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Late Night Lovin'

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  1. >As you lounge in the VIP section of your favorite club, you take a long sip of your drink and sigh in contentment.
  2. >Cigar smoke wafts through the establishment, drifting up from the mouths of your fellow regulars. It lends the place a strange air of class… for a strip joint.
  3. >A lithe, scantily-clad bunny girl is on stage now, flowing to the music like living water, teasing every man in the building by threatening to flash a nipple, or even a glance at her slit. The rabbit’s ears twitch wildly as she performs with a mischievous grin on her face.
  4. >She glances your way and winks, cupping her modest chest.
  5. >You nod in acknowledgment and return to nursing your drink. She's nice, but not the one you're here for.
  6. >No, you'll wait for THAT act. She usually prefers to wait until happy hour starts.
  7. >The bartender, a white dog in a bunny girl outfit, looks your way, noticing your empty glass.
  8. >”Need another, buddy?”
  9. >”Nah, I think I'm good for the night. Appreciate it, though. Don't lemme forget your tip before I go, Louise.”
  10. >”You know I won't, Tom.”
  11. >She winks and chuckles, then goes back to serving the other regulars.
  12. >The way that gal mixes drinks is heavenly. It's just what you need to celebrate finally being back in town after so long… You're glad the club could keep her on as a bartender.
  13. >As the bunny on-stage finishes her routine, she bends over and blows a kiss to the audience.
  14. >A few guys cheer, and more than a handful of bills are tossed onto the stage.
  15. >Judy makes a show of bending over to pick up the money thrown her way as she exits via the curtains behind her.
  16. >A smooth, low voice comes over the hidden speakers.
  17. >"Alright, ladies and gentlemen. It's a special night, and that calls for a special celebration… And who else knows how to celebrate like our very own… Satin!"
  18. [https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZcThrAU9yLk]
  19. >Smooth jazz seeps into the room as a soft spotlight focuses on the curtains at the stage entrance.
  20. >After a few seconds of music, an angel steps out and flashes a wide smile. Her bright white teeth sparkle like jewels.
  21. >Her fur is graying in a couple spots, and the hair on her head is a shiny silver. You know for a fact she's easily twenty, thirty years older than the next oldest dancer.
  22. >But, with age comes grace, and this woman knows exactly how to show that elegance.
  23. >The cheetah anthro struts forward and lets the club drink her image in.
  24. >Her outfit isn't as revealing as the previous dancer, but is still plenty to get the crowd cheering for her.
  25. >The loose fit doesn't help restrain her at all. You can tell there isn't anything underneath that baby blue dress but her silky smooth fur.
  26. >Her decently-sized bust and thick thighs are just teased enough by her outfit without outright flashing anybody.
  27. >Even though her age is apparent to even the newest of patrons, Satin remains a fan favorite… especially to you.
  28. >The cheetah glances your way, her smile widening a bit as she teasingly flicks her tail in your direction.
  29. >After a few minutes of dancing, the song comes to a close. But before the feline leaves the stage, she points directly to you and kicks out a footpaw, sending a high-heel your way.
  30. >With a practiced motion, you grab the shoe out of the air. The newer patrons applaud you and Satin as piles and rolls of bills are deposited onto the stage.
  31. >She blows a kiss to the audience before gathering up every bill, then gestures at you once again. This time, she mimes throwing a rope around you and reeling you in, making a show of it.
  32. >As you slowly rise from your seat and head backstage, you grin at the envious looks and jealous mutters of your fellow patrons.
  33. >The call girls walking around give you a knowing smirk as you walk through a doorway labeled "VIP/EMPLOYEES ONLY".
  34. >The bunny dancer from earlier sits in a chair, her top completely gone as she talks to another employee. She glances your way and motions for you to keep going, farther back into the recesses of the club.
  35. >As you round a corner, you come to the Presidential Suite. The door is open and you see "Satin" sitting in the middle of the large room.
  36. >You close the door and finally hear her honeyed voice for the first time...
  37. >"Hey there, handsome. Long time no see.”
  38. >You smile warmly.
  39. >”Hey, Scarlet. Good to be back home again.”
  40. >For the past… damn, you don't even remember how long it's been, really. A whole year?
  41. >Either way, you've been dating Scarlet for quite some time now.
  42. >It started off one lonely night with you becoming a regular who usually closed the place down; after the two of you began speaking somewhat regularly, things quickly bloomed into a proper relationship.
  43. >First you learned the schedule. Then her favorite drink. Then you asked her out to a true date.
