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  13. Archives: January 2002
  15. Thursday, January 31, 2002
  17. massage
  19. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:18 PM ET [Link]
  21. Christian should be finished TSRD by now. I called up to the studio and spoke to Jag a few hours ago. He said they were almost done.
  23. I guess they got off to a bit of a late start today. It took them over two hours to get to the studio this morning with all the snow on the roads. I had originally planned to stop by later tonight but I’m going to go in for a few hours tomorrow morning instead and cut some more guides.
  25. Adrian is teching for us on this album. He’s been out with us several times in the past and also came with us on the European tour. His skill as a personal trainer has definitely come in handy with the drum tracks. He’s been helping Chris with proper stretching and massage, keeping him loose and limber for the long and arduous days of drumming.
  27. I spent the day catching up on some laundry (yes, very exciting, I know), working out some ideas for my parts and trying to organize all the pictures from preproduction. Some of you noticed multiple postings of the same picture a few days ago. There’s a glitch in the software that causes it to happen sometimes when you upload files. Mike’s looking into it.
  29. In the afternoon I stopped by our office to take care of a few things. On the way home I stopped to get a coffee at Starbucks. I spoke briefly to the woman in line next me and I thought she looked very familiar. It wasn’t until the girl behind the counter told me who it was when I realized that I had been talking to Rene Zellweger. Anyway, she was very sweet and unassuming. No movie star attitude there at all.
  31. Posted by Bruce @ 11:15 PM ET [Link]
  33. Happy Birthday Mike!
  37. Posted by Bruce @ 07:23 PM ET [Link]
  39. bru.side
  41. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:59 AM ET [Link]
  43. rock
  45. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:54 AM ET [Link]
  47. preprobr.05
  49. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:41 AM ET [Link]
  51. preprochris.side.16
  53. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:32 AM ET [Link]
  55. OK, I’m back now. Sorry about the delay.
  57. Speaking of delays. Things got off to a very slow start on Monday. The tape machine in the studio broke down so unfortunately Chris had to sit around for most of the day waiting until it was fixed. Even though we are going mostly digital for this album you still can’t beat the beauty of analog recording for drums. The studio managed to get a replacement machine in by the evening but by that time all the guys could really do was work on getting drum sounds.
  59. No matter though, on Tuesday Christian burned though both Butterfly’s Revenge and Baritones of Home. Brian and I drove up in the afternoon to see how Chris was doing and by that time he had already finished Butterfly. I think he would have even been able to start a third song that day had there not been a few more technical glitches to contend with that took the momentum out of the day.
  61. I took some more pictures with the digital camera (I’m downloading them as we a type this) and did a bit of filming while I was there. Knowing that we’d need to record some more guide tracks for the next songs Christian wanted to tackle, I had to stick around until the end of the night. Unfortunately things ran later than we thought and by 1:30 in the morning we still hadn’t been able to cut the guides.
  63. Jag gave me a ride up to the studio this morning (or I guess it’s yesterday morning by now) and after the technician had finished realigning the original tape machine (David wanted the one that had broke back in the studio because it sounded better) we cut guides for Brianburst and Shot Song. (Man, I can already tell Shot Song’s going to rock live!)
  65. In his continuing savage-like fashion, Christian plowed through both songs in no time at all. (And kicked ass too, if you don’t mind me saying!) I spent most of the afternoon honing my photographic and film making skills to an even greater precision and of course practicing my bass. (We’ll try and get some video clips up on the site soon.) Christian finished both songs by the evening so after waiting for the files to be backed up and the transfers to be done, Jag and I cut the guides for TSRD. Christian’s going to tackle that one tomorrow. (Or is it today?)
  67. Posted by Bruce @ 01:26 AM ET [Link]
  69. Wednesday, January 30, 2002
  71. Hey kids,
  73. Just got back from the studio and it's pretty late. Gotta start again early tomorrow. Is it okay if I fill you in later? Good, see you tomorrow then. I'm gonna try and get some sleep.
  75. Posted by Bruce @ 01:58 AM ET [Link]
  77. Tuesday, January 29, 2002
  79. chris.onkit
  81. Posted by The_Mothers @ 12:11 AM ET [Link]
  83. Monday, January 28, 2002
  85. Man, what’s going on this crazy weather? I don’t know what it’s like where you guys are but here in Toronto it feels like spring! The past two days have been beautiful. I wish I could just relax and enjoy it but I can’t help but think of the greater implications of why we’re having such abnormal weather conditions.
  87. Yesterday was just a moving day. We’re recording drums in a different studio over the next week or two before we move back into our own. We packed up all the gear yesterday morning and dropped it off in the afternoon so that everything would be ready for Christian, Jag and David to get things going this morning.
  89. Brian’s going to give me a call a little later so that we can head up to the studio together and see how the boys are doing.
  91. Posted by Bruce @ 06:51 PM ET [Link]
  93. Sunday, January 27, 2002
  95. jag,david&mrs.miller
  97. Posted by The_Mothers @ 02:03 AM ET [Link]
  99. christian.23
  101. Posted by The_Mothers @ 02:02 AM ET [Link]
  103. bruce.02
  105. Posted by The_Mothers @ 02:00 AM ET [Link]
  107. Man, it was a long day today. I just got home half an hour ago. We started at about noon today and ran through all the songs, checking parts, tempos and arrangemnts, making any last minute changes we thought we’re essential for the album. We still have a couple of other songs that we didn’t totally focus on during preproduction that I haven’t mentioned yet, but we might still record them.
  109. We finished running the songs at about eight o’clock but we still had to record some guide tracks. David and I went out for some dinner and when we got back Jag and I cut guides for Baritones and Butterfly’s Revenge. Guide tracks are just a rough outline of the song that we use throughout the recording. They are later replaced with the actual recorded tracks.
  111. It feels good even though we’re just cutting the guides. Because I know it’s one more step towards finishing the album.
  113. I should get some sleep now. I have to get to the studio in the morning to help pack up and move the gear. Jag will probably be getting up in a few hours!
  115. Posted by Bruce @ 01:58 AM ET [Link]
  117. Saturday, January 26, 2002
  121. Posted by Bruce @ 12:31 PM ET [Link]
  123. Friday, January 25, 2002
  125. OK, sorry about that. Eddie Shore is the name of the song I couldn’t remember yesterday. Sometimes we even go through several different working titles for a song before we settle on one. I couldn’t recall which one we had agreed on. We worked on it a little more today, mostly on the choruses. Jag had a few ideas that he wanted to try but he’s going to sit with it for a while on his own and work some stuff out. In fact, that’s probably what he’s doing right now!
  127. We also did a bit more work on TSRD, ASF and New Creepy. Tomorrow will be a full day. We’ll be reviewing all the songs and recording ghost tracks for Christian to record to on Monday. We’ll be spending most of Sunday packing up all of the gear so tomorrow is effectively our last day of preproduction. I think we can do it though. We’ve been drawing on Mrs. Miller for inspiration.
  129. Posted by Bruce @ 11:40 PM ET [Link]
  131. briantat.1
  133. Brian got some more work done last week from the good people at Tora Tattoo. In case you missed it, here are a few pictures to help you share in the experience.
  135. Posted by The_Mothers @ 09:57 AM ET [Link]
  137. Thursday, January 24, 2002
  139. jag&david.1
  141. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:16 PM ET [Link]
  143. Damn, I wish I could remember the working title of the song we were working on today! I’ll have to get back to you on that one. It’s one that came up in the last little stretch of songwriting. We put the finishing touches on it today.
