Xenos Hunters Session 21

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  12.         antoine Anselm sits in the drivers seat of the Landspeeder, with the rest piling in and Bellerophon on the main gun. Sinbad has just finished trying to cover up the humans. The low hum of engines grows closer by the second only audible over the roar of the landspeeder due to your Lyman's Ear.
  13.         Anselm  ++Time to leave! Now!++ the Knight-Brother shouts, and fires the speeder's thrusters and takes off.
  14.         Omniel  ensures he is properly secured before readying his missile launcher. ++Regrouping would seem tactically sound at this juncture.++
  15.         Balmung ++Where to now?++
  16.         Anselm  ++We have to find a new hiding place,++ Anselm snarls, ++Sinbad has to save the disgusting mortals.++
  17.         Anselm  ++First, however, we must lose the Tau. I assure you, we are spotted.++
  18.         Omniel  ++The jungle may provide us cover, at least in the short term.++
  19.         Sinbad  ++Where is everyone going?++
  20.         Anselm  ++I don't know!++ Anselm barks, dipping low amongst the buildings as he speeds along.
  21.         Sinbad  ++...Throne help us.++
  22.         antoine As you speed along four drones turn to follow, the ones with the wings that provide enough lift to maintain high altitude. One pair with rapid fire cannons and the other pair with racks of missiles.
  23.         Anselm  ++Emperor preserve, I knew it!++
  24.         Omniel  consults his cartograph calmly, preparing to plot a course if necessary. ++We could make a run for the treeline. They may have a hard time following us there.++
  25.         antoine As Anselm jinks and throttles up to push forwards the group with the missile pods gains ground while the cannon mounting craft fall back
  26.         Anselm  drives madly in a desperate attempt to lose his pursuers. ++Shut up about the trees and start firing!++
  27.         Omniel  shoulders his missile launcher once more, checking that a krak missile is selected.
  28.         Omniel  fires off a quick shot. ++Evasive actions are compromising my ability to aim, unfortunately.++
  29.         Anselm  ++That won't be changing!++
  30.         antoine The landspeeder ducks beneath a bridge connecting two hab blocks, the fins barely missing the supporting struts before he jinks left and right and continues racing away from the warehouse. The gun drones fall back further but the sound of louder engines behind them does not disipate.
  31.         antoine You race through a hab district, the roar of your engines waking the sleeping occupants from their slumber. The gun drones drop from sight but another vehicle comes into view, one of their grav tanks with a huge long cannon raises itself above the city to get a bead on you.
  32.         Anselm  ++Omniel!++
  33.         Omniel  ++Yes Brother?++
  34.         Anselm  ++Warp take you!++ Anselm roars, rocketing forward before making a sharp turn to the side.
  35.         Omniel  lowers the launcher. ++I no longer have a clear line of sight...++
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  38.         Balmung ++Maybe Ironleg can get a clear line of sight++
  39.         Bellerophon     ++Was that a refrence to me?++
  40.         Balmung ++Aye++
  41.         Anselm  ++Shut up the lot of you, I'm trying to save us!++
  42.         antoine The cannon fires an armour piercing shell cuts through the air and homes in on you, but just before it hits Anselm jinks up and down and the round flies overhead, smashing into a hab block, tearing a great hole where there was a window full of light.
  43.         antoine which cuts*
  44.         Bellerophon     ++I am unable to obtain a clear visual.++
  45.         antoine The lithe looking tank guns its engines and surges forwards before one of its grav plates gives out and it pitches to the side, slamming into the ground and erupting into a hugh fireball. Lighting the nights sky as sub-munitions are set off and rocket around the corpse of the tank.
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  47.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps it was not nessecary.++
  48.         Omniel  ++Unreliable Xenos technology.++
  49.         Anselm  ++Shut up!++ the Knight howls, continuing his mad drive.
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  51.         antoine You coast away in an outer hab district as the distant fireball returns to a slower burn with the occasional pop of ammo is heard. There is a good chance you lost them.
