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  1. server:
  2.   listenaddr: "" # the address to bind on, leave empty to bind on all addresses
  3.   port: 80 # the port for the http server
  4.   ssl:
  5.     enabled: false # if https should be enabled
  6.     redirecttohttps: true # redirect to https if site is accessed by http
  7.     listenaddr: "" # the address to bind on, leave empty to bind on all addresses
  8.     port: 443 # the https port
  9.     certfile: # the cert file (leave empty when using letsencrypt)
  10.     certkey: # the cert key (leave empty when using letsencrypt)
  11.     letsencrypt:
  12.       enabled: false # if the certificate should be requested from letsencrypt
  13.       accepttos: false # if you accept the tos from letsencrypt
  14.       cache: data/certs # the directory of the cache from letsencrypt
  15.       hosts: # the hosts for which letsencrypt should request certificates
  16.         - mydomain.tld
  17.         - myotherdomain.tld
  18.   responseheaders: # response headers are added to every response (default: none)
  19.     Access-Control-Allow-Origin: "*"
  20.     Access-Control-Allow-Methods: "GET,POST"
  21.   stream:
  22.     allowedorigins: # allowed origins for websocket connections (same origin is always allowed, default only same origin)
  23.       - ""
  24.       - ""
  25. database: # see below
  26.   dialect: sqlite3
  27.   connection: data/gotify.db
  28. defaultuser: # on database creation, gotify creates an admin user (these values will only be used for the first start, if you want to edit the user after the first start use the WebUI)
  29.   name: admin # the username of the default user
  30.   pass: admin # the password of the default user
  31. passstrength: 10 # the bcrypt password strength (higher = better but also slower)
  32. uploadedimagesdir: data/images # the directory for storing uploaded images
  33. pluginsdir: data/plugins # the directory where plugin resides (leave empty to disable plugins)
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