  145. We also did some more work on TSRD, trying a few things out in the middle section and checking tempos and feels for the different parts. We also ran through New Creepy to double check a few things.
  147. David showed up a little later in the afternoon. His flight back arrived this morning. We sat around and shot the breeze with him for a while and then got back to work.
  149. It’s hard to believe we only have a few more days of preproduction before we start cutting drums on Monday!
  151. Posted by Bruce @ 11:08 PM ET [Link]
  153. Wednesday, January 23, 2002
  155. David wasn’t here today. He had to fly down to the states for the mastering of his last project. He’ll be back tomorrow though. We worked a little more on TSRD, getting it even closer to that sweet spot. Then we took a break and afterwards ran through a bunch of different songs, double checking the arrangements and tempos.
  157. BTW, sorry to disappoint you guys but Brian shaved his beard off last weekend!
  159. Posted by Bruce @ 10:52 PM ET [Link]
  161. Yeah, OK... I know it’s already Wednesday morning. Didn’t get a chance to make the entry last night.
  163. We spent the first part of the day working on New Creepy. Not much was done to the arrangement. We more worked on the the presentation of the song - the tones, the sounds and how to convey what we intended the song to be through our playing.
  165. We also tried a few different things with Sayadasou, which Jag and David had been talking about earlier in the day. It feels much better now with the new direction we tried.
  167. Remember guys, these are just the working titles for the songs. We always come up with names for them as they’re being written so we can refer to them by name. Pay close attention though... once the album is out we’ll be seeing who can match up the working titles to the real song names. There might be a little something special in it for you!
  169. Posted by Bruce @ 09:46 AM ET [Link]
  171. Monday, January 21, 2002
  173. Monday, Jan 21
  175. Did some more work today on TSRD. Plenty of work do to in that one. It’s a little more on the “epic” side than some of the others. As I said it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to get it to the place we want but it’ll be well worth it.
  177. Okay, now I’m gonna get back to work and do a little more prep for tomorrow before I head off to bed. Later.
  179. Posted by Bruce @ 11:56 PM ET [Link]
  181. Sunday, January 20, 2002
  183. We were only in the studio together for about three or four hours this afternoon. Took some time and went over some of the songs we had worked on this past week. Focused mainly on AFS, Brianburst and Butterfly’s Revenge.
  185. I have to say, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. We’ve been working so closely with these songs for so long now but hearing how they sound when they’re coming together like this is really exciting.
  187. David wasn’t in today. He took the day to see some family. He’s been living in London (England) for the past fifteen years but he’s originally from around here. I met him for dinner a few hours ago. We grabbed some sushi. Gotta love that raw fish.
  189. Posted by Bruce @ 10:46 PM ET [Link]
  191. Saturday, January 19, 2002
  193. Yes, it was indeed Butterfly’s Revenge day at the studio today. By that, of course, I mean that Butterfly was the song we worked on. I think that so far it’s the most we’ve altered (for the better, of course!) any of the songs since we’ve been working with David. He had quite a few ideas he wanted us to try, many of which we agreed improved the song and a few others we didn’t end up using.
  195. It’s sounding really together now. I think it’s an important song on the record because it has so many unique qualities that set it apart from the others. We all agree that it has a beautiful chorus and we wanted to make sure it speaks within the song as much as possible.
  197. I was a little late getting into the studio today. Had some personal family matters to attend to. Things took a little longer than I had thought they would so unfortunately I had to keep the guys waiting for over an hour.
  199. Still have some more stuff to work on tonight but I might just start a bit earlier on my own tomorrow.
  201. Posted by Bruce @ 10:48 PM ET [Link]
  203. imestudio.brian&chris17
  205. Posted by Bruce @ 01:20 AM ET [Link]
  207. Friday, January 18, 2002
  209. Friday, Jan 18
  211. Today was a bit of a shorter day for us .... at least the time that we spent working together anyway.
  213. I teach bass on Fridays so I had to take off a little early. We talked about me putting the teaching on hold for a few weeks but everyone has enough to do on their own in addition to the time we spend together. So something will always get done. I’m sure they didn’t miss me that much!
  215. As usual, everyone was already at the studio by the time I arrived. (Hmm, that kind of makes me sound like a bit of a slouch, doesn’t it? But like I said before, I do have the luxury of working at home!) Since we only had a few of hours together today we only worked on one song, Brianburst. Jag and David had already disccused a few options of things we could try in the song so we took about half an hour to discuss them. When we actually got down to playing it we discovered a few more things we could change for the better. I think we were all quite pleased with the result but because we didn’t a whole lot of time there’s probably a bit more work to be done. Mostly getting comfortable with different feels for the adjusted sections.
  217. I think tomorrow we’re going to take a stab at Butterfly’s Revenge.
  219. Posted by Bruce @ 10:36 PM ET [Link]
  221. Tuesday, Jan 15
  223. David arrived today ... Yeah! There was a positive mood surrounding the five lads (Mothers + Dave) as we discussed the task at hand. Okay, I’ll stop writing like that.
  225. I’m so stoked, my face hurts from smiling!
  227. A fairly loose day by our standards, but fun and long overdue. We’ll talk tomorrow.
  229. Wednesday, Jan 16
  231. I got to the studio at 9:00 AM, sang on my own for a while, warming up (blowing the boogies out, as Jag likes to call it!) and getting ready for a long day of singing.
  233. We started rehearsing around 12:30, diving in head first to all our tunes.
  235. Although these days are long, they’re so fun right now. I think waiting in anticipation for three years can make a kick in the nuts fun. Honestly though it’s so good to play these new tunes knowing we’re almost there.
  237. David is also an incredible sight for sore eyes. He’s a great guy with lots of ideas. It’s nice to see him and Jag vibe so well together .... I’m jealous!
  239. Thursday, Jan 17
  241. This beard has to go! I grew it as a “playoffs beard” but now it’s just a dumb-ass beard.
  243. Anyway, the music is feeling great. Each day it comes further and each day I get stronger. That sounded very Swiss Family Robinson, ie. In the year of our Lord, so on and so forth.
  245. It’s going good - how about that! Running over the same ground can be tiring, but at this stage it’s got everyone smiling and excited.
  247. My new favourite Beverage (next to beer, wine, vodka and rye) is ginger peach tea - yum!
  249. I’ve been running like a savage and doing lots of climbing. Thought maybe this time around I could go shirtless but you just can’t trick genetic code. Who am I kidding, with enough cards stacked properly you can trick anything or anyone.
  251. Well, not much to report on the tunes. We’re moving along and all is cool. I’ll try my hardest to remember or create a funny anecdote for my Friday entry.
  253. Bugs & Fishes - Bri
  255. P.S. Nfld is still the coolest
  257. Posted by Brian @ 10:21 PM ET [Link]
  259. Thursday, January 17, 2002
  261. 01.17.02.chris
  263. Posted by Bruce @ 11:59 PM ET [Link]
  265. Our daily schedule seems to be unfolding more or less like this. Brian shows up early in the morning, after going to the gym, to work on his vocal parts on his own. Later in the morning Christian shows up to do the same thing for his drum parts. We have another little room adjacent to the studio that Brian and Chris use to practice in so that Jag and David can work in the studio at the same time without being disturbed. They’ll usually do a bit of work on some of the arrangements late in the morning or be working on some of the technical aspects of the recording. I’m sure Jag will be able to fill you in on more detail about this later. I have the luxury of being able to work on my own parts at home before I show up around noon or one o’clock.