  52.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  53.         antoine while the*
  54.         Omniel  ++And now... how do we proceed, Brothers?++
  55.         Bellerophon     ++I require a new foot.++
  56.         Anselm  ++You require a new frontal lobe.++
  57.         Omniel  ++We require a plan.++
  58.         Bellerophon     ++We will need a new fortress.++
  59.         Bellerophon     ++The dense foilage of the jungle, or the heat of the volcano or desert would grant us some protection from tau scanners.++
  60.         Anselm  grumbles as he slows down to get to a pace where he can speak without the need to focus, remaining mobile. ++A good idea might be to select an area they won't be willing to attack and fortify it.++
  61.         Anselm  ++They'll need the space port. The spire is likely iconic to the people here as a center of governance...++
  62.         Anselm  ++Or the Arbites fortress. But I'd prefer we didn't go there.++
  63.         Anselm  ++Too much risk of a hostile garrison.++
  64.         Bellerophon     ++The port of Carth?++
  65.         Bellerophon     ++It is staffed by both tau and peedeeff.++
  66.         Bellerophon     ++I have my Throne Cell working to identify loyalist commanders among the force but it was noted it would be slow going.++
  67.         Bellerophon     ++Total forces number around one hundred, possibly more during the day. The split between traitor and loyalist is unknown but estimated at thirty percent loyalist.++
  68.         Omniel  ++The space port will be highly guarded. I think we must come to the conclusion now that a straightforward attack is unwise.++
  69.         Anselm  ++Oh, yes, very unwise...++
  70.         Bellerophon     ++It would be a simple task for me to gun them down.++
  71.         Bellerophon     ++Their reinforcements, however, could include their gunships.++
  72.         Anselm  ++Yes, I suspect we might be better off forcing the nobility to accomodate us...++
  73.         Bellerophon     ++The nobility is also split between traitors and loyalists.++
  74.         Bellerophon     ++It is unclear who is who, even to my Agents.++
  75.         Anselm  looks up to the spire's looming shape, and fires the jets again for that direction.
  76.         Bellerophon     ++Should the divide make itself clear, the spaceport houses many Valkyire gunships.++
  77.         Bellerophon     ++Gunships that we could use to destroy the tau's.++
  78.         Bellerophon     ++This, however, is neither here nor there. The spire is remote and defensible. There we will fortify and plan.++
  79.         antoine The Land Speeder moves in low, trying to avoid giving away its presence. Spot lights at various points in the city, but mainly centered around the space port and the spire are turned on and begin sweeping the sky. It seems at least some of the PDF are at their stations.
  80.         antoine Anselm dodges the spot lights on the way into the core spire, you spot several hydra batteries around the core, they scan in 360 degrees for threats.
  81.         Bellerophon     ++Bring us in quietly. There must be a garage of sorts.++
  82.         antoine The Land Speeder rushes towards the spire, the huge structure soon taking up your entire forward view.
  83.         antoine Glittering lights pepper the outer surface, Anselm finds a large window overlooking the city and plows the front of the speeder into it, smashing the plate glass window and sending shards of glass into the room and the ground far below.
  84.         Bellerophon     ++Brother. What in the Emperor's name were you thinking?++
  85.         Bellerophon     ++Was I unclear when I said to find a garage?++
  86.         Anselm  puts down the craft and steps out.
  87.         Omniel  disembarks as well, readying his melta-gun. ++One wonders how the hive population will greet us...++
  88.         Bellerophon     stays inside the speeder, seeing as how he can't really walk anyways
  89.         Anselm  ++Negatively, as they are apt to do. But any who dare step out of line will be made to regret it.++
  90.         antoine Inside there is large heavy wooden desk with now scattered chairs surrounding it. It is a simple but elegant room.
  91.         Bellerophon     ++Your sociopathy will be noted to Oeris...Brother.++
  92.         Bellerophon     says with a grind
  93.         Anselm  takes his jump pack from the rear of the Speeder. ++Help me into this, Brother Omniel.++
  94.         Bellerophon     ++I will be officially recommending to the Captain that you are unfit for duty regarding your...actions, pending an Apothecary's review.++
  95.         Omniel  ++Perhaps you should save such things for the after-mission reports, Brother. I know I shall.++
  96.         Omniel  moves to assist Anselm, strapping the pack onto him.
  97.         Bellerophon     ++I did not want such an announcement to be a surprise. He is an Astartes, even if he does not act like such.++
  98.         Anselm  activates the jump pack's turbofans, and stands. ++Come, Brother, let us find whoever owns this section. I would like to speak with him...++
  99.         Bellerophon     ++Omniel, have you anything to assist or replace my foot?++
  100.         Bellerophon     ++I need to be ambulatory.++
  101.         antoine A single gilded door is set in the wall on the other side of the desk
  102.         Omniel  ++I have scavenged a few things, but unfortunately have neither the time nor the proper premises for such an operation.++
  103.         Anselm  inspects the door for any fashion of opening.
  104.         antoine The room is soon filled with light as spotlights illuminate the area of the crash.
  105.         Omniel  raises his meltagun, turning to face the source of the light.
  106.         Bellerophon     ++This is why I said to use a garage.++
  107.         Bellerophon     removes his heavy bolter from its mount on the Storm, and straps himself into his ammunition pack, albeit it with a noticeable hitch in his stride
  108.         antoine The heavy duty lights loose some focus at this distance, diluting the impact but still managing to cover the area well.
  109.         antoine lose*
  110.         Bellerophon     gets his heavy bolter out of the Storm's equipment locker
  111.         Omniel  ++Shall we risk the door, or risk another pitched battle? Brother Anselm, what say you?++
  112.         Anselm  ++We go through the door, quite simply.++
  113.         Bellerophon     ++Is there any camoline tarp left?++
  114.         Anselm  unlatches whatever mechanism the door has, and then forces it open with a wide, swift swing.
  115.         Omniel  ++Yes, there should be.++
  116.         Bellerophon     ++Concealing the Land Speeder would be in our best interest. Perhaps incidents such as these are more common than we know.++
  117.         Bellerophon     rummages around some more in the equipment lockers to locate the camoline
  118.         antoine Outside the room is a long corridor, your boots rip and smudge the nice carpet lining the floor. hard panel wood walls continue both ways, the rooms dark as night.
  119.         antoine room are*
  120.         Bellerophon     hands what's left of the tarp to Omniel
  121.         Bellerophon     ++I am of the opinion you would do a better job. I can assist, however.++
  122.         Anselm  steps out into the open.
  123.         Omniel  uses his servo-arm to begin draping the tarp over the speeder, watching Anselm as he does so.
  124.         Bellerophon     hobbles around the speeder
  125.         Anselm  grumbles to himself, and looks for any occupants.
  126.         antoine The corridor seems empty
  127.         antoine Omniel and bellerophon cover the Land Speeder in the camo tarp.
  128.         Omniel  quickly follows Anselm into the corridor, examining the area. ++Any sign of the occupants, Brother?++
  129.         Bellerophon     ++Better than letting it sit bare. We must relocate with haste. They may send drones to investigate.++
  130.         Bellerophon     walks into the hallway
  131.         antoine The sound of sirens and klaxons wail throughout the city.
  132.         Anselm  ++No,++ the Knight-Brother says, scanning over the hall.
  133.         Omniel  engages his auspex to scan the area.
  134.         Bellerophon     ++Scan the immediate area for lifesigns.++
  135.         Bellerophon     ++Hopefully we are in an emptier part of the spire.++
  136.         Omniel  ++No life signs.++
  137.         Omniel  ++The vicinity seems clear.++
  138.         Anselm  emits a low growl. ++Concerning.++
  139.         Anselm  moves along the hall, swords ready.
  140.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps this part of the spire works during the night.++
  141.         Omniel  ++I suggest we find a secure area to spend the night, and return for our Land Speeder before it is too late. It is in a dangerous position.++
  142.         Anselm  ++Noted. It would probably be best you go watch it...++
  143.         Bellerophon     ++Verily. Perhaps there are empty units deeper inside the spire.++
  144.         Bellerophon     ++The rooms will protect us from prying eyes. Or sensors.++
  145.         Omniel  ++Understood. I will remain in vox contact, in case of emergency.++
  146.         Anselm  continues along the hall, remaining watchful.
  147.         Bellerophon     ++I will lead the rest of the Kill-Team further in. We will regroup in the morning. More permanent accodomations need to be made.++
  148.         Anselm  selects a door at his right and attempts to open it.
  149.         Omniel  remains at the doorway so that he can keep an eye on the speeder, without being too exposed.
  150.         antoine Anselm enters a room with a small desk a chair in front of it and a cogitator to the side. stacks of paper and belongings are scattered throughout the room.
