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  1. (15:07:11) Skittlez: oh loook at u zac
  2. 15:07:16) Skittlez: trying to be all professional
  3. (15:07:19) [TFR]Patrick: lol
  4. (15:07:22) +[SK]Zac Flare!: I am professional
  5. (15:07:24) +[SK]Zac Flare!: Look at skittle
  6. (15:07:29) +[SK]Zac Flare!: being the troll he has and always been
  7. (15:07:33) Skittlez: u cant even spell my name
  8. (15:07:36) Battle between [SK]Youngster Matt and [UW]Sil Cypher started.
  9. (15:07:38) Skittlez: hows that professional
  10. (15:07:40) [TFR]Patrick: xDDD
  11. (15:07:40) Skittlez has been mutedr by [SK]Zac Flare!!
  12. (15:07:50) +[SK]Zac Flare!: thats how professional my muted feels
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