  267. Today we got right into Shot Song. We fine tuned most of the sections and made a few changes to one part in particular. After working on that for a few hours we took a short break and then started to pick apart Baritones. That kept us there until early evening.
  269. Christian probably has the most physically demanding role in preproduction. Just the fact that he’s playing drums for seven or eight hours a day must be quite a task. Makes me glad I chose the bass!
  271. Posted by Bruce @ 11:41 PM ET [Link]
  273. Sorry... didn’t get a chance to make it to the computer last night. After arriving at the studio yesterday I found out that David had been there until 1:30 Am cabling all the studio gear together with Jag. Hmmm... think I should have stayed behind to help them?
  275. Yesterday our focus was primarily on AFS*. Jag and David had already been discussing some arrangement ideas earlier in the day. When we were all together we listened to the demo some more and talked through some of the ideas. We then spent most of the afternoon working the different parts, changing a few of them for the better and fine tuning the rest to make them as good as they can possibly be.
  277. We also took a bit of time to work on sections of TSRD*. There are some particularly challenging sections in there for Christian and I, so it might take a bit of time to get things exactly where we want them for the record.
  279. * - working titles
  281. Posted by Bruce @ 12:52 PM ET [Link]
  283. Tuesday, January 15, 2002
  285. It's great to see David again. I mean, we have seen him a couple of times last year in our first meetings about the project but it's good to actually work with him again. We spent the day listening to all the songs and then we jammed on Juicy for a bit. David had brought much of his own personal studio gear with him so we took the rest of the day to unpack and set it up with our own studio.
  287. Posted by Bruce @ 11:02 PM ET [Link]
  289. Monday, January 14, 2002
  291. Hello People Of Earth!!! The time has finally arrived! After many long days and nights, nervous breakdowns, boxing matches, hockey injuries, hangovers and questionable hairdos, we're makin' a record. We are currently in pre-production with producer...... wait for it...... David Bottrill. David mixed Blue Green Orange for us last time around and we thought working with him on the whole project this time would be pretty cool as we are all generally the same kind of asshole, which is a good thing
  292. when you're cooped up for a long time with someone. He's produced some of our favourite bands in recent years including Tool, Peter Gabriel and King Crimson. Kid Rock and Silverchair are also acts he's worked with recently. Aside from all the name dropping he does, we like him because he's
  293. so neat, clean and slight of frame!
  295. We're gonna keep you up to date as much as possible the rest of the way so keep droppin' in on us to stay informed. If you happen to see any pictures of us, don't mind the listless,exasperated looks on our faces, it's been a long haul but we're alright. Goodnight.
  297. The Mothers
  299. Posted by Christian @ 10:55 PM ET [Link]
  301. Hey everyone,
  303. Just a reminder that it's Brian's birthday this week. If anyone wants to wish him well you can send him an email at!
  305. Posted by Bruce @ 10:49 PM ET [Link]
  307. Tuesday, January 1, 2002
  309. Greetings people of Earth! We just wanted to give you all a holiday hello and wish you much happiness, sex and good dreams in the new year. 2002 is shaping up to be quite busy and excellent for us. You may think we’ve slowed down, disappeared, or lost our minds (well maybe just Bruce) in these months leading up to the recording and release of the new and untitled-only-because-we-dont-want-you-to-know-what-it-is-yet-but-we-do-album. But we’ve been working like crazy and there really has’nt been much inthe way of news or excitement to report recently. This is all about to change.
  311. In early January we’ll have a few announcements to make followed by a fairly detailed account of what we’re up to in the studio on a day to day basis it will be just like you’re there! The confusion! The arguements! The bad humor! The bad coffee! The blood!The threats! The ass sweat! Can you smell it?!!! Anyway, we’ll keep you up to date on the whole thing.
  313. So while all of our contemporaries are falling by the way-side or worse, putting out shitty music, remember that this is the year of the Mother! So again, Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support and patience, we won’t let you down. Sleep now, we’ll talk later.
  315. GO EELS!!!!!!!
  317. Posted by Christian @ 11:44 PM ET [Link]
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  337. Archives: February 2002
  339. Tuesday, February 26, 2002
  341. Well hey there!
  343. My apologies for not keeping you guys in the loop better these past few days but what I can say? I have been a little busy.... y’know, making an album!
  345. We started up bass again on Thursday and got right into AFS. It’s one of those songs that initially seems straight up but is really more complex than you would think. I struggled a bit in the verses to get them to sit just right with the drums. It’s the kind of part that’s much more about feel than chops.
  347. We finished up at about five which was perfect because Allan (from Universal) stopped with our manager to hang out and see how we were doing. We played him some of the bed tracks and he got pretty excited about what we’ve done so far. I have to admit it was pretty awesome just to sit back and hear some of the half completed songs. Even with just the guide guitars some of this stuff is pretty intense!
  349. David had to take off for a couple of hours to meet some friends for dinner after the meeting. While he was gone Jag and I talked about some of the parts and ideas for Juicy so that I could prepare for the next day. I went home at around nine o’clock and left the two of them to sift through and pick the best takes for the song.
  351. Friday started off pretty smooth. We started off on Juicy, which, I think I said before, is a real barnburner. It totally cooks all the way through. Definitely a fun song to play.
  353. We had been trying to keep the TV off but the lure of the olympics has been too great, especially during the hockey games. Oddly enough we’ve even been watching the curling! I think that’s David’s influence on us. He used to do a bit of curling himself back in the day. More evidence of his true Canadian identity! Too bad we lost the gold on that one. Close.... but the rock was too heavy. Kind of like our album. Get it? Rock? Heavy? Ah.... never mind.
  355. Anyway, we finished Juicy by the evening and got a start on New Creepy. I was hoping to finish that night but I think we got going on it a little too late. We tried a few different ideas that Jag had for the endingand the middle section but nothing too crazy. At the end of the night though, I did get hung up on one section. I just couldn’t seem to get my head around it. It was pretty late and I was tired, so yeah.... that’s my excuse!
  357. I took the part home with me and spent some time listening to it trying to come with some cool ideas in my head. When I came back in on Saturday we tried a bunch of different approaches to it and picked one that worked really well. We still had the verses to do but we wanted to try those with a weird, affected tone.... I guess you could say a creepy one! We even got David to pick up the bass and play a couple of notes in the song. We’ll see if you can figure out which ones!
  359. We had plenty of time left before Jag had to leave for the Eels game so we recorded a few very quick ideas for another song that Jag is still putting together in his head as we go. You’ll have to wait for the next Captain’s Log for the whole poop (so to speak) on that one.
  361. David went to the game with Jag to see some of his fine hat trick action but I met up with him later and we went out with some friends of mine. It’s a good thing we had Sunday off anyway because we wouldn’t have got any work done with the game on that afternoon. I have to say that was pretty damn sweet! Couldn’t have asked for a better conlcusion to the games. I don’t know how the celebrations were where you guys are but it was complete mayhem (in a good way) everywhere downtown.
  363. Stopped by the studio today. I think we’re going to start recording again for the last batch of songs on Wednesday or Thursday.
  365. Posted by Bruce @ 12:35 AM ET [Link]
  367. Thursday, February 21, 2002
  369. captainslog_sailor (2k image)
  371. Posted by Jagori @ 12:44 AM ET [Link]
  373. Wednesday, February 20, 2002
  375. Well, I didn't make it into the studio today. Jag and David had a few things they needed to finish up before we started the next batch of songs. Looks like over the next few days we'll working on AFS, New Creepy and Juicy.
