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  1. Hey guys. It's time to do that long-awaited concept of a Cyberscore Champions Music Contest! We have had 15 total MCs (MC and VGMC) up till now, and I feel that's enough to properly have a successful and meaty Champions Music Contest.
  3. Now my plan is to lay out how I feel the contest will go, and ask questions to get feedback from you guys, the community, on how you want it formatted and run. Some things I feel strongly about, while most of the rest are up for debate. I think getting the community's feedback is good as if little agree with my whole approach, nobody will participate (which for this contest in particular, will be a really bad thing). There are a bunch of small details I can work out myself (like voting scheme), but this pastebin is for the larger questions that need answering and the explanation of the bigger plan in general. Here is what I feel like going with for this contest:
  5. ------------------
  6. My plan:
  7. ------------------
  8. My main idea is slightly different from the past, but I feel like it'll be fine for this contest. Participants in this Champions MC will not be suggesting songs or "representing" them in this contest. Participants will only be voting for their favorite songs from the pre-existing song list. Given that we are just compiling the best songs from past contests, it would be weird to have people suggest them again. It doesn't really serve a point to me. Plus, I feel this approach would be better than allowing people to pick songs they want because it would either be first come first serve (making people angry if they aren't fast enough to get their desired songs represented), or a random assignment of songs to participants (not the best approach either, to me). In any case, the original members who suggested the songs will be credited during this contest. I honestly feel the whole concept of this contest is motivating and interesting enough where people don't really need extra rewards/benefits to vote. The point here is to gather quality songs (as voted by the community over the past 8 years) and have them duke it out to see who comes out on top in the end. For me, that should be awesome in and of itself. This means there will be no voter's bonus at all in this contest, even if past winners participate.
  10. My next point I feel strongly about is that I want this contest to be shorter than all of the others. Given its nature, this seems fine. Depending upon the amount of songs I will choose for this contest, I was thinking of having at most three rounds of voting, with one 2-week round if and only if we have a single round. I could hold multiple rounds and whittle down a long list of songs that way, but if we only took say, 15 total songs (winners from each contest), whittling them down over multiple rounds might not be the best idea. It really depends upon what the community wants as far as the amount of songs entered. I'm open to ideas for this (see the questions section below).
  12. I think that I'd prefer to mix VG music and non-VG music for this contest. That allows us to have songs from every single contest that was held, and it will make this contest more robust & complete. At the most, I was thinking of taking the top 3 songs from each contest which would be 45 total songs. If we did top 2; 30 songs. And of course if you want a "pure" Champions MC with only winners we would end up with 15 songs (a decent sized single round, if you will).
  14. ------------------
  15. Questions for you all:
  16. ------------------
  17. 1. Do you want the MC songs and VGMC songs mixed together? This will create a more robust contest if so, and if not it will be less meaty as far as size. This seems like a good idea on paper, but then again, VG music is a bit different from non-VG music.
  18. 2. How many songs from each contest do you want? This will really depend upon if we mix VG and non-VG music or not.
  19. 3. Do you want the Dynamic Vote from MC #15 to return?
  20. 4. Given my plan: if you think further incentives are needed to vote, what do you think will work?
  21. 5. What structure of rounds do you think will be best? (depends on the amount of songs)
  22. 6. What time of day and day of the week for live results is best for you?
  23. 7. (Kind of irrelevant but) Do you want this contest before or after VGMC #7?
  25. ------------------
  26. Ending thoughts:
  27. ------------------
  28. Do note I might have missed something or you may have ideas for me that I didn't write here; let me know if so!!! I am pasting the CS forum links to each contest below if you want to familiarize yourselves with them. I know a bunch of YouTube links are inaccessible/blocked/removed at this point to various people, so I'll need help with compiling the list of up to date song links no matter what song mix we decide on. Start date, duration of the contest (short!), and miscellaneous minor details to be in the forum topic I make for this. Once this is over, I plan to start VGMC #7 right away (either hosted by me or SaimeZX), which will have a more traditional format. Thanks for reading and please give me feedback on this ASAP so we can begin ASAP!
  30. MC #1:
  31. MC #2:
  32. MC #3:
  33. VGMC #1:
  34. MC #5:
  35. VGMC #2:
  36. MC #7:
  37. VGMC #3:
  38. MC #9:
  39. VGMC #4:
  40. MC #11:
  41. VGMC #5:
  42. MC #13:
  43. VGMC #6:
  44. MC #15:
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