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Eaten, Ch1

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May 30th, 2015
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  1. Chapter 1
  2. Before I realized, I was on the bed in an unfamiliar room
  5. When I opened my eyes, I realized that I was lying on a bed in an unfamiliar room.
  8. Er...what is this?
  10. I looked around the room in confusion. No matter how long I look around, I cannot recognize anything.
  11. Though it dimly lit, I'm sure that this room is much larger than my own.
  12. Such a soft bed. This is really comfortable.
  13. It makes me jealous.
  15. After bouncing on a bed for a while, I return to my senses.
  16. No, no, this is not the time for something like this.
  17. Where is this? How did I come here?
  18. No matter how stupid I am, I should first remember the situation.
  20. For starters, let's think about what I was doing before ending up here.
  21. Umm...If I remember correctly, I was taking a bath...
  22. I was thinking "though it's already spring, the weather is still cold" while putting my favorite citrus bath soap in the tub for an enjoyable soak.
  24. I like taking my time to bathe.
  25. Sometimes I can't afford the time, but today I don't have anything else to do but sleep.
  26. The report due tomorrow is already finished, so no need to work tonight.
  27. My body warms up throughly.
  28. Hmmm... This feels heavenly...
  29. I've learned from getting light-headed before, not to stay too long in the bath.
  30. Of course, I wrap a towel around myself so that the room doesn't get wet.
  32. And then...
  33. Out of nowhere, I heard the sound of a child laughing.
  35. Eh?
  36. I turned around to see...of course, no one was there.
  37. A sudden fear overtook me. If it was a ghost...
  38. This made me hurriedly leave the bathroom without drying myself properly.
  39. But...I tripped carelessly at the door.
  40. This bed cushioned my fall.
  42. Okay. So that's what happened.
  43. But...this is still confusing!
  45. If I fell down at the bathroom door, then I should have been at the door.
  46. But instead, I was lying on this unknown bed.
  47. And I'm still only wrapped in this one towel.
  48. Well, I'm dry now since it's absorbed all the moisture.
  50. Er...what should I do?
  51. However, before I could think of an answer-
  53. *Creak*....
  55. The door opened.
  56. As light streamed through the door, I could see the silhouette of a person.
  57. They entered and saw me.
  59. "Who is that?"
  61. I startled because their voice was very low and sounded cold.
  62. Is this person the owner of the room?
  63. Wouldn't that make me a trespasser?
  64. How could I explain the situation to him.
  65. Un the first place, I don't know how I got here myself!
  67. "Er...Hello"
  69. I decided to try saying hello to him.
  70. A proper greeting is important!
  72. "... A woman."
  74. Judging from the voice, this person must be a man.
  75. And they are already pretty close to the bed.
  76. Oh...I don't know what's happening. But...I really want to escape.
  77. Perhaps this is what a frog feels when being watched by a snake.
  79. Even though the room is quite dark and I can't see very well, I can tell he isn't pleased.
  80. What should I do if he kicks me out?
  82. As he reaches me, suddenly the lights come on..
  83. Remote control? I didn't hear anything like the *click* of a light switch.
  84. And to my surprise...
  86. He's totally my type....!!
  88. This is one good-looking man.
  89. His short brown hair seems to sparkle. Ummm, golden brown?
  90. Sharp grey eyes...hmmm no, probably deep blue.
  92. Actually, if you say 'handsome man', most people would think of a kind and caring-looking prince.
  93. However, for myself, it's a would be completely different image.
  94. Ummm...I prefer a man who looks manly. Beefy muscles. Solid arms. Wide shoulders. A rough and sharp face.
  95. ... I can forgive a sweaty smell.
  97. If I have to guess his 'type'... knight? No, probably soldier...
  99. "Handsome..."
  101. That slipped out. He frowns in response.
  103. "...It is that then"
  105. He murmured softly to himself.
  107. Eh? What do you mean by that?
  109. I tilted my head, confused.
  111. The man made a scary face, but since he looked really hadsome I didn't avert my eyes. Why look elsewhere when faced with such eye candy?
  113. Umm... To tell the truth, I don't know how I know, but I feel like if I break eye contact... Game Over.
  115. The man let out a sigh before stretching out a hand to me. He pulled off the towel around my body.
  117. ...And then...
  119. Of course, I'm now totally naked.
  121. "E...Eeekkkkkkk"
  123. I was paralyzed for a second before looking for something to cover myself with.
  124. That's right, I'm on a bed, a blanket!
  125. I'm still shocked and confused, but at least I thought of something like this.
  126. I hurriedly hid myself under the blanket.
  128. This man! What did he think he was doing!
  129. Don't think you can do whatever you like just because you're handsome!
  130. Well... it's not like I have a figure worth gawking at. *sob*
  132. "She doesn't seem to have a hidden weapon (emono)...hmm, that means, it's something like that..."
  134. What are you talking about?!
  135. Prey (emono)? So like rabbits? Birds? Wild boars?
  137. (*Weapon and prey are both "emono" in Japanese*)
  139. I'm not that smart to begin with, but this is getting more and more confusing.
  140. I have no idea what's going on.
  142. He next tried to pull the blanket away. Of course I wasn't going to give in that easily.
  143. After a brief tug of war, he gave up and let go of the blanket.
  144. However, it was probably a feint to take me off guard. When I loosened my grip, he suddenly yanked out the blanket out of my hands.
  145. I tried to hide under the sheets next, but he was much faster.
  147. He jumped over and pushed me down, pinning my arms down.
  148. Er...this situation doesn't look so good.
  149. What business do you have with me?
  151. ""
  152. "Say what you want, it doen't matter. You're mine for the night."
  154. He cut me off before I could say anything.
  155. Anyway, it's not like I knew what to say in the first place. It wouldn't have mattered.
  156. I'm not food, but I'm about to be 'eaten' in a very real sense!
  158. While pinning me down with one hand, he began to caress me with the other one.
  159. I'm not naive enough to misunderstand his intentions. He had me on the bed, touched me in such a manner, it was that sort of situation.
  160. Perhaps I flipped his 'predator' switch, but either way, he's got me.
  162. Of course I thought 'I must escape', but really, that's impossible.
  163. He's a strong man, musculcar.
  164. Also, I don't know where I am, so where would I go?
  166. "Nn..."
  168. I moaned despite myself as he kissed the nape of my neck.
  169. Well, we -are- doing something like that, so it's only natural, but he's good with his fingers!
  170. Somehow, he's getting me warmed up to this.
  171. It's because he's handsome... I'm getting into the mood. Yeah, he's very handsome.
  172. Honestly, I don't know, it doesn't matter anyway.
  174. Aaah, I'm overthinking this.
  175. I should just let it go.
  176. It's not like I'm seeing someone at the moment. My last boyfriend and I broke up half a year ago. Gehh.
  178. I've never gone this far with someone, not on the first day we met... certainly not while total strangers.
  179. I don't think I'm an easy woman. Isn't this a modern world, after all? That's what I think anyway.
  180. 'No, you take it too lightly' my friends would retort.
  182. It's not like I can actually escape anyway.
  183. And the kind I really like, handsome.
  184. Come to think of it, it's a pretty good deal for me.
  185. Umm. Alright. Alright.
  188. And so, I decided to just enjoy myself.
  191. NOTES:
  192. "He's good with his fingers though!"
  193. -I think it's literally saying "his every touch is erotic"
  195. Seriously, she uses "ikumen" (handsome) a ton...
  198. I think the last line in Japanese is some sort of euphemism I can't tell. It's something like "I decided to put heat in the lamp" which, well you can guess.
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