veritanuda says we missed the ROM Prob

ChrisLAS May 21st, 2018 96 Never
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  1. One thing I didn't her addressed and I a little be concerned about that you did not spot it for yourselves, but by Google insisting on a Google update model means that for  modern android phone to be upgradable by a custom rom that has been de-googlfied will be near impossible.
  3. How can you run Android without Google hook ins and still be sure of getting updates. You will know if you have ever followed the Lineage forums that once an OEM ceases to be blessed by google it is neigh impossible to install a free version of Android on it. Hell even Sailfish has to use a crusty old Android driver set to work on an Xperia X.
  5. Maybe you don't think that is an issue which is fine but it should have at least crossed your minds for those people who really don't buy into the Google ecosystem but have no choice but to buy an Android phone to use.
  7. Thanks for a good show though.  
  8. Permission: I grant permission to r
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