Bante High Tension app. Weedmaster420

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  1. Name:Bante
  2. Key:Weedmaster420
  3. Skill or Tier S:HT
  4. Reasoning:*After an intense battle with his brother Bergil. Bante is in low spirits.
  5. *The death of Leonardo haunting him despite burying him proper.
  6. *Sera using a demonic like power to battle Bante with malicious intent on Leonardos grave sight.
  8. Moment:Despite giving it his all. The sudden rage empowering the beast wielding girl knocks Bante to the ground.Feeling the utter disrespect of this maniac of a women. Bante attempts to steel his resolve once more to get up and give her a fight like no other for being rude on his best friends burial ground.
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