  377. Posted by Bruce @ 11:21 PM ET [Link]
  379. brucerec_02
  381. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:19 PM ET [Link]
  383. Tuesday, February 19, 2002
  385. brucerec_20
  387. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:26 PM ET [Link]
  389. brucerec_18
  391. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:43 AM ET [Link]
  393. brucerec_19
  395. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:41 AM ET [Link]
  397. Monday, February 18, 2002
  399. captainslog_sailordaughter (4k image)
  401. Posted by Jagori @ 11:27 PM ET [Link]
  403. Sunday, February 17, 2002
  405. I went in yesterday afternoon to finish off Brianburst. In the verses I use a sliding harmonic to help create sort of a hypnotic feeling. We wanted to try different approaches in how we recorded the bass to bring that vibe out even more.
  407. We also rerecorded a few sections with slightly different approaches that seemed to work better. The jam in the middle section took quite some to get it where we all liked it. I had a few ideas going in but a lot of it was just trying stuff on the fly to see what worked the best. Jag had some really cool ideas I could try in a few spots and we’re all really happy where we ended up.
  409. Later on that evening I got to see some of my family, which was great since I hadn’t really seen them since Christmas!
  411. Jag and David will be taking the next couple of days to work on a few things and then I think we’ll probably resume bass on Wednesday.
  413. Posted by Bruce @ 10:50 PM ET [Link]
  415. brucerec_27
  417. Posted by The_Mothers @ 10:46 PM ET [Link]
  419. Saturday, February 16, 2002
  421. brucerec_34
  423. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:23 AM ET [Link]
  425. Got back late last night. Just a quick little update to keep you guys up to speed. Almost completed Brianburst yesterday. Just have to go into the studio now and try a few different things in the verses. Write more later.
  427. Posted by Bruce @ 11:21 AM ET [Link]
  429. Friday, February 15, 2002
  431. brucestudio35
  433. Posted by Bruce @ 01:45 AM ET [Link]
  435. Just got back from the studio about half an hour ago. Jag and David are still there going over the takes and backing up the files. We finished Baritones and Shot Song today.
  437. Shot Song is definitely going to kill live. It’s one of those songs that’s so intense all the way through that the only way to play it is by tearing it up and pounding through it, squeezing out every last bit of juice you can from each note. After playing a song like that for several hours even the most calloused fingers can start to feel the burn. But it’s a good burn. I think I was using parts of my hands I’ve never even played with before!
  439. Posted by Bruce @ 01:42 AM ET [Link]
  441. Thursday, February 14, 2002
  443. bruceguides38
  445. Posted by Bruce @ 12:36 AM ET [Link]
  447. One down!
  449. David just dropped me off after giving me a ride home from the studio. Jag had split an hour earlier to play with the Eels but were finished by then anyway. David just had few things he wanted to finish up before tomorrow so I stayed behind with him a little longer.
  451. We spent most of the day working on sounds; trying different amps, basses, microphones, postitions, DI’s, preamps, compressors .... you know, all that stuff. We ended up with a combination of things we all really like. Definitely a killer bass sound for the album. It took a few hours to establish what we liked the best and to eliminate a few weird sounds that were going on. There was a strange buzz going on with one of the amps and we couldn’t figure out at first what was causing it. We even tried taking the metal grill off the cabinet to see if that was the culprit. Jag eventually tried switching mics on the cab and that finally cleared it up.
  453. We took a dinner break at a relatively early 5:30 and then got to work on Butterfly. It was a little slow for me getting started. Don’t forget I’m just getting my studio legs (hands?) back! I mostly got hung up on the jammier middle section of the song. But I kept going at it, trying different variations until I came upon one that we all felt strongly about.
  455. So, that puppy’s been put to bed. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sleepy myself!
  457. Posted by Bruce @ 12:27 AM ET [Link]
  459. Wednesday, February 13, 2002
  461. captainslog_highliner (3k image)
  463. Posted by Jagori @ 11:31 PM ET [Link]
  465. bruceguides33
  467. Posted by Bruce @ 12:32 AM ET [Link]
  469. bruceguides34
  471. Posted by Bruce @ 12:16 AM ET [Link]
  473. Sunday, February 10, 2002
  475. captainslog_loveboat (3k image)
  477. Posted by Jagori @ 07:16 PM ET [Link]
  479. Saturday, February 9, 2002
  481. captainslog_picard (3k image)
  483. Posted by Jagori @ 08:17 PM ET [Link]
  485. Wednesday, February 6, 2002
  487. christian18
  489. Posted by Bruce @ 10:27 PM ET [Link]
  491. christian17
  493. Posted by Bruce @ 10:26 PM ET [Link]
  495. christian12
  497. Posted by Bruce @ 10:23 PM ET [Link]
  499. christian07
  501. Posted by Bruce @ 10:21 PM ET [Link]
  503. Well, that’s it! I believe congratulations are in order for Christian. He finished off the last of the drum tracks today. I just got back from helping Jag, Brian, Adrian and Klinger load the last of our (and David’s) gear back into our studio.
  505. Yesterday, Christian finished off Cliffs of Insanity and then put together some sections for a couple of other songs that we still might take a run at. They spend today listening to the first few tracks that were recorded to see if there was anything they wanted redo. Everyone agreed that Christian should redo Baritones because they had settled into a much better drum sound since recording it. That only took a few hours so he was finished by about five o’clock, when Klinger and I showed up with the truck.
  507. After getting some help from Brian and Adrian to re-establish some semblance of order in the studio, Jag and David will spend the next few days listening to the drums and choosing the best takes. Chances are I’ll start to cut bass for the first batch of songs on Monday.
  509. Posted by Bruce @ 10:17 PM ET [Link]
  511. Tuesday, February 5, 2002
  513. Chris
  515. Posted by Bruce @ 01:23 AM ET [Link]
  517. Monday, February 4, 2002
  519. drums.
  521. Posted by Bruce @ 11:57 PM ET [Link]
  523. cutting.
  525. Posted by Bruce @ 11:56 PM ET [Link]
  527. brian.
  529. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:45 PM ET [Link]
  531. Damn that Christian! He’s too good for his own good!
  533. Y’know what? We more or less finished all the drum tracks today. Well, actually Chris did. I just kind of hung around. New Creepy and Sayadasou were the last two to go and he finished them a few hours ago.... and drove me home, to top it all off! Thanks, Chris!
  535. We still have a couple of days booked off for drums so we’re going take a look at what we’ve done so far and see if there’s anything Chris wants add or redo. I think we’re also going to take a stab at a few other tunes, like Cliffs of Insanity, for which the music is already written but we just haven’t looked at for a while.
  537. That reminds me. Jag wanted me to see if I could dig up the arrangement for Cliffs in the computer and burn a copy to bring to the studio tomorrow.
  539. Posted by Bruce @ 11:45 PM ET [Link]
  543. Posted by The_Mothers @ 01:27 AM ET [Link]
  545. Sunday, February 3, 2002
  547. Like I said, yesterday Jag and I drove up to the studio in the morning to cut guides for Eddie Shore. Once we were done, Christian dove headfirst into AFS. It didn’t take him long to nail that one and he quickly moved on to Eddie Shore. He burned through both of them at such a good pace that he was finished by late evening. He took off after he was done and Jag left not too long after that.
