The Hive Paste v3

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  1.          Join our discord community at:
  2.       <u><link=""> <color=purple>→The Hive Discord Server←</color></link></u>
  3.                                                                   FF cycles from on to off from day to day IE today is ff on and tomorrow is ff off
  5.                       Rule guidelines
  6.                                                                              <color=yellow>(note: you will at least be given 3 warnings before being banned.)
  7.                                                                        (If that was not the case, feel free to report it to the discord linked above)</color>
  8. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Note: feel free to use the in game report system to report rule breakers. A staff member will be there soon to assist but keep note to rule # 11.
  12. 1) No usage of any racial, homophobic, and offensive slurs. This will <color=red>not be tolerated</color> on our servers.
  14. 2) Ear rape is <color=red>not allowed.</color> What defines ear rape is high volumes and static like noises that may stain ears. exceptions are music as long as it's not too loud and everyone is ok with it. Please keep the music at a low level and preferably while you are alive.. not in spectator
  16. 3) No disarming of teammates. MTF <> Scientists <> Guards or Class D's <> Chaos Insurgency
  18. 4) No holding up rounds. Will be pulled to spectator without warning if deemed necessary.
  20. 5) Disrespect to admins will <color=red>not be tolerated.</color>
  22. 6) Admin impersonation will <color=red>not be tolerated.</color>
  24. 7) No bullying. (Bullying means excessive and continuous verbal abuse towards another player because of their color, gender, age, and beliefs.)
  26. 8) Hacking and the use of exploits are <color=red>not tolerated.</color>
  28. 9) Making threats towards the game or servers is a <color=red>bannable</color> offense.
  30. =======================================================================================================================================
  31.                                          <color=red>FF ON RULES</color>
  33. 1) Mass team kill will <color=red>not be tolerated.</color> IE killing your own teammates 4 times in a row in the span of 90 seconds.
  35. 2) Targeted team kill is <color=red>not allowed.</color> IE killing the same person 3+ times in a row
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