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  1. TO:      CU-Boulder Students
  3. FROM:    Office of the Chancellor
  5. SENDER:  Chancellor Philip P. DiStefano
  7. DATE:    April 15, 2010
  10. SUBJECT: The 420 gathering at CU-Boulder on April 20, 2010
  12. Dear CU student:
  14. As another April 20 approaches, we again are faced with concerns from
  15. students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, regents and community members
  16. about the 420 gathering on the CU-Boulder campus.
  18. As we said last year, we share these concerns. An unsponsored gathering of
  19. thousands in the heart of our campus for the sole purpose of engaging in
  20. what is still unlawful activity is not only contrary to what we stand for as
  21. a university, it is a public safety challenge of the first order.
  23. With this in mind, on April 20, 2010, please do not participate in unlawful
  24. activity that devalues the reputation of your university and degree. At the
  25. same time, encourage your fellow Buffs to act with pride and remember who
  26. they really are - part of a dynamic environment of teaching, research,
  27. learning, and service composed of outstanding faculty and proud students and
  28. alumni.
  30. Be advised that on April 20 the following safety parameters will be
  31. enforced:
  33. -Obey the instructions of public safety officials at all times in entering
  34. and leaving campus, and act with concern for those around you, discouraging
  35. dangerous behavior of any kind.
  37. -Parking limitations similar to those during CU home football games will be
  38. enforced. Parking on campus will be greatly limited, available only at
  39. meters or for those holding CU parking permits. Traffic barricades will be
  40. set up at Colorado Avenue and Folsom Street and on 18th Street to limit
  41. traffic in the heart of campus. Please observe all parking regulations
  42. within the City of Boulder.
  44. -While police will be present on the Norlin Quad to support crowd safety,
  45. individuals found using marijuana on their way to or from the 420 gathering,
  46. or in other locations on campus, face a citation from CUPD. Likewise, no
  47. alcohol will be permitted on the Norlin Quad or elsewhere on campus, and
  48. intoxicated persons could be taken into custody or escorted to an alcohol
  49. recovery center, or both.
  51. -CU students who violate the alcohol or drug provisions of the CU Code of
  52. Conduct in the ways described above, or in other ways, are also subject to
  53. penalties from CU-Boulder's Office of Judicial Affairs.
  55. At the Norlin Quad, no vending of any merchandise or food will be permitted.
  56. No buying and selling of marijuana will be allowed. No barbecue grills,
  57. structures, slacklines, sporting or game apparatus, or large signs may be
  58. erected.
  60. We want to re-emphasize that our intention in this communication is safety.
  61. This is an unsanctioned event on our campus, but regardless, we all desire
  62. it be carried out with no injuries to individuals and no damage to property.
  63. We ask for, and expect, your full cooperation in achieving this important
  64. goal.
  66. Sincerely,
  68. Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor
  69. Julie Wong, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  70. Deb Coffin, Dean of Students
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