  44. >You still remember it as if it was yesterday…
  45. >"Don't you think I'm a little old for you, handsome?"
  46. >The way her eyes lit up when you said no drove you wild.
  47. >You learned that she was a classic "rags-to-riches" story.
  48. >Or really in this case: a dancer-turned-owner.
  49. >But that didn't stop her from getting on the stage again every once in a while. Even if she was the manager of the place.
  50. >Your reminiscing is cut short when you feel her handpaw gently tugging her shoe from your hand.
  51. >"I doubt you're going to need that. Unless you're really, really into feet now."
  52. >You chuckle and let her have the blue shoe back.
  53. >"Life underway is one thing, babe. But I haven't been getting off to your paws while overseas."
  54. >Scarlet lets out a little laugh as well.
  55. >”Well then, I guess I'll have to convince you that I'm still sexy otherwise.”
  56. >With a fluid motion, your older girlfriend sheds her dress, with the blue garment pooling around her feet.
  57. >You silently walk up to her and kiss at her neck.
  58. >"You NEVER need to convince me of anything, Scarlet. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and I love you so very much."
  59. >She blushes a little, her seductive grin becoming a more genuine, almost bashful smile.
  60. >”I can see that even spending time abroad hasn't dulled your silver tongue.”
  61. >You hug her tight as your lips graze hers.
  62. >"Come on, baby. Your satin-smooth fur keeps me sharp and ready."
  63. >You nip at her collarbone and feel a deep purr rumble within her gifted chest.
  64. >"You're so beautiful…"
  65. >You let out a huff as a paw gently grabs the tent being pitched in your slacks.  
  66. >"Then show me, Tom. Show me how much you love me."
  67. >You quickly strip off your shirt, slacks, and tie. The both of you take each other's nude forms in.
  68. >Just like any other cheetah anthro, she's entirely covered in black spots, though age has rendered some of them grey. Her silver hair is let down and flows loosely just past her elbows. A particularly floofy gray patch of pubic fur graces your eyes just above her slit.
  69. >Her thighs quiver with anticipation and her breasts move a little bit with each breath she takes.
  70. >As she lays down on a few overstuffed pillows she asks one question:
  71. >"Well. What are you waiting for, sweetie?"
  72. >With a renewed vigor you line yourself up with your lover and slowly enter her. You both gasp and revel in the moment as you're constricted by her wet heat. You lock lips with your lover as you lose yourselves in the pleasure.
  73. >Tonight is about taking things slow; you take your time to feel every inch of her, both inside and out.
  74. >Her pussy milks you relentlessly as you slowly pump into her.
  75. >"I've been waiting for you… For so long. Getting to see you again is so wonderful."
  76. >You feel her soft padded hands roam your body.
  77. >You hear her sniffle.
  78. >"It's been too long."
  79. >You pepper the cheetah's neck with kisses and continue to make love with her.
  80. >A sheen layer of sweat glistens on your skin and your hear Scarlet chirp and pant.
  81. >The pink light washes over the room and glistens in your lover's eyes.
  82. >The soft pillows feel heavenly as you continue  to slowly press yourself into her.
  83. >Your girlfriend's breasts bounce somewhat as each pump pushes against her plump ass. Soft gasps and moans match each time you bottom out inside her.
  84. >You know you aren't going to last long. But that's not the point.
  85. >You continue to grind yourself against your older lover as you feel the end approach.
  86. >S-Scarlett… I'm going t-ugh."
  87. >The MILF cheetah wraps her thick legs around you and holds you tight against her.
  88. >"It's okay babe. Fill me up…"
  89. >With one last grunt, you thrust harshly against Scarlett and release your essence as deep as you can. Her tight insides begging for every single drop.
  90. >As you catch your breath, you roll on your side, but keep yourself inside your girlfriend. She continues to coo as you pump weakly against her, making sure that you give her everything available.
  91. >Your eyelids feel heavy as you doze off, wrapped around your thicc cheetah.
  92. >You're not sure how long it was, but the place must have closed for the morning while you both were out.
  93. >There isn't any music coming from the overhead speakers and all the lights are off.
  94. >As you begin to stir, you feel Scarlet's hands wrap around you.
  95. >"J-just five more minutes, Tommy…"
  96. >You look over at the door and see a note taped up.
  98. >You let out a long breath and listen to Scarlet purr as you press yourself against her for maximum cuddles.
  99. >"Yea, sure babe. Five more minutes."
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