Spooning Dash[short](EqG)

Mar 19th, 2016
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  1. This was something I did as a throwaway green sometime before I did Stripper Anon. I never did like it yet I kept a text file of it in case something like this happened. I cleaned it up a bit and here it is in all it's revised non-glory.
  3. >How long were you at this?
  4. >Feels like it's been all night.
  5. >All she wanted to do was assert her dominance by claiming she was better at video games than you.
  7. >Be Anon
  9. >Rainbow Dash is one of your few friends-who-happens-to-be-a-girl friend.
  10. >In fact, you two have been pretty good friends for a long time.
  11. >Most likely due to both your parents being good friends with each other since before either of you were born.
  12. >Which is particularly why neither your, nor her parents found it weird or inappropriate that Dash stayed at your parents place for the weekend while her parents went off on some trip.
  13. >Not like you thought of Dashie in any way like that.
  14. >She was a total bro, I guess a tomboy, if you will.
  15. >Very good at sports
  16. >Decent musician
  17. >Loves video games
  18. >Banters at you
  19. >Yeah, you always thought of her as an awesome dude with tits.
  20. >Wait
  21. >That's not right.
  22. >'with tits'?
  23. >Shit, you're not a kid anymore, and neither is she.
  24. >You've hit puberty and girls don't seem that "alien" to you anymore.
  25. >You wonder what's going on in her head right about now?
  26. >"Anon you cheating faggot!"
  27. >Not too happy at the moment.
  28. >She's a winner, and a competitor.
  29. >Everything is a race to her and she needs to be at the top of everything.
  30. >Not tonight.
  31. >If there was anything you were better than her at, it was video games
  32. >For hours on end tonight, you've been playing all sorts of games.
  33. >Fighting games
  34. >Racing games
  35. >And even sports games.
  36. >she fell to you in all of them.
  37. >she tosses her controller off to the side, gets up and starts pacing around in your small room.
  39. >"...beating me at Fifa..." she huffs "At least I know how to ACTUALLY play soccer! Unlike you!"
  40. "I gotta be better than you at SOMETHING"
  41. >You smile, watching her pace back and forth while still sitting on the floor next to your bed,
  42. >Waiting on her next move.
  43. >"Yeah, being better than me at video games, that's a real accomplishment."
  44. "I can live with that, as long as I can prevent you from being 'As awesome as you wanna be', I think I’ll be ok."
  45. >she let's out a snort and a slight look of disgust on her face.
  46. >You always liked giving her shit whenever you can because she never misses an opportunity to give you the same.
  47. >"whatever, put on another game, I'm not finished with you yet."
  48. >she points at your console waiting for you to move but you look over to your clock and realize it's almost 3 am.
  49. "No, I think we're done, look at the time. Go get your beauty rest so you can beat me at extreme underwater basket weaving or something stupid and physical tomorrow."
  50. >she now looks over at the clock and makes another snorting sound.
  51. >"Fine"
  52. >She walks over to the door and starts to head out to her room down the hall when she looks back at you
  53. >With no hint of annoyance in her face or voice anymore and tells you goodnight.
  54. >Several minutes pass.
  55. >You wrap up your controllers
  56. >Put your system away.
  57. >Change into a little more comfortable attire for bed.
  58. >Just some shorts and blank shirt.
  59. >You get into bed and ready to turn off your lamp when Rainbow Dash opens the door to your room.
  60. >pajama pants which look to be made of a thin fabric and a baggy t-shirt
  61. >With blanket and pillow in hand.
  62. >She already looks tired and just walks into your room and closes the door
  63. "You know, knocking would be nice!"
  64. >A little annoyed with her just waltzing into your room with no warning.
  65. "I could have been jerking off to a picture of you!"
  66. >"Cute"
  67. >No expression change in her face and she drops the pillow and blanket onto your bed.
  68. >"Your parents snore like crazy, no way I was going to get any sleep with that going on."
  69. >You look at her, then you look at the direction of your parents room.
  70. >Now that she mentions it, you could even hear their faint snores from across the house. I guess you've lived with them for so long you've gotten used to it.
  71. "Uhh, sure. I guess you could sleep on the floor..."
  72. >She shakes her head and points to you.
  73. >"I'll just sleep on your big ass bed, it'll fit us both."
  74. >Wut
  75. "You serious?"
  76. >She does a half shrug
  77. >"Yeah? There a problem? We're bros right?" she then steps a bit closer. "Or, are you afraid of these?" She grabs one of her breasts through her shirt and squeezes it in front of Anon, Teasing him.
  78. >whyboner
  79. >Your eyes widen but you try to keep yourself cool as to not let her have any sort of leverage or ammo for banter. You cough a few times and lift your knees to close your legs on your bed to try and hide your boner.
  80. *cough* "whatevermanitsstillweird"
  81. >spaghetti is spilling all over the place and you can't stop it.
  82. >Dash is laughing at all this
  83. >"Chill out, just scoot over and don't do anything stupid. I don't care much, I just want some sleep"
  84. >You lower your head and scoot over for her to get on.
  85. >She does so, she uses her pillow from the other room but then she gets under the same blanket as you and nonchalantly makes herself comfortable.
