Welcome to the Heavy Cruiser Dormitory [Typeset]

Jun 10th, 2016
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  1. Welcome to the Heavy Cruiser Dormitory Translation
  2. From
  4. >Tone: Faster faster faster! Move your arms and legs!!
  5. >Suzuya: Oy, hold up, Tone-san.
  6. >Tone: Hm? What is it?
  7. >Suzuya: Instead of just standing there and waving your arms, don't you have some of your own stuff to move?
  8. >Tone: Hmhmhm, Suzuya-dono (note: the word literally means -kakka as in addressing royalty, but I doubt Tone calls people that), you are too naive.
  9. >Suzuya: Eh? What?
  10. >Tone: This is because This One (Literally: Wagahai)...
  12. >Tone: Is this Heavy Cruiser Dormitory's
  14. >Tone: Dorm Chief!
  15. >Tone: Also, Chikuma is bringing This One's luggage in by her own volition. [Witness it!]
  17. >[Preface]
  18. >[Pleased to meet you, I am ching chong nip nong. Thank you very much for buying this doujin!]
  19. >[Since I wasn't able to sell my Tone doujin previously at Winter Comiket, I went all otu drawing this one this time!]
  20. >[I hope that each of you will be able to understand Tone's appeal.]
  21. >[Tone is No. 1!!!!!]
  22. >[Heavy Cruisers are the Best!!!]
  23. >[Also, this time around my Admiral, Shizumi, shows up. I hope everyone also treasures her.... (bow/Dogeza)]
  24. >[Well then, please enjoy!]
  26. >Tone: Golden Hair?!
  27. >*Tone is a little bad at dealing with the foreign shipgirls.
  29. >Tone: Who art thou?!
  30. >Why are you in This One and Chikuma's bedroom?!
  31. >Chikuma: Tone nee-san?
  32. >Chikuma: why are you so frantic? Did something happen?
  33. >Tone: Chikuma!!
  34. >Tone: Chikuma~it's terrible!
  35. >Chikuma: Huh?
  36. >Tone: There's some kind of gold-haired foreign stranger!
  38. >Bismarck: Mmm--.... what a bother....
  39. >Bismarck: According to the higher-ups, you were given notice beforehand...did you forget?
  40. >Tone: This One doesn't remember anything like that?
  41. >Chikuma: Didn't the Admiral bring it up a few days ago when she called you in?
  42. >[Tone: Hm--...?]
  43. >TTK: To~ne~!
  44. >TTK: Right now, construction is projected to be complete by next week. I'll be counting on you as the dorm chief for everything, alright?
  45. >Tone: Excellent! Leave it to This One!
  46. >TTK: Ah, also
  47. >[TTK: Let me share your room.... <3]
  48. >[TTK: Ah~
  49. ] >TTK: There'll be a new face at the dorms, could you take care of her?
  50. >Tone: Hm? I hear and obey!
  51. >[Tone: No? This One will be living with Chikuma?]
  52. >Tone: a new face?
  54. >Tone: That was it--?!
  55. >[That]
  56. >Eugen: Pleased to meet you!
  57. >Eugen: Ehhhh?! What's going on?!
  59. >Suzuya(?): Hm~ so this is the foreign ship?
  60. >Tone: Indeed!
  61. >Kumano/Ashigara(?): Dear me, she's an even cuter shipgirl than I thought she'd be~
  62. >Tone(?): [hm?] Is that so?
  63. >Suzuya: Nah~ but really, who knows~? She does look adorable, but it's not impossible that she has a terrible personality~?
  64. >Kumano: To say something like that out loud, aren't you the one with a terrible personality?
  65. >Suzuya: What was that?! Kumano, you lookin' for a fight?!
  66. >Ashigara: How are you taking this in such a carefree fashion....
  67. >Suzuya and Kumano: What [now?!] [is it?!]
  68. >Ashigara: Look: look at her carefully.
  70. >Ashigara: Golden Hair!! Glowing with the radiance of an angel descended from heaven!
  71. >Ashigara: Deep Blue Eyes!! You'd believe her even if she said they were born from the Aegean Sea!
  72. >Ashigara: A perfect chest!! Measurements that are not too large but not too small! If you poke them, it instantly bounces back! Quality deserving of the royalty that is her namesake (literally: Quality deserving of the name Prinz!) and that makes you look forward to her future growth!
  73. >[Ashigara and Suzuya: F...foreign ships are truly scary!]
  75. >Ashigara: But as for me?
  76. >Ashigara: I go to the barber and beauty parlor three times a month, take careful care of my hair and maintain my posture. I de--finitely don't fall behind, you know?
  77. >Suzuya: If we're talking looks, Suzuya has has never spent a cent on my appearance, you know? My light, soft skin and soft silky hair won't lose either, you know?
  78. >Ashigara: The hell?
  79. >Suzuya: Eh?
  81. >Ashigara: Haah?! What's with that? Keep thinking you're young and getting full of yourself and you'llgoing to regret it, you know?! You Locomotive Head? (Note: literally "Train Head")
  82. >Suzuya: Oy! Who you calling a train head?! Leftover Wolf!
  83. >Ahisgara: Well that's it, you've gone and said it now! You novice prostitute!!
  84. >Suzuya: Don't call me that! You're going to cause some strange misunderstandings?!
  85. >[Suzuya/Ashigara: Uwahh--!! Suzuya's gone mad--!!!]
  87. >Tone: This one understands!
  88. >Kumano: Ah?
  89. >Tone: Thine feelings, This One understands ve---ry well, you know?
  90. >Kumano: Tone
  91. >Tone: The truth is that This One and you endure similar circumstances.
  92. >Kumano: Eh? >Kumano: What do yo mean...?