  549. David had a few more things to finish up so I stuck around for another hour or so until he was done and then we headed downtown to go out for a drink. I thought it my rock ‘n’ roll duty to reacquaint David with the seedy underbelly of Toronto!
  551. Today was a day off so unless you want me to bore you all with the mundane details of our personal lives I’ll say no more on the subject! Tomorrow we’ll be reattacking the album revived, refreshed, invigorated and imbued with new energy! Or something like that.
  553. Posted by Bruce @ 09:23 PM ET [Link]
  555. brian&david.23
  557. Posted by The_Mothers @ 03:03 AM ET [Link]
  559. Friday, February 1, 2002
  561. Jag picked me up this morning at around 10:45 and we drove up to the studio together. We made it up there in plenty of time so we stopped at an electronics store to buy some more tape for the video camera and batteries for the digital camera.
  563. Christian still wanted to have another go at a few bits and pieces of TSRD (that bastard’s a long one!) but also wanted to bang off Juicy when he was done. I had to split that afternoon to teach (ah yes, the responsibilities of being a teacher!) so we wanted get the guides done for Juicy before Christian showed up. We got Juicy down with time to spare so we also cut the guides for AFS, just so we could stay a little ahead of the game.
  565. I guess they finished early tonight. I just spoke to Chris and Jag on the phone a little while ago and they were already at home. I’ll be heading up there again in the morning with Jag to cut guides for Eddie Shore.
  567. Posted by Bruce @ 11:59 PM ET [Link]
  571. Posted by The_Mothers @ 10:26 PM ET [Link]
  575. Posted by The_Mothers @ 10:10 PM ET [Link]
  577. bruce.guides.38
  579. Posted by The_Mothers @ 10:06 PM ET [Link]
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  597. Archives: March 2002
  599. Wednesday, March 6, 2002
  601. Well kids, that’s it!
  603. I finished off Cliffs of Insanity today. Man, that tune rocks.
  605. Jag’s already been working on sounds so he’ll probably get going on some of the guitar parts right away. I know he’s itching to hear some guitar after being subjected to all that bass and drums! They’ll be mixing it up over the next month or so, recording vocals off and and on while they’re doing guitars.
  607. Well, I guess the bad news is my updates probably won’t be as frequent for the next little while. But the good news is you won’t be forced to look at pictures of my ugly mug anymore!
  609. Posted by Bruce @ 09:30 PM ET [Link]
  611. brucerec_372
  613. Posted by The_Mothers @ 09:23 PM ET [Link]
  615. brucerec_392
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  619. brucerec_482
  621. Posted by The_Mothers @ 09:21 PM ET [Link]
  623. captainslog_6
  625. Posted by Jagori @ 01:11 AM ET [Link]
  627. What day is it today? Tuesday? Wednesday? Well, either way I was in the studio until quite late on Monday. I knew I’d be working on TSRD for a while.... I just didn’t know quite how long! I hit a few rough spots and drew my fair share of blanks.... what does Jag call it, the 7:30 fold? That’s when I temporarily crumple under the strain of a part that’s close to achieving arch nemesis status for me. Don’t worry though, I had the endearing ridicule of Jag and David to help pull me through it!
  629. Tomorrow I’m going in to do what I hope will be my last song, Cliffs of Insanity. Inconceivable!
  631. Posted by Bruce @ 12:18 AM ET [Link]
  633. bruce_roughday
  635. Posted by The_Mothers @ 12:17 AM ET [Link]
  637. brucerec_302
  639. Posted by The_Mothers @ 12:15 AM ET [Link]
  641. brucerec_492
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  645. Monday, March 4, 2002
  647. brucerec_412
  649. Posted by The_Mothers @ 12:31 AM ET [Link]
  651. Sunday, March 3, 2002
  653. Looks like I’m back in the studio tomorrow. I stopped by there this afternoon to see how Jag was doing and to pick up one of my basses. Plus Jag had run off a copy of the drums and guide guitars for TSRD for me. There’s a section in it that’s particularly challenging for so I wanted to get as much work done on it today before I record it tomorrow. I know we’ll be working on it for some time tomorrow, trying different ideas and approaches but I wanted to have as many ideas ready as possible to bring into the studio.
  655. Posted by Bruce @ 11:48 PM ET [Link]
  657. Friday, March 1, 2002
  659. brucerec_352
  661. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:48 PM ET [Link]
  663. Hmm.... I was only the studio one day this week. Jag and David had plenty of other things to do these first few days. Having most of bed tracks now finished has given them a lot to work with. I did stop by earlier on this week though to grab one of my basses and change strings on another one. I also wanted to see how the guys were doing. On the way there I ran into Christian on the street (we do live in the same neighbourhood) while, as he put it, I was taking my beard for a walk. It’s can be very hard making a record sometimes but I feel bad for Jag and David being cooped up in the studio every day. I told Christian I should probably bring them something sweet to brighten their day a little so I stopped at Tim Horton’s to pick up a dozen donuts. I mean, next to pizza it’s probably the best studio food, right?
  665. Anyway, back to Thursday! We finished off both Eddie Shore and Sayadasou. We tackled Eddie Shore first and then got straight to work on Sayadasou. Eddie Shore took a little longer to record mainly because we wanted to try different approaches to some of the parts. Sayadasou doesn’t really have much bass in it until the second half and I pretty much knew what I was going to do on that one.
  667. Usually we just make our own food in the kitchen but last night David suggested we order out. I had brought in a few delivery menus last week so we found an Indian restaurant and picked out our orders. Strange thing happened though.... as I was giving our order to the restaurant the woman at the other end of the phone kept saying they didn’t have what we were asking for. Some confusion ensued until we found out that it wasn’t an Indian restaurant at all but actually a Thai restaurant. Apparently someone had printed up menus for some phantom Indian restaurant including the phone number of an existing Thai restaurant and distributing them to sow the seed of confusion amongst unwary souls such as ourselves.
  669. Yeah, I know this isn’t the most interesting story you’ve ever heard but has at turns out David revealed to us that he has some kind of restaurant delivery jinx when he’s working on a project. It seems that more often than not when he’s ordering food in a studio while he’s work something will always go wrong. Either the restaurant will closed or they’ve run out of any type of food he might be interested in (“Excuse me, is this Bob’s sandwich shop? I’d like to order a tuna sandwich. What do you mean you’ve run out of bread?”) or, as in this case, the restaurant turns out to be some kind of phantom that merits being investigated by some meddling kids and a dog in a hippy van.
  671. Very scary indeed. Anyway, we found another delivery menu and ordered from a real Indian restaurant instead.
  673. Posted by Bruce @ 11:46 PM ET [Link]
  676. Go Eels!
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  692. Archives: April 2002
  694. Tuesday, April 30, 2002
  696. Song’s almost done! Very, very heavy indeed!
  698. Posted by Bruce @ 11:25 PM ET [Link]
  700. Not much to report today. David and Jag are still working on Shot Song. I’m hoping we get it finished by tonight. No road trips today. Although Brian did just get back from picking up some lunch. I think Christian is out somewhere working on some last minute lyric revisions. There’s a part in one of the songs Jag wants to change.