  86. >"Night anon."
  87. >Still sitting up, wondering what the hell is her plan, if there is any, or are you just over thinking this.
  88. "...night."
  89. >You reach for the lamp and turn it off and make yourself comfortable on your side of the bed.
  90. >Breathing heavy now
  91. >seriously, this shouldn't be a problem
  92. >So why is it?
  93. >Dash seems to be doing just fine
  94. >Her breathing patterns don't seem to be irregular from what you can tell.
  95. >You shift your body towards hers and continue to reflect on the situation.
  96. >She is your best friend.
  97. >So this isn't weird.
  98. >She is a girl.
  99. >So it is weird.
  100. >You let out a loud but probably annoyed sigh over this and seems to have caught Dash's attention
  101. >"You know" Dash said softly. "It's only weird if you make it weird"
  103. "..."
  105. >The hell did she mean by that?
  106. >Did she mean to just let it go, man up and go to sleep?
  107. >Or...
  108. >'...and don't do anything too stupid. I don't care much'
  109. >That's what she said, but to what extent?
  110. >Why were you doing mental gymnastics over this?
  111. >Just go to sleep.
  112. >...
  113. >Was she always this cute?
  114. >Wait, why did that matter now?
  115. >Why is this happening?
  116. >Is this like those stupid cliche VN's where the main character falls for the childhood tomboy friend?
  117. >Cause it sure as hell feels like it.
  118. >But it doesn't feel to bad... I guess...
  119. >Did she care?
  120. >Did she like you?
  121. >This could get complicated.
  122. >One wrong move here and everything will be fucked.
  123. >...Fuck it
  124. >You slowly inch closer to her, she doesn't seem to notice.
  125. >Closer
  126. >No response.
  127. >You're trying you hardest not to spazz out here
  128. >Your breathing is irregular, but she isn't reacting.
  129. >You'd think she would since she was complaining about your parents snoring just a few minutes ago.
  130. >Nothing now
  131. >and now you here you are, merely almost an inch apart from her back.
  132. >Now what?
  133. >you slowly lift your hand up to try and place it on her hip.
  134. >What if she rejects?
  135. >Will it be weird?
  136. >You could totally play if off as playful banter and you trying to make her uncomfortable.
  137. >Would she buy it?
  138. >Surely all your years of friendship wouldn't end over something as trivial as this.
  139. >Right?
  140. >No turning back now...
  141. >You place your hand on her hip, just below where her elbow and arm were resting on her side.
  142. >Time stood still.
  143. >At least it felt like that,
  144. >She didn't react to it, as if she's fast asleep.
  145. >For being an athlete, she was soft
  146. >Also warm, of course
  147. >But soft.
  148. >You'd always pictured people with athletic bodies to be this hard chiseled muscly rock.
  149. >But she felt nice
  150. >Your breathing begins to stabilize for a short second.
  151. >then you feel a bit more bold.
  152. >You start to move your hand up her hip towards her side.
  153. >She then did something you weren't exactly ready for.
  155. >She pushed herself against your body.
  156. >She then let her arm up so your hand could slide over her stomach.
  157. >Even though the cotton of her baggy shirt you could feel how toned her midsection was.
  158. >Not a hint of fat on this body.
  159. >almost made you feel a little ashamed of yourself
  160. >Perhaps you could go running with her or something some day.
  161. >Whatever that's later, gotta feel around this glorious body.
  162. >She let out a satisfied sigh and nuzzled the back of her head against your neck area.
  163. >Her hair smelled nice.
  164. >I guess you sold her short of personal upkeep since...
  165. >You know
  166. >She's a sports dude and all that.
  167. >You were wrong, and you didn't mind being wrong.
  169. >God she was warm.
  170. >To the point you started to feel warm yourself.
  171. >Didn't care
  172. >Hand still exploring her midriff, slowly, gently tracing your fingers over her stomach she let out little faint giggles.
  173. >It was a firm body, but her skin was so soft.
  174. >Your other hand slowly went under her and wrapped around her.
  175. >Her hand clasped onto your arm and for whatever reason all this felt right.
  176. >You honestly though she was gonna punch you in the dick.
  177. >Jackpot, she didn't.
  178. >Nice little spoon session we got going here.
  180. >You got a little too comfortable with her rubbing herself a bit on your body and bonercon 1 was initiated.
  181. >shitshitshit
  182. >Your boner poked her butt and you hoped to god she couldn't feel it.
  183. >Oh she felt it,
  184. >and dealt with it almost accordingly.
  185. >She pulled her lower body forward and jerked her bottom leg into your crotch. somehow she was able to direct her heel into your crotch.
  186. >The pain.
  187. >Oh lord the pain.
  188. >You muffled a small moan like whine in her hair.
  189. >You squeezed her a bit and she just giggled and cuddled back into you
  190. >"Nothing too stupid, fag" She whispered to you
  191. "Fag?"
  192. >You whispered into her ear.
  193. "What exactly do you call all this?"
  194. >You gave another squeeze to her as she yawns and settles down still in you embrace.
  195. >"I call this you spooning and cuddling with a dude with tits."
  196. >You gave a small laugh and decided to no longer fight and let the rest of the night fade off.
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