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Nov 15th, 2020
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  1. Birthdays at Mugenkan were a frequent yet nonetheless joyous occasion, as family and friends gathered to celebrate the continuation of life. This year, you celebrated your firstborn daughter's 6th birthday, though not in the dream world. The Yakumos graciously offered to host this time, and both you and Yuuka gladly accepted the offer as an opportunity to catch up on things. Having become a youkai yourself, you no longer felt the same fear as you once did around Yuuka's colleagues. Though you still felt they could be...difficult to converse with. In addition to the Yakumos, Saigyouji Yuyuko and Konpaku Youmu would also be in attendance. While life as a youkai was quite pleasant, it also could be quite boring, so everyone appreciated the opportunity to get out a little bit.
  2. You don't need to dress so well dear, they're close friends. Etiquette is completely lost on those ones anyways, Yuuka said, rolling her eyes. You changed clothes with Yuuka in the bedroom, struggling to decide on the correct style to make an impression. Western, or eastern? Formal, or casual? You give up and settle for something in the middle.
  3. Help me with this bra, please, I can't get the hook on. You walk over to assist, however, you struggle as well to contain Yuuka's massive chest. Sigh, all the newer ones I purchased are being washed...hey, do you know a spell that can make them a little smaller, Yuuka said as she pursed her lips and examined her breasts. Even if I did know, I could never forgive myself for casting such a curse, you say as you massage them from behind. Feeling her nipples harden as you tease them between your fingers, you squeeze with a bit more vigor. Ahhh, please, not right now darling, we're gonna be late, really are incorrigible. Her feeble protests said quite a bit less than her body language, moving her ass against your dick, turning her head for a kiss. Ahhh, fine! I can't have you staring at me the whole party, I suppose that's even worse...would a titjob be enough for now? Hmm, for now at least, you concede to Yuuka.
  4. Sitting on her knees, she moves her long hair back and pulls down your unbuttoned trousers. Taking your cock into her mouth, she lovingly services the head with her tongue. Having performed the act countless times with you, she hits all your favorite spots, gripping with the perfect amount of tightness. She keeps her eyes locked with yours, paying close attention to your responses and adjusting accordingly, making your pleasure her own. In this position, you can't help but smile at how adorable your wife is. A mature woman, a powerful woman, a sexy woman, but she's also so...what's the word... moe? She possessed such a sweet and loyal soul, putting her heart into everything she said and did. You pat her head gently, letting your fingers get lost in her thick and wavy hair. Yuuka begins to work her tits over your cock, lubricated with precum and her own saliva. Your cock just barely long enough from the tip to emerge out of her breasts, she sucks again, feeling yourself entirely within her trap. Enclosed with incredible softness on both sides, you feel your knees going weak. Whenever you want, darling, Yuuka reassures you. You hold her head with both hands and start to move your own hips. Yuuka mercilessly increases her own pace as well, sensing your cock begin to twitch, before stopping completely and pressing herself close to receive your full load. Receiving every last drop down her throat, with not a single bit dripping, you admire your wife's skill through whatever reason remains as you melt away in pleasure. Swallowing with her lips still enclosed around your dick, she cleans up dutifully, ensuring the complete satisfaction of her partner.
  5. Ahhh, all better now, darling? You manage a nod, which causes Yuuka to giggle happily. I'll have to wash this down somehow, I would rather not be known as the great youkai of semen breath.
  6. You quickly get dressed again, freshen up with some cologne, and head downstairs with Yuuka.
  7. All the children were ready to depart, plus a few maids to help with the youngest ones. Playing with each other in the lobby, they flew around in the air, fighting with unrestrained danmaku. As soon as they heard Yuuka yell "MASTER SPARK", they stopped what they were doing and hid for cover, causing Yuuka to laugh heartily. You walk into the front yard garden, where you wait with your family for Ran to whisk you all away to the Yakumo residence. Arriving on her own, she smiles and bows, but unfortunately the courtesy is not returned with your wild children treating her like a massive stuffed animal and hugging her tails. Luckily, she doesn't seem to mind, patting their heads with a warm smile. I'm something of a mother myself too you know, I understand how it is. Now if you'd please follow me...
  8. You walk through a portal to a Japanese house located in a quiet forