Oct 19th, 2019
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  1. we're trying something new
  2. press the button, it'll be quick, i promise
  4. i woke up on the other side, tiny and weak
  5. my arms struggled to drag myself out of the sheets
  6. i managed to toss myself out of bed after a few minutes of reconciling with my past muscles
  7. throwing a look back, i recalled that i slept with my parents back then
  8. my bare feet stepped across the cold tile, old tile that hadn't been replaced yet
  9. the computer sat on the desk, ready to go
  10. i turned on the monitor and was greeted by the classic windows xp login screen
  11. no password, one user
  12. the default chess icon
  13. things started to move in the corners of my vision, just like they always did, and i ignored them for now
  14. chrome struggled to open, and i soon found that the keyboard was much too large to touch type on, considering my tiny hands
  15. instinctively, i typed the site i call home into the address bar and pressed enter- error.
  16. it was to be expected.
  17. i tried the older site, and it returned
  19. i feel better now so i'll stop
  20. just kidding i'm just going to trash the place
  21. i need to be quiet but no one cares really
  22. typing on automatic can't dream revenge of the somatic
  23. what does my subconscious have
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