  151.         antoine desk, a
  152.         Bellerophon     continues further into the hive, looking for, perhaps, a listing of names or some sort of directory that could point them to an empty unit
  153.         Anselm  snarls, then goes to attempt the door on the other side.
  154.         antoine Bellerophon clomps down the hallway to a junction, turning right, there is another corridor. There is however an elevator about 30m down on the left.
  155.         Bellerophon     ++I have found an elevatus.++
  156.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps we should locate the nobility sooner than later?++
  157.         antoine You hear the distant roar of engines, these ones are most certainly of human design.
  158.         Anselm  ++Brother Omniel, can you get a fix on that noise?++
  159.         Omniel  ++I can try.++
  160.         Omniel  engages his auspex once more.
  161.         Bellerophon     ++Anselm? This is your chance to be involved in the process.++
  162.         Omniel  ++It is not showing up on my sensors. For that matter, neither is Brother Bellerephon...++
  163.         Omniel  I may need to move the Land Speeder.++
  164.         Bellerophon     ++Then I must be out of range. I have not gone much farther into the hive.++
  165.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps the materials block your auspexes signal?++
  166.         Omniel  ++That would work to our advantage greatly.++
  167.         Anselm  returns to the Land Speeder.
  168.         Bellerophon     ++I am searching for an empty unit on this floor.++
  169.         Bellerophon     ++...Perhaps this floor is not as empty as we thought, if you cannot detect me.++
  170.         Bellerophon     ++We must move with caution, lest we reveal ourselves most clearly.++
  171.         Bellerophon     returns to the apartment they crashed in
  172.         Bellerophon     ++Brothers. I have had a new idea.++
  173.         Omniel  ++Unless we can find a way to move this any further, I recommend we unload any important equipment to carry it with us...+
  174.         Bellerophon     ++Instead of covering the land speeder, at the expense of leaving the window a gaping void. What if we were to use the camoline to cover the entry hole?++
  175.         Omniel  ++That may work.++
  176.         Bellerophon     ++Then let us do it.++
  177.         Bellerophon     looks around the apartment for paper, or a dataslate
  178.         Anselm  , noting that the other two are covering the work, returns to searching.
  179.         Bellerophon     writes a big "CLOSED BY THE ORDER OF THE ADMINISTRATUM,
  180.         Bellerophon     writes a big "CLOSED BY THE ORDER OF THE ADMINISTRATUM," on it and secures it to the front of the door, just in case.
  181.         Bellerophon     returns to assist Omniel use their remaining tarp to cover the hole in the wall/window
  182.         Anselm  goes to find the lift.
  183.         Omniel  hangs some tarp, all... scientifically.
  184.         Bellerophon     ++This seems more than adequate.++
  185.         antoine The sound of engines grows louder and louder
  186.         Bellerophon     ++As long as they don't too close I believe we're safe...for now.++
  187.         Bellerophon     ++I agree with your earlier recommendation, however. All man-portable equipment should be relocated, immediately.++
  188.         Omniel  nods and goes to the landspeeder to retrieve his missile launcher and cartograph.
  189.         antoine The sound of engines is extremely close now, the tarp billows inwards as it is pushed by the force of engines.
  190.         antoine The smell of promethium and machine oil hits your senses.
  191.         Bellerophon     limps out of the apartment and into the hallway
  192.         Anselm  quickly begins to return to the landing site.
  193.         Omniel  sprints for the door, getting his missile launcher ready.
  194.         Bellerophon     ++Attempt to rescan with your auspex, Brother.++
  195.         Omniel  ++My sensors are already detecting an aircraft in very close proximity. I shall attempt to scan further.++
  196.         antoine suddenly there is a boom of fire and the tarp is shredded by heavy automatic fire. The muzzle flash and the sound of a pair of autocannons giving away the classification of the heavy weapon.
  197.         antoine The shots smash into the wall, punching large holes in them.
