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2017-07-17 TOEFL: reading and listening tests

gmalivuk Jul 17th, 2017 359 Never
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  1. Greg Malivuk
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  3. http://www.pastebin.com/u/gmalivuk - notes from all classes
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  5. Homework: correct the errors in the paragraph on the “Common Errors” handout (p. 165)
  6.     Optional: Complete the sentences with your own ideas in the parallel structure handout (p. 31)
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  8. Most people want to be successful in life. They may measure their success in different ways. Some people think it is earning money, others think it is being famous, and others think it is going on expensive holidays and owning houses and cars. Whatever kind of success you choose, I believe that there is one personal characteristic that is essential if you want to be successful, and that is honesty. Honesty is important for several reasons.
  9. First, honesty is important if you want to earn the trust of your friends and colleagues. No matter what profession you are in, whether business, law, education, or medicine, it is important for other people to know that you will always tell them the truth. I believe that people who are honest will usually be more successful in the end because more people come to them for advice and ask for their help.
  10. Second, honesty is very important for your own self-esteem. How can you enjoy your success if it has been built on dishonest actions in the past, or by deceiving other people? If you want to feel calm and relaxed in your heart, it is important to feel that you have always tried your best to be honest with others. If you feel confident, you can make better decisions and you will be more successful in your relationships with others. People who are honest will be rewarded for their honesty.
  11. Finally, honesty is important to society as a whole. If we try to be honest, we can be role models for our children and also for other people. If there were more honest people in the world, it would reduce the amount of crime and violence and we would live in a better society.
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  13. Reading Test - ETS 2 test 1 - Take 20 minutes to answer the questions about each passage.
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  15. BREAK
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  17. Listening Test - ETS 1 test 4
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  19. What type of question is each one on the listening test?
  20. 1 main idea (purpose)
  21. 2 attitude
  22. 3 inference
  23. 4 inference
  24. 5 prediction
  25. 6 main idea (content)
  26. 7 detail
  27. 8 detail
  28. 9 inference
  29. 10 inference
  30. 11 detail/inference
  31. 12 main idea (content)
  32. 13 detail
  33. 14 detail
  34. 15 detail
  35. 16 function
  36. 17 inference
  37. 18 main idea (purpose)
  38. 19 purpose
  39. 20 detail
  40. 21 inference/function
  41. 22 inference/function
  42. 23 main idea (content)
  43. 24 detail
  44. 25 detail
  45. 26 inference
  46. 27 function
  47. 28 function
  48. 29 main idea (content)
  49. 30 detail
  50. 31 detail
  51. 32 detail
  52. 33 detail
  53. 34 function
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