  93. >Tone: Look hither | If you didn't pay attention, you'd think those twin peaks belonged to battleships.
  94. >Kumano: That's true....
  95. >Tone: And since her Kai II remodel, her pose and appearance have both become more glamorous.
  96. >Kumano: Ahh---
  97. >Chikuma: Eh, hold on, Nee-san?!
  100. >Atago: Eh~ What's going on~? What are we all in a fuss about~?
  101. >Tone: Ah, Atago-dono.
  102. >Atago: Uhu (note: her giggle)
  103. >Tone: Let me introduce you. This is the recent newcomer, Prinz Eugen-dono.
  104. >Atago: Ara~
  105. >Atago: Nice to meet you, I'm atago~
  106. >Eugen: Tone-san.
  107. >Tone: Yes?
  108. >Eugen: ...Is this a battleship? [Is she foreign as well?]
  109. >Tone: No...she is indeed a heavy cruiser.
  110. >[Atago: Ara]
  111. >Eugen: No way?!
  113. >Tone: Whew....well, it's already night time, should we go and take a bath~?
  114. >[Tone: This One feels a little tired...]
  115. >Eugen: We're taking a bath?!
  116. >Eugen: I've been really lookign forwards to Japanese baths!!
  117. >Tone: Hm? Is that so?
  118. >Eugen: That's right! | Japan's bath culture seems to all kinds of stuff, from hot springs to bathhouses.
  119. >Eugen: I've been looking forwards to that kind of variety!
  120. >Tone: I see!
  121. >Tone: [Bathhouses?] [Hot springs?]
  122. >Tone: his one has also been looking forwards to how the new dorm bath hall will look!
  123. >Eugen: Tone-san! Let's hurry up and look!
  124. >Tone: Very well! Let us depart!!
  126. >Tone: Even so, foreign ships, really
  127. >Tone: One can't help but be a little envious just looking at them.
  128. >Eugen: But Tone-san, you have a beautiful pair of legs too!
  129. >Tone: F-flattery won't do you any good, you know?!
  130. >Tone: Well then, let us sally forth!
  132. >Eugen: S....
  133. >Eugen: So roomy!
  134. >Tone: Truly!
  135. >Tone: This is truly spacious indeed!
  137. >TTK: To--
  138. >TTK: ne--
  139. >TTK: Dearest!!
  140. >Tone: Nyaa---!!
  142. >Tone: [Flee]
  143. >Tone: A-Admiral! | What are your intentions?!
  144. >TTK: Ehhh--? You're so cold--
  145. >TTK: I'm just doing a body inspection~
  146. >TTK: A tight, lithe body!
  147. >TTK: Soft, resilient skin!
  148. >TTK: Wonderful! [Thank you!]
  149. >Chikuma: [Ad][miral] [sa][n]
  150. >TTK: is a very profound reason behind this, ah,
  151. >TTK: Ahhhhh--!!
  153. >Tone: Really....
  154. >Tone: This one truly cannot beat that Admiral.
  155. >Tone: Sorry about that, Prinz-dono.
  156. >Eugen: 'sss finee--!
  157. >Eugen: Oogin's not cncerned--!
  158. >Tone: Thou!
  159. >Tone: What is this?!
  160. >Eugen: Hehh? | Don't you all drink alcohol when you bathe~?
  161. >Tone: W....while that is correct, who drinks beer in the baths?
  163. >Eugen: AHhh--! Does Tone-chan not know?
  164. >Eugen: Warm Beer is really popular in germany, you know!
  165. >Tone: Ahh! That is indeed true!
  166. >Eugen: Either way, Tone-chan, come and have a cuppa too!
  167. >Tone:! Well then, this one will partake!
  169. >Chikuma: Really.... | you two drank awy too much! [Nee-san has no alcohol tolerance at all....]
  170. >Tone: Uu--.... Chikuma---sorry---
  171. >Chikuma: Prinz, from now on you're banned from drinking beer in the baths, okay?
  172. >Eugen: Yes.... [so comfortable]
  174. >Tone: Mmm.....
  175. >Tone: I want to go the toilet....
  176. >Tone: Chikuma--Chikuma--- this one wants to go to the bathroom--
  177. >Chikuma: Mmmhohohoho, Nee-san! Ah! There....ah! Tone nee-san!! Ohhohohoho, aha!
  179. >Tone: Yawn
  180. >Tone: W-what!! | I am simply going on a trip to the washroom!! | T....this one feels not a shred of fear!
  181. >Tone: Who goes keep hte lights on at such a late hour....
  182. >* It's you. >[Clack (note: the sound of a door)]
  183. >Uwaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!
  185. >Tone: Haaah.....
  186. >Tone: Haaah....
  187. >Tone: Behold!!
  188. >Tone: I have arrived safe and sound!
  189. >Tone: How's that!! For this One, there are no impossibilities!
  190. >Tone: Ah, art thou changing (note: changing clothes, literally) as well at this late hour?
  191. >Tone: you could at least turn on the lights...
  192. >???: Good evening...
  194. >Eugen: Ah, Tone-san
  195. >Tone: I didn't think I'd meet you here.
  196. >Tone: [Awawawa]
  197. >Tone: I may have sprung a leak....[probably...]
  198. >Eugen: Ahhhhh! i'm so sorry!
  199. >Tone: Eh! There is no need to apologize!
  201. >Chikuma: Mm--.... It's morning, huh...
  202. >Chikuma: Tone nee-san, Eugen-san, good morn--
  203. >CHikuma: Ara ara
  205. >Chikuma: Tone nee-san--, Eugen-san-- | The sun is up, you know~?
  206. >Tone(?): Mm-aahhhh
  207. >Eugen(?): Good Morning.
  208. >-to be continued-
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