  198.         Omniel  ++My sensors have picked up heavy weapons nearby, Brothers.++
  199.         Bellerophon     ++I believe we've been followed.++
  200.         Bellerophon     moves farther into the hive, trying to locate the elevatus again
  201.         antoine Some of the shots smash into the rear of the landspeeder, detonating the fuel and exploding the ancient piece of technology. Shrapnel and spent rounds pepper the room in flying death.
  202.         antoine Through the tattered remains of the camo tarp two valkyrie hover outside the window. Missile pods slung under their wings and cannons set in their necks pointing at the room.
  203.         Omniel  doesn't look at the explosion, because he's a cool guy.
  204.         Bellerophon     ++Let us make haste for the elevatus.++
  205.         antoine One, spin in place and a door on the side opens to reveal a squad of troopers.
  206.         Bellerophon     moves as quickly as he can
  207.         antoine spins*
  208.         Anselm  charges forward and leaps out at the one which has opened itself.
  209.         Bellerophon     ++Sometimes, Brothers, discretion is the better part of valor. A lesson, perhaps, of more value than otherwise.++
  210.         Anselm  collides with the columns of troopers, sending the lot tumbling to their deaths as he slams through the dropship howling with a terrific fury.
  211.         Omniel  ++Our Land Speeder has been destroyed. I feel it would be at least understandable to repay them in kind.++
  212.         Bellerophon     ++And yet, when I do it, it is met with disapproval.++
  213.         Omniel  shoulders his missile launcher once more, preparing a krak missile.
  214.         Bellerophon     opens up a door a few units down from where the land speeder was and attempts to flank the Valkyries
  215.         Anselm  roars as he begins to slice into the vehicle's hull.
  216.         antoine rain begins to fall, a sudden onset of storm clouds dumping their payload on the city and it's surroundings in a downpour.
  217.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, NPCs, Belle, Omniel”
  218.         antoine Anselm cuts through the rear of the cockpit, his blade impales the pilot before it hits something vital and alarms start wailing in the back of the flying.
  219.         antoine The second valkyrie shifts back away from the opening and the first valkyrie before it strafes omniel's position with it's autocannon and the underslung missiles. The cannon punctuates each shot with an almighty bang while rockets streak out towards the techmarine.
  220.         antoine The shots miss the Dark Angel, only managing to chew up the side of the spire and stir up dust obscuring the room.
  221.         Bellerophon     finishes charging through a door into a nearby apartment, faces the window, and attempts to destroy the Valkyrie in a single salvo by destroying the cockpit
  222.         antoine The first few rounds hit the pilot and gunner, spraying red gore on the cockpit canopies while the rest of the shots rake the side of the transport, killing those inside. The engine is hit and explodes in a wash of fire, taking off the left wing and tail. The burning wreck give into gravity and begins to fall.
  223.         Anselm  steps up to the ramp of the Valkyrie, and steps off, falling free of the vehicle before gunning his jump pack and taking flight, pushing to its highest possible speeds.
  224.         Omniel  ++Brothers, I am detecting life signs concentrated near the elevator. A fairly large amount.++
  225.         Bellerophon     ++Duly noted, Brothers.++
  226.         Omniel  draws his bolter and aims towards the door, preparing to fire.
  227.         Bellerophon     spins around, as he can, to face the doorway. If they come this way they will be killed.
  228.         Anselm  rockets towards a second window pane a couple stories above the original.
  229.         Anselm  smashes his way through, landing in the midst of yet another room in ignorance of whatever is contained within.
  230.         Anselm  stands once more, and looks about. ++As you are fully capable of handling things, I shall attempt to get to the bottom of our mysterious disappearing inhabitants...++
  231.         Omniel  ++Understood. Go with caution, Brother.++
  232.         antoine As Anselm rockets up the valk pitches and rolls into a corkscrew down towards the ground, its engines spluttering.
  233.         Omniel  ++The life signs do not appear to have moved. Perhaps we should take a more proactive approach. Brother Bellerephon, if I open the door, could you cover me?++
  234.         Omniel  ++More life signs, as well. Coming up in the elevator.++
  235.         Omniel  advances to the door, staying to one side as he opens it carefully. In the other he prepares a grenade.