  702. I’m getting a little peckish myself... think I’ll head out and get some food.
  704. Posted by Bruce @ 05:20 PM ET [Link]
  706. As I was walking back to the studio about an hour ago I was approached by someone wanting sell me some crack. This isn’t really much of an uncommon occurrence but itself but what really disturbed me about this particular instance was the the prospective seller couldn’t have been more than eleven or twelve years old. To make matters worse I’m reasonably sure the older woman he was with was his mother.
  708. I think the more relaxed attitude towards pot out here is definitely forward thinking but I’ve never seen anything good come out of anyone using the harder stuff. I know too many people that have had their lives consumed by heroin. And crack does the same.
  710. Well, enough of my pedantic little diatribe. I’m back at the studio now. David’s already started on the Shot Song but still has a way to go with it. Jag’s here too working away on (I think) some possible changes he might want to make to Eddie Shore. Christian is already back at the hotel and Brian is.... actually, I’m not sure where Brian is.
  712. We’ll probably be here for another hour so before Jag and David need to get back to the hotel to squeeze in the minimum number of hours of sleep required to sustain them for yet another day.
  714. Posted by Bruce @ 02:01 AM ET [Link]
  716. Monday, April 29, 2002
  718. Having the day off yesterday we decided to be a little spontaneous. Christian suggested we make good use of our day off and take a little drive up to Whistler. It was just three of us as Jag wanted to stay in the studio and work on some rewrites and David had some family out here he wanted to spend some time with.
  720. Christian driving us to Whistler
  722. After spending almost an hour trying to get out of the city in downtown Sunday afternoon traffic, we arrived in Whistler sometime in the early afternoon. We walked around the village for a while before we decided to sit on a patio and relax for a few hours with a few pints of Shaftsbury Cream Ale.
  724. Christian and Brian relaxing on a patio
  726. Bruce on the patio
  728. Christian enjoying the sun
  730. We ended up spending most of the day there after finding a place to watch the Leafs game. We stayed a few more hours after the game while Brian made friends with a local tugboat captain before we hit the road back to Vancouver just after ten.
  732. We arrived at the studio this morning to finish working on New Creepy. It’s become this eerily beautiful song that morphs though these different sonic landscapes before the heavy climax. Shit.... did I just sound like music critic there? I’ll have to watch that. OK, this song rocks too!
  734. David’s just putting the final touches on it now before we start on the next one.
  736. David putting the final touches on New Creepy
  738. Posted by Bruce @ 07:19 PM ET [Link]
  740. Sunday, April 28, 2002
  742. David’s still working on New Creepy. It doesn’t look like it will be done tonight. I think Jag and David want to use this song to address some sonic issues they had with the first two. David has the day off tomorrow so we’ll be finishing it up on Monday but I think Jag will be coming in tomorrow anyway to work on some rewrites he had in mind.
  744. Here’s a picture of me uploading a picture of me uploading a picture of me uploading a picture of....
  746. bruce uploading a picture
  748. Posted by Bruce @ 12:12 AM ET [Link]
  750. Saturday, April 27, 2002
  752. Ah.... a beautiful sunny day out here on the west coast. Just as it should be.
  754. David and Jag got here just after ten this morning and got started on New Creepy. We usually start around that time but Christian and I slept an extra hour. I hit the gym in the hotel for a light workout before walking down to the studio. Got here around noon.
  756. Christian just left to go back to the hotel to watch the rest of the Canucks/Red Wings game. Jag and David are in studio A working on the song. It might be a little while before we get it done. They seem to have ran into a couple snags. Nothing to worry about though. Brian’s out with friends and I think I’m going to walk around town a bit and enjoy what’s left of this beautiful day.
  758. Posted by Bruce @ 07:44 PM ET [Link]
  760. Baritones is finished now. David’s just printing a few different versions of it. I know I’ve already said this but it sounds amazing! This is the best part of making a record, when you finally get to hear the results of all your hard work.
  762. We’re heading back to the hotel now and we’ll start a new song tomorrow.
  764. Posted by Bruce @ 02:31 AM ET [Link]
  766. Friday, April 26, 2002
  768. Brian listening to Baritones
  770. Posted by Bruce @ 10:15 PM ET [Link]
  772. Well, the Leafs won! Despite being shorthanded (no Sundin pun intended) they managed to pull it off.
  774. We just took a dinner break for some Indian food from a restaurant down the street and now we’re finishing off Baritones. Brian’s in there now going over some vocals with Jag and David. It sounds pretty damn sweet, I can tell you that!
  776. I think we’ll be done in a few hours. A friend of Brian’s is playing in here in town tonight so some of us might go and check them out a little later if we have time.
  778. Posted by Bruce @ 10:12 PM ET [Link]
  780. Everyone be quiet! I'm watchin' hockey!
  782. Posted by Christian @ 06:08 PM ET [Link]
  784. Jag begins work in Studio B
  786. Posted by Bruce @ 04:42 PM ET [Link]
  788. It’s raining today. The first couple of days here were great for weather. Sunny but not too hot. I spent a lot of time walking around, reacquainting myself with downtown. Vancouver’s changed quite a bit since I was here last. New condo developments are springing up everywhere, much like in Toronto.
  790. David’s still working on the mix for Baritones today. He should have something for us to listen to in an hour or two.
  792. Jag’s working away in Studio B. He set up a little work station next to the mixing room with the recording gear we brought with us so that he can continue working while David is mixing. He still has to comp some vocals and will also use it to record some sections of the songs that he’ll end up rewriting on the fly. Or, at least that’s what we’ve done in the past.
  794. Posted by Bruce @ 04:39 PM ET [Link]
  796. Thursday, April 25, 2002
  798. One down!
  800. We finished the first song this afternoon and I have say that it sounds awesome! Very cool and very heavy. Even the rough mix we listened to in the van on the way home last night totally kicked.
  802. David is getting started on Baritones now and I’m sure we’ll have it done sometime tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hearing that one come together.
  804. Christian, Brian and I hung out the better part of yesterday while Jag and David were working. Had a few pints and watched the Leafs struggle in vain. I’m sure where Christian is at the moment but I’m sure he’s lamenting Sundin’s ill timed injury.
  806. Posted by Bruce @ 09:23 PM ET [Link]
  808. Wednesday, April 24, 2002
  810. OK, things are a little more settled now. Sorry about last night. I'll try and keep Christian away from the computer when he's been up to no good!
  812. We're at the studio today but Jag and David are still getting everything set up. I don't know when we'll start mixing the first song. Perhaps later tonight?
  814. Just got back from walking around downtown. Beautiful day here in Van. I'm going to go seek out some food now and try and find the other guys. I think Brian dragged Christian to some Irish pub down the street.
  816. Posted by Bruce @ 05:30 PM ET [Link]
  818. Hey you fuckers, I'm drunk!
  820. The Leafs lost, it's my first day in Vancouver.... and I should have something more to say right now, but I don't. So be quiet!
  822. I'll have more to say in the coming days, my friends.
  824. Posted by Christian @ 12:28 AM ET [Link]
  826. Tuesday, April 23, 2002
  828. Well, we made it here safely! No major air collisions to report. We just checked into the hotel and now I'm going to join Chris for a pint and watch the rest of the game.
  830. Posted by Bruce @ 07:55 PM ET [Link]
  832. Monday, April 22, 2002
  834. not enought time.... leaving tomorrow... must pack!
  836. why did it snow today?
  838. Posted by Bruce @ 06:50 PM ET [Link]
  840. Thursday, April 18, 2002
  842. OK, this is getting exciting now. We're almost done the record! By this time next week we'll be in Vancouver mixing. The stuff I've heard in the studio sounds amazing but I can't wait to hear it once David gets his mixing hands on it!
