Conflicts of Interest Between Vox Media and Gawker

Jun 11th, 2016
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  1. (((Summary)))
  2. Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, was an early investor in Curbed, a site which Vox Media acquired in 2013. Since 2013, there have been multiple instances in which both Gawker Media and Vox Media have covered each other without mentioning this financial tie.
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  5. (((Sources for Gawker/Vox Financial Connection)))
  6. Denton was an early investor in Curbed, which was founded by former Gawker editor Lockhart Steele. When Vox acquired Curbed in 2013, Denton’s stake in Curbed became a stake in Vox. At the time of the acquisition, Denton’s stake in Vox was valued at $150,000, though it’s likely worth much more now.
  7. [http://archive.is/ffoxo#selection-7523.243-7523.281]
  9. GRIDSKIPPER isn't going far: it's being taken over by Curbed, the network founded by Lockhart Steele, in which Gawker Media is a shareholder.
  10. [http://archive.is/Vh3CI#selection-781.3-781.144]
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. (((COIs from Vox Media)))
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  25. (((COIs from Gawker)))
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