  236.         Bellerophon     ++Would it not be better to lure them into a corridor where I can maximize the damage?++
  237.         antoine The sound of many more engines reach your ears, overlapping each other. It is likely a much larger PDF response is on its way. At the same time the edge of the rooms you are in are suddenly shredded by heavy cannon fire, hydra's below sending a rain of shells at your position.
  238.         Omniel  ++I'm hoping to flush them out with a grenade. Where are you located, Brother?++
  239.         Bellerophon     ++A few units down from where the Land Speeder was.++
  240.         antoine The footfalls of men can be heard in the corridor.
  241.         Anselm  ++Get further into the building. Now.++
  242.         Omniel  chucks the grenade quickly.
  243.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  244.         antoine There is a crump of an explosion and cries of pain in the corridor.
  245.         Bellerophon     ++I will engage the infantry. Keep your eyes and missiles towards the sky.++
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  247.         Bellerophon     moves out of the apartment and back into the safety(safer) hallway
  248.         antoine Belle comes upon a group of PDF, dragging their wounded back towards the elevator around the corner.
  249.         Bellerophon     ++Surrender. Now.++
  250.         antoine The boom of your amplified vox makes them drop their weapons and scurry away, leaving their wounded to your mercy.
  251.         Bellerophon     ++Squad broken, but there are wounded to attend to.++
  252.         Omniel  ++Bellerephon, caution. A second group has arrived in the elevatus.++
  253.         Bellerophon     ++I believe these troops are Spire security, rather than pro Tau.++
  254.         Bellerophon     ++These are no longer enemy combatants and they will thereby be given the option of surrender.++
  255.         Omniel  ++Remain prepared for incoming hostiles.++
  256.         Bellerophon     ++Further investigation will be required. Do not kill unless forced to.++
  257.         antoine The wounded mewl in pain on the floor as the hydra batteries cease firing and the sound of promethium guzzling engines approach ever more closely, they will soon be upon you.
  258.         Anselm  ++Survive. Go further in. I will deal with this.++
  259.         Omniel  ducks through the door quickly, switching to his bolter on the way. ++There are more vehicles approaching. There's nothing left to salvage here. We need to clear out that Elevatus and head down, unless there is a second route.++
  260.         Bellerophon     ++I did not encounter stairs, but I did not go far.++
  261.         Omniel  focusses his sensors once more, to try and discern the location of those life signs he detected earlier.
  262.         Bellerophon     daisy chains the wounded together and drags them behind him as he limps further into the spire
  263.         Omniel  approaches the corner carefully, remaining in cover. ++They are here. The elevatus is behind them. If we take them out, then there is a clear path.++
  264.         Bellerophon     ++I understand.++
  265.         antoine The roar of engines is now reverberating the walls and the carpeted floors. the once gilded floor now has ugly charred patches, the floor is ripped and the walls are scored from weapons fire.
  266.         Anselm  ++Beware! More troops coming in!++
  267.         Omniel  ++Noted.++
  268.         Bellerophon     looks around the foyer and elevatus. Is there anybody?
  269.         antoine a fusillade of heavy bolters shot stream past Bellerophons head as he checks the corner.
  270.         Bellerophon     pulls his head back
  271.         Omniel  ++Were there indeed hostiles?++
  272.         Bellerophon     turns his vox volume to 11 and broadcasts
  273.         Bellerophon     ++You will surrender, or you will die. I am holding some of your squadmates. They are wounded. Stand down and tend to your wounded.++
  274.         Anselm  ++Hostiles now entering via wall!++
  275.         Omniel  ++Are we any closer to the elevatus, Brother?++
  276.         Omniel  ++Because there are more vehicles approaching, as well. And life signs in our original point of entry.++
  277.         antoine "We give up, please don't kill us."
  278.         Omniel  ++We should try and rendezvous with Brother Anselm, if possible.++
  279.         Bellerophon     turns the corner and drops off the injured with the heavy weapons team
  280.         Bellerophon     ++Who is your leader, and where is he?++
  281.         antoine The men cower, with hands on their heads.
  282.         Omniel  follows Belle, making a beeline for the elevatus
  283.         antoine you hear footsteps in the corridor you just left.
  284.         Omniel  ++Brother, can you walk?++
  285.         Bellerophon     ++Not like I could.++
  286.         Omniel  grasps Belle with his servo-arm carefully, lifting him and bodily carrying the Ultramarine to the elevatus, using his bionic sprinting power.
