  25. >It glows more than the sun does in a desert.
  26. >You can't even look directly at it.
  27. >Back to Hexferry, she looks... well, tired.
  28. >And annoyed.
  29. >Very annoyed.
  30. >It's her own fault, holding a party of this caliber.
  31. >... You now realize you don't know what the party is for.
  33. >It's not a holiday, so it's likely a "party because we can" party.
  34. >Unless she's celebrating a birthday.
  35. >... Well, it isn't Hexferry's birthday, you're certain of that.
  36. >She wouldn't invite nearly this many moths to her birthday party.
  37. >... Come to think of it, who all is there?
  38. >You know you saw the peach one, the yellow one and a few of the stallions being shooed away a few moments ago.
  39. >That was just the tiny bit of her back yard you can see from this angle.
  40. >How many moths are there?
  41. >... Did she invite the whole town? That's the only way it could go unreported.
  42. >If that's the case, you're the only one who won't show up, though you weren't invited so that's only natural.
  43. >Hexferry is finally done picking up all of the glass from the vase and has thrown away the flowers it once contained.
  44. >Good, those flowers were horrendous anyway.
  45. >She moves to the side of the house, the one between your house and hers, to a place where she can't be seen from the back yard and she isn't in sight of any of her windows.
  46. >But she's completely visible to you.
  47. >She collapses to the ground.
  48. >Her hooves go over her ears, likely to silence the deafening music.
  49. >It won't do any good.
  50. >You tried.
  51. >You're trying right now.
  52. >The music barely even got quieter.
  53. >Her body quivers a bit, as though she is sobbing.
  54. >You can't tell if she's crying, she put her face in the dirt when she put her hooves to her ears.
  55. >You try to listen closer, to eavesdrop anything she may potentially say but to no avail.
  56. >For a moment, you forgot there was music threatening to ruin your ability to hear forever.
  57. >After a few minutes of laying there, Hexferry eventually gets up.
  58. >You notice her face is coated in tears. She was crying. Her expression is one of brokenness.
  59. >She's enjoying the party as much as you are.
  60. >Good.
  61. >Now if only everyone else was having a horrible time, everything would be close to perfect.
  62. >Then if the party ended, everything would be completely perfect
  64. >You move away from the window.
  65. >You don't really care about anything else Hexferry is going to do, and you don't want to be seen.
  66. >Another sound of breaking is made. This one sounded more like... a window.
  67. >Not one of yours, thankfully. It sounded like it came from Hexferry's house.
  68. >No surprise there.
  69. >... You hear some yelling.
  70. >Not yelling of anger, just yelling to be heard over the music.
  71. >You make your way to another window, a different vantage point.
  72. >You're now able to see Hexferry from the side.
  73. >... You decide to stay behind the wall. This window is too... easy to see.
  74. >You'd be spotted in an instant.
  75. >On the bright side, you can hear them more clearly.
  76. >"Them" being a moth you can't recognize by voice. There was a figure in a broken window still talking to Hexferry, but you didn't see who it was.
  77. >Hexferry hardly even moved.
  78. >"You sure?"
  79. >"Yeah, it's... fine."
  80. >The second voice was hers. It was too sad to be anyone else's.
  81. >You hear nothing else from either of them.
  82. >... Well, you've given more attention to this atrocity than you should've.
  83. >Maybe one of the closets can keep enough sound out for you to be able to sleep.
  84. >You almost turn away when you notice a pair of eyes looking directly at you.
  85. >Hexferry.
  86. >She looks away after only a moment.
  87. >She must have moved just to be able to see you.
  88. >... Did she see you? The only light in your house is coming from hers and you're not in its direct light.
  89. >Either way, you aren't putting up with this anymore.
  90. >You're going to stuff your bedroom closet so full of blankets, you'll hardly be able to move.
  91. >At least you'll probably have enough sound resistance to sleep.
  92. >...
  93. >The party eventually died down and the guests left. In the morning, Hexferry had quite the mess to clean up.
  94. >Her house looked horrid, especially next to your masterpiece.
  95. >She spent all day cleaning.
  96. >She won't think of having that horrible idea again soon.
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