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Oct 12th, 2019
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  1. 1. Dearest PATRIOTS,
  2. The Great Awakening has grown substantially. Over the past 2 years, thousands in QAnon have taken crumbs dropped by Q and answered the call to investigate, uncover and share. You now have at your fingertips - those collections of evidence and research.
  3. 2. For 2 years, we volunteered our time, effort and sanity. We're mostly just ordinary citizens...moms, dads, grandparents, kids, teachers, students, cops, doctors, businessmen and women, little league coaches, veterans, hippies, Republicans, Democrats and everything in between.
  4. 3. We knew the future of our nation and the wellbeing of mankind was at stake. From very old crimes to the fresh and recent we dug, exposed, assembled and produced masses of knowledge that the average citizen does not even know exists. It has taken its toll but we're soldiers.
  5. 4. And, it's not a physical war in most cases but we still are battle weary and tired. Only our passions for freedom and justice and the love of our fellow man drives us now. Millions upon millions now read the facts we've learned and study the evidence we've collected.
  6. 5. Just like an Army we stand together. Most of our faces are hidden. When looking at us, all you'll see is Red, White, and Blue. Threatened, targeted and even assaulted...we have endured. Our identities are kept secret for the most part, for fear of retribution on those we love.
  7. 6. Two years ago the mysterious drops appeared. Crumbs, like a Hansel and Gretel trail: designed to rally Patriots from this country and across the globe and bring us into a like mind and desire to see freedom secured and justice served. What has developed is military grade.
  9. οΏΌThe majority of the discoveries made were facts known only by a very select and secret few. This infornation, if presented in its entirety all one time, would shock the conscience to such a degree that the fabric of society would unravel in short order. Yes, it's that bad.
  10. It was crumbs, then diversion, then redirection, more crumbs and so on with the occasional celebration as we followed. But, when you go looking in the dark, chances are you're going to struggle with what lies in the shadows. Some of what we've found scars the heart and mind.
  11. There is evil in this world so grotesque that even learned people of faith cannot understand or imagine the depths of depravity that exists in humanity today. Though long separated from the biblical era, we still find those same evil and demonic entities in our world today.
  12. Our daily lives are haunted, our sleep is restless, our minds are racing. We've served diligently and there have definitely been casualties. This work is not for everyone and the fortitude to press on requires as much personal choice as it does a God given fervor.
  13. But, we only made it this far because of others before us.
  16. Those long standing operatives, they are the TRUE heroes.
  17. 12. There have been faithful Intelligence Officers, Senators, Soldiers, Generals, Representatives, Secretaries, Analysts, Pilots, Security Guards, and more who have worked in the shadows, keeping records of crimes reaching back for decades.
  18. Their loyalty inspires this movement.
  19. 13. Hiding away records, photos and reports, they risked their very lives to stockpile evidence in case the day ever arrived when their story could finally be told, the guilty finally brought to justice.
  20. That day has arrived, made possible by the presidency of Donald J. Trump.
  21. 14. Risking not only his life but also his family's considerable wealth, Donald Trump stepped forward to lead the charge in restoring our nation.
  22. Today, #45 stands to be considered the greatest president of all time.
  23. Thank God for blessing America by giving us another chance.
  24. 15. There is no denying it, Donald Trump has turned this nation and this world in a different direction. Where oppression and mental slavery were so commonly accepted, now, expectations of liberty and accurate representation rule the day.
  25. We're returning to greatness.
  26. 16. The heroic leadership of Donald Trump along with the fortitude and determination of those long serving PATRIOTS; will forever be memorialized by the constitutionally faithful Republic that is to be our future.
  27. Those amazing people have earned our utmost respect and prayers.
  28. 17. And so, here you are. You have a president who stepped forward, risking all, leading the charge. You have heroes who contributed their entire careers to building evidence for this day. And, you have us, the researchers and writers to compile the story.
  29. Welcome, to QAnon.
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