  287.         Bellerophon     ++Brother, can your auspex identify the freqeuncies the defense force is using to communicate?++
  288.         Omniel  ++I can attempt it at least.++
  289.         antoine The footsteps behind you suddenly slow to a stop
  290.         Omniel  mashes on the down button in the elevatus.
  291.         Bellerophon     ++Do so. Perhaps we can reason with their commander.++
  292.         Omniel  ++You may be able to communicate vocally, with the nearby men at least. I'm detecting more of them with each passing second...++
  293.         Bellerophon     ++They seem unresponsive. The heavy bolter team answered me not.++
  294.         antoine The elevator descends with a groan, slowly heading into the depth of the spire.
  295.         Omniel  ++Ah, a bit of luck at least. For the time being we are secure... I shall try and ascertain their frequency.++
  296.         Bellerophon     ++It is unlikely they were of great value anyways.++
  297.         Bellerophon     listen to the elevatus' soothing musical tones
  298.         antoine A pre-recorded message is emitted from the vox in the elevator in a metallic tone "Work hard and do your duty to Carthoga, give praise the the parliament who guide us."
  299.         Omniel  sets Belle down once again.
  300.         Bellerophon     ++Raise the commander and tell them to stand down.++
  301.         Bellerophon     ++Or patch it through my vox.++
  302.         antoine You hear a bang above you and the elevator shudders
  303.         antoine Suddenly a bright explosion lights up your autosenses, they struggle to recover as you are peppered by a hot wave of power.
  304.         Bellerophon     explodes and crumples to the floor!
  305.         antoine in the aftermath the elevator drops like a stone, looking up you see a man with a missile launcher looking down, smoke trailing from the end of the weapon.
  306.         Omniel  ++Bellerephon, don't you die on me!++
  307.         Omniel  grasps the injured Bellerephon once more, firing the grapnel straight up at the shaft as they drop.
  308.         antoine The grapnel catches a side of the shaft and the elevator drops from around you, gravity pulls you into the wall and you smash into it with a thud.
  309.         antoine The men at the shaft were you exited look on in disbelief as one of them reloads the weapon, their shouts of alarm echoing down the shaft
  310.         antoine at the floor*
  311.         Omniel  winces stoically, bringing his bolter to bear. ++It will take more than that to halt a servant of the emperor!++
  312.         Omniel  sprays up as they descend, hoping to dissuade them from trying another shot.
  313.         antoine a group of men, including the missile launcher bearer fall down the shaft, some with limbs attached, others are not so lucky. Regardless they tumble down into the darkness of the depths of the shaft.
  314.         Omniel  tries to maneuver the unconscious Bellerephon out of their way, gritting his teeth.
  315.         Omniel  ++Brother Anselm, do you read me? Brother Bellerephon is gravely injured. Where is your location?++
  316.         Anselm  ++I am aloft.++
  317.         Omniel  ++...Aloft? Brother Bellerephon and myself are in the elevator shaft, heading downwards. Can you rendezvous with us?++
  318.         Anselm  As the Knight-Brother's vox re-opens the scream of jet-intakes can be heard even through the insulation of the unit. ++It may be difficult. Try to remain safe.++
  319.         Omniel  ++Understood. I shall attempt to remain in communication for the time being.++
  320.         Omniel  brings his sensors online once more, hoping to discern if more troops are nearby.
  321.         Omniel  grunts, noting the life signs nearby, and continues to drop lower, wondering how deep the elevator shaft goes.
  322.         Omniel  continues down until the cord is nearly at its limit before trying the nearest elevator door.
  323.         antoine Omniel pries open the door slightly, enough to look through the gap
  324.         antoine With another heave Omniel pushes open the sliding doors with a clatter and a corridor sits in front of him.
  325.         antoine This one it lit, the white walls reflecting the fluorescent light.
  326.         antoine On the wall in front of you is the prime helix symbol.
  327.         Omniel  quickly enters the corridor before unhitching his grapnel and spooling it back up. ++Interesting...++ He examines the symbol for a moment, before looking around for a place to duck into.
  328.         antoine inside the corridor heads both left and right. with doors at regular intervals.
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