  844. For anyone that forgot, it's Jag's birthday tomorrow. If you want to drop him a line you can email him directly at
  846. Posted by Bruce @ 10:26 PM ET [Link]
  848. Monday, April 8, 2002
  850. Hey there everyone! What’s up? I guess it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted, huh? Oh wait a sec.... let me check my calender.... hmm, I guess it’s actually been a little longer than that hasn’t it? Sorry about that!
  852. Not much has been going on with me lately. Just been teaching and trying to catch up with the rest of my life. So much of what you normally do, both business and personal, gets put on hold when it comes down to crunch time making an album.
  854. I pop by the studio a couple of times a week to see how the guys are doing. Everyone is working really long hours but spirits are high. Sometimes, when they’re not in the middle of recording, I’ll hear something that’s finished or near completion. Damn! It’s getting more exciting to hear the songs in this state. That feeling really kicks in during the mixing process.
  856. I know I’m kind of biased... but so far the record totally kicks ass!
  858. Posted by Bruce @ 08:17 PM ET [Link]
  860. Thursday, April 4, 2002
  862. teamcup
  864. Posted by Jagori @ 08:42 PM ET [Link]
  866. jagcup
  868. Posted by Jagori @ 08:41 PM ET [Link]
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  888. Archives: May 2002
  890. Sunday, May 19, 2002
  892. Well, everyone's home safe!
  894. I got back a few days ago but the rest of the guys arrived home earlier this week. The rest of the mixes sound awesome! All that's left now is the long and arduous task of preparing for the release of the album.
  896. I'll keep you posted with my postings.
  898. Posted by Bruce @ 12:57 PM ET [Link]
  900. Sunday, May 12, 2002
  902. Christian
  904. Hey it’s me! I guess I should say something clever for public consumption since I’ve been hanging around Vancouver for a couple of weeks with my thumb up my ass and my mind in neutral. (Feels good by the way!) Well, here it goes...
  906. I’m tried of walking to and from the studio thorough a mind-numbingly large variety of cock-suckers and junkies... I believe that the top cover on my bed at our pricey hotel has not been washed since the late 70’s and the jism and spilled drinks it has absorbed over the years is giving me nightmares... I was quite healthy before I got here but have somehow managed to put on 37 pounds in two weeks... Young, clean hippy-looking girls with friendly boobs, wide eyes and smelling of soap and vanilla still kind of drive me wild.... Our runner here at the studio is Chris Murphy without a bass and a hit song... The Leafs would come out of the Eastern Conference if they had a few healthy players... Brian definitely has Attention Deficit Disorder... Listening to a bass player and a producer talk about where they’ve had a better sushi dish after eating at Tojo’s might be predictable and annoying... Holly McNarland is an excellent drinker.. Vancouver is great, but Toronto is still the best city in our far and beautiful country... Heard any good Canadian music lately? I didn’t think so... Bruce really needs to develop some new and interesting farts, his old standby, the old man, tai chi, uplifter special is getting a little tired... Went to a Brooks & Dunn concert for a little while the other night, it reminded me how much I miss the late 80’s rock sluts... I don’t really give a shit who likes this album we just made, it’s awesome and will definitely go over most people’s heads. Hello critics!!!... There’s nothing as comfortable as a fine Irish pub with great beer and a few friends to talk to... I’m sick of beer... I’m sick of who I’ve been talking to... Jag looks like hell right now... I’m tired of the music business... Bryan Adams did not greet us when we showed up here, nor say hi when he shot a video here... I’m quite horny... It will be nice to know how to play drums again... I really should call Mom & Dad soon... If one more filthy bastard asks me for money on the street and follows me a little to tell me his story, I’m gonna punch him in the neck, steal his loose change and tell him my story, you know about how I’m a well off and handsome rock drummer who showers, wipes his ass and lives indoors, you know, that story... David Bottrill, though slight of frame and at times quite a jaunty fellow, makes excellent records... Thank God for pro tools... I will with all my might kick Brian in the pills next time he makes that snoring sound whenever I’m talking to Dave about the snare drum in the mix... I’ve seen “The Lord of the Rings” twice and can’t wait to see it again. For some reason, I wouldn’t mind nailing Kate Blanchett (she is my Elf queen)... our manager was the promoter for that snorefest thing at the Air Canada Center a couple of weeks ago, ouch... I can’t wait to drink an excellent bottle of wine in my backard and sleep in my own bed... our assistant engineer here at the studio, Zack, is neither a basketball player nor a porn star... People here out west really dislike Toronto for thinking it’s the center of the universe, Toronto really doesn’t care all that much, “And you are?” Toronto says... I saw a fairly normal looking lady shooting up in her car beside the studio the other day, the dumb cunt... I went hiking in the mountains the other day to an awesome waterfall, I wish downtown Toronto had mountains... I’m not really looking forward to rehearsing all this music we just made but I’m so looking forward to getting out there and playing it for you guys... and how was your day?
  908. love Christian
  910. more Christian
  912. Posted by Christian @ 10:44 PM ET [Link]
  914. Saturday, May 11, 2002
  916. Please excuse my inability to articulate more concisely, but man, TSRD rocks!
  918. I listened to it again this morning, just to hear it one more time. It’s sometimes difficult to listen to the songs as finished and complete without still thinking of them in terms of the mix. But when I’m able to with a song like this (or any of the others for that matter) I’m pretty amazed at what we came up with. It’s the kind of song that takes you many different places before it ends, although I’m not quite sure what places I’m talking about.
  920. Sayadasou also sounds great. Very intense but in a more ethereal way than some of the other songs on the album.
  922. I’m taking off in a few hours to visit some friends out on Vancouver Island so unfortunately I’ll miss some of the final mixes. However, I have heard where they’re sitting with Juicy now and I’m sure it’s only going to get better from here on in.
  924. Jag and David at the helm
  926. Christian listening
  928. Bruce listening
  930. Posted by Bruce @ 05:32 PM ET [Link]
  932. Jag and David finished the recall of Shot Song yesterday, somehow managing to make it sound even better than before. We’ve been working on TSRD today and it’s sounding very sweet indeed.
  934. Posted by Bruce @ 12:06 AM ET [Link]
  936. Wednesday, May 8, 2002
  938. Brian and Bruce listening to the mix
  940. Posted by The_Mothers @ 11:16 PM ET [Link]
  942. We finished off Brianburst late yesterday evening. Turned out great. An intense little song... except that it’s not that little!
  944. Travis and Desiree came by the studio with Mallory for a visit and to hear a couple of tunes. The Sloan guys also popped by the studio yesterday to say hi. They’re playing in town tonight. After we were finished the mix we met up with Chris Murphy and Patrick to have a few pints.
  946. Today we’re just doing some recalls on Baritones and Shot Song. We’ve gotten to a point in the mix where the songs are sounding better and better so Jag and David wanted to readdress some of the earlier mixes to get them sounding better.
  948. Chris and Patrick stopped by the studio again today and we played them a couple of tracks. They’re playing an early show tonight so we’re going to try and meet up with them again later on this evening.
