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  1. It was a sunny morning. Lois Griffin woke up with a yawn, her ass hurt from being butt fucked by Peter the night before. Lois's hair was messy and she was completely nude. Her double d tits jiggled as she got out of bed, same with her thick ass. Lois looked at her night stand and saw a photo of Bonney, her used to be next door neighbor. Lois liked to look at her victims even after she let them out. Lois was a pred, she always loved the sensation of someone going down her throat. Last week Bonney made her angry so Lois ate her. After Bonney digested Lois took the biggest shit of her life. Usually she ate high school students since most people disliked them and they didn't clog the toilet up so much. Lois got out of bed and went to the bathroom where she fixed her hair and put her usual clothes on. A groan from her stomach indicated some type of food was needed. Lois went all the way to the basement where Connie Megs bully laid tied up. Lois smiled and stood in front of the scared girl
  3.  "Oh you have been a bad girl haven't you, Meg told me you would taste amazing so let's get her down here, MEG!" yelled Lois
  5.  Connie looked up as Meg Griffin came down the stairs.
  7.  "Don't worry Connie your friends and family wont miss you as they are already here" said Meg
  9.  Connie was confused until Meg squeezed her breasts and ass. Meg ate and digested everyone who liked Connie so hope was all gone for her
  11.  "I think its your turn" said Lois
  13.  Connie struggled the best she could but a hungry Lois was gonna have her way. Lois unhinged her jaw and stuffed Connies feet in her mouth. Meg put her hands down her pants to watch this happen. Her fingers penetrating her woman hood as her mother ate her bully. Lois was on her hands and knees as she sucked up Connies legs. Her legs going down the gullet with ease. Connie looked around for perhaps some hope but all she saw was a dish washer and Meg fingering herself. Meg was so horny she went over to Lois and ripped her brown kakies off, her beautiful ass in Megs face. Meg stuck her tongue in Lois's ass surprising Lois but that only made her more horny. Connies slim thighs bulge down Lois's neck, Lois got Connies ass in her mouth. This was Lois's favorite part, Lois stuck her tongue in Connies clit making her moan. Meg was finally fully naked, her giant tits swaying as she ate Lois's ass out when suddenly Lois pushed back and Megs head went inside her ass. Lois ended up swallowing Connies ass because of it. Connie has finally given up as her feet touch the inside of Lois's belly. Lois kinds liked the idea of someone going up her ass, as Meg tried to get out Lois used her ass muscles and pulled more of her in.
  15.  "Mom stop I don't want to die" said Meg
  17.  Lois didn't here anything and proceeded. Connies belly and then her round boobs gone. Then her head, Lois traced Connies head down her throat to her stomach. Connie balled up inside and cried. Lois burped and rubbed her human shaped belly that gurgled.
  19.  "That's one, time for two" said Lois
  21.  Lois looked back to see Meg trying her best to escape but she knew better. Lois spread her ass cheeks and started to go down on Megs body. Her tits and flabby stomach were sucked up. Lois stood up and slurped up Megs thick legs. All of Meg was gone now and Lois loved it. Meg felt disgusted as she traveled through her mothers digestive track all the way to her stomach. Meg balled up with Connie who kept crying. Lois farted and sat down with her 2 meals. Meg hit the stomach walls making her acids come over the 2 girls, it started to really pool up. Lois rubbed her belly and gave it the occasional smack to harm the girls. In an hour the girls skin started to burn, they screamed and struggled but that only made Lois belch. Stomach acids filled the entire belly drowning both girls. Lois stuck her fingers in her pussy and masturbated. The girls skin melted off leaving only muscle and organs. Lois loved the sound of the cracking of bones. Her stomach churned the girls up into mush, their skeletons all gone and ready to be disposed of. Lois loved having a round belly she could just squish. The girls poured into the intestines. Lois's belly got smaller as her tits broke out of her blue blouse. Quagmire walked down to see them expand, his mouth ajar and then he ran upstairs to masturbate.
  23.  "Come back Glenn" yelled Lois
  25.  Glenn came back his dick hard as a rock.
  27.  "Why are you here" said Lois
  29.  "I was looking for Peter and found you naked giggity" said Quagmire
  31.  Lois spread her legs showing off her pussy and beckoned him over. Glenn crawled over to her and started to eat her out. Lois then pushed his whole head in her pussy. Lois yelped and pushed more of him in. Quagmire didn't struggle and was intrested in what was happening. Lois's pussy sucked up all of Glenn in seconds. He balled up in her womb and sat there. Lois watched as her belly lost form and in a minute cum seeped out of her vagina. Glenn was only cum now meaning now witnesses.
  33.  Disposal
  35.  Lois pushed against her belly and cum poured out of her. A giant puddle on the ground was there when all of it was gone. Lois got up and stood over the cum puddle and squated down. Lois squeezed and a giant turd coiled out onto the puddle. Another squezze and wet farts and shit made the pile bigger. When Lois was done she wiped with Megs hat. Lois went upstairs, Brian watched her ass the whole way. Lois closed the door to her room and placed a picture of Meg, Connie and Quagmire on her desk. She had picture for Brian ready as she looked at her door with a smile
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