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Jun 7th, 2015
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  1. RobTopGames: I still need to do a changelog + tutorials to show how all the new things work in 2.0
  3. RobTopGames: Anyone want a spoiler?
  4. RobTopGames: There is a new trigger in 2.0 that is called "Pulse Trigger". Which is related to color effects and its awesome
  5. RobTopGames: won't tell you more than that though
  7. RobTopGames: I will probably release more videos but not as promos, more like a tutorial
  8. RobTopGames: There are a lot of new tools that need explaining
  10. RobTopGames: its very very close to being done. I just dont say any dates because I'm not 100% sure
  11. RobTopGames: That way players won't get their hopes up for nothing :)
  13. RobTopGames: There are a lot of complicated systems and changes in 2.0 to allow more creativity when building levels. I think level creators will have more tools and more options than ever before. Really look forward to see what everyone builds :)
  15. RobTopGames: I don't think there is any risk I will run out of ideas, but I always include ideas and suggestions from the community. I follow level creators and the community very closely
  17. RobTopGames: And yes, after 2.0 is released I will try to setup a better system to handle rating and featuring levels faster. Also new ways to make it easier for unknown creators to get discovered :)
  19. RobTopGames: Sorry got to go guys, but I will try to post more info as soon as possible! :) Working non stop to get this done so dont worry, it's coming ^^
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