  950. Posted by Bruce @ 07:29 PM ET [Link]
  952. Brian writing
  954. Posted by Bruce @ 12:06 AM ET [Link]
  956. Tuesday, May 7, 2002
  958. Hey Kids,
  960. It’s Brian.
  962. Hope everything has been groovy in your world. I am presently standing on the third floor of the studio in Vancouver, looking out the window and wishing I could go outside and play. Anyway, sorry it’s been so long, but I was neck deep the whole winter in Toronto (recording and sleeping) - and since we’ve been stationed here in Vangroovy I’ve been sight-seeing, thousands of brilliant pubs everywhere. Well here we are in the final few days of mixing this Mother Fucker, and boy I’m excited.
  964. Everyone has been getting along great and spirits are up. You’ll be happy to know since I’ve been here I’ve smoked the finest Cheeba, had pints with fans we’ve run into and pissed all over my hotel wall.
  966. My thoughts are with you all. Take it easy and we’ll see you soon!
  968. Lots of Love and Rock
  970. Brian
  972. Posted by Brian @ 08:15 PM ET [Link]
  974. ”Hmm.... what to post.... what to post...”
  976. Not much to report today. We’ve gotten a start on Brianburst but Jag and David have also been working on putting together some sounds for other songs. I’d imagine we’ll have the song done relatively early tomorrow.
  978. ”Just a little louder and I think we’ll have it.”
  980. Posted by Bruce @ 01:25 AM ET [Link]
  982. Monday, May 6, 2002
  984. Everyone seems a little burnt out today.
  986. Of course, Jag and David have valid reasons for feeling this way. Working two weeks of fourteen hour days can be quite fatiguing, especially when that time is being spent focusing intense concentrating on listening to the mix.
  988. I don’t have much of an excuse for feeling burnt out. I was out a little late with some friends last night and spent much of the day walking around. Some of it can be attributed to the Sunday blahs and also the weather seems to have taken a downward turn.
  990. It’s seems fitting that today we finished Butterfly’s Revenge, one of the more down tempo tracks on the record. Very different, a little odd, but very beautiful indeed. It was one of the more challenging mixes, with so much going on in the song, but David really nailed it.
  992. Jag and David listening to Butterfly's Revenge
  994. Tomorrow we begin Brianburst.
  996. Posted by Bruce @ 12:53 AM ET [Link]
  998. Everyone seems a little burnt out today.
  1000. Of course, Jag and David have valid reasons for feeling this way. Working two weeks of fourteen hour days can be quite fatiguing, especially when that time is being spent focusing intense concentrating on listening to the mix.
  1002. I don’t have much of an excuse for feeling burnt out. I was out a little late with some friends last night and spent much of the day walking around. Some of it can be attributed to the Sunday blahs and also the weather seems to have taken a downward turn.
  1004. It’s seems fitting that today we finished Butterfly’s Revenge, one of the more down tempo tracks on the record. Very different, a little odd, but very beautiful indeed. It was one of the more challenging mixes, with so much going on in the song, but David really nailed it.
  1006. Jag and David listening to Butterfly's Revenge
  1008. Tomorrow we begin Brianburst.
  1010. Posted by Bruce @ 12:53 AM ET [Link]
  1012. Saturday, May 4, 2002
  1014. Christian and I arrived at the studio a little after eleven this morning. We knew Eddie Shore was close to being done so we didn’t want to miss anything. Jag, Brian and David were already here when we showed up. They usually get here sometime between ten and ten thirty. I can’t remember what time we left the studio last night. It must have been sometime between one or two in the morning.
  1016. There’s just a little bit of tweaking left to be done on the song but it’s more or less finished. This one definitely kicks! (Ahh, but don’t they all?) I hope all you guys are up for this new, heavier direction we’re about to unleash on you.
  1018. Posted by Bruce @ 03:28 PM ET [Link]
  1020. Steve and Allan just left for the airport after listening to Eddie Shore. It’s not finished yet but they were blown away with what they heard. They seem quite pumped about all the tunes they’ve heard.
  1022. We spent several hours before they left discussing our future plans for the album and the direction we want to go in with this heavier sound.
  1024. Posted by Bruce @ 12:51 AM ET [Link]
  1026. Friday, May 3, 2002
  1028. The record company took us to Tojo’s last night. I’m sure those of you in Vancouver have heard of this place, and perhaps some of the rest of you have too. It has a reputation for being one of the best sushi restaurants outside of Japan and it definitely ranks as being one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. We stayed for a while, sampling as much as the menu we could manage, and ended up closing the place before we headed out on the town in search of more fun.... which explains why this entry is being posted so late today!
  1030. Jag and David are working on Eddie Shore right now but I don’t expect it to be finished until later tonight.
  1032. Posted by Bruce @ 04:27 PM ET [Link]
  1034. The record company took us to Tojo’s last night. I’m sure those of you in Vancouver have heard of this place, and perhaps some of the rest of you have too. It has a reputation for being one of the best sushi restaurants outside of Japan and it definitely ranks as being one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. We stayed for a while, sampling as much as the menu we could manage, and ended up closing the place before we headed out on the town in search of more fun.... which explains why this entry is being posted so late today!
  1036. Jag and David are working on Eddie Shore right now but I don’t expect it to be finished until later tonight.
  1038. Posted by Bruce @ 04:27 PM ET [Link]
  1040. Thursday, May 2, 2002
  1042. Allan came back to the studio last night a little while after I last posted. He had been meeting with Holly McNarland about her new album and brought her along to hang with us. Our manager, Steve, had been at the Brooks and Dunn concert in town, taking care of some business. Chris and Brian and stopped in on him to say hi and check out the unique cultural phenomenon that is modern country music. Afterwards they ended up at a pub down the street so we all left together to join them.
  1044. The rest of Holly’s band was there and some friends of ours from the studio. We didn’t stay long since they were closing early and ended up finishing off the night at a place called the Railway Club. I actually ran into an old acquaintance there who had recorded some demos for my last band ten or eleven years ago. Jag and David had stayed behind at the studio to work but towards the end of the night David came out to meet us for a drink.
  1046. Jag, Brian and David got here a little after ten this morning but Christian and I, feeling the effects of last night’s festivities, rolled out of bed a little later and arrived just after noon. We’ve been working on A.F.S. all afternoon and it’s sounding very sweet indeed. Dave’s just printing it now. Another one down! It’s getting even more exciting with every song now that we can the album finally beginning to take it’s full shape.
  1048. Christian listening at the console
  1050. We're all meeting back here a little later on tonight and going out for dinner to talk some business and then blow off a little steam.
  1052. Posted by Bruce @ 08:16 PM ET [Link]
  1054. Our manager and A&R guy are in town tonight to hear some of the songs and talk about the plans for the album. We just had dinner with them down the street. We’re going out for drinks later but I just popped into the studio to hear how the mix was going. David’s working on A.F.S. and it sounds great so far. (Did you expect any less?)
  1056. Posted by Bruce @ 12:22 AM ET [Link]
  1058. Wednesday, May 1, 2002
  1060. Chris and Brian listening to Shot Song
  1062. We all showed up at the studio together this morning a little after ten and gave Shot Song a listen with fresh ears. It’s sounding awesome....very heavy, but we found a few small things we wanted to do adjust in the mix to bring it even further along. David’s printing the it as I type this. This is definitely becoming the best sounding record we’ve ever made.
  1064. Posted by Bruce @ 02:05 PM ET [Link]
  1066. It’s more or less finished now but we might need to do a little bit of fine tuning in the morning. David and Jag are burning a CD to listen to at the hotel to get a better sense of how it sounds in different environments. See ya tomorrow!
  1068. Posted by Bruce @ 02:14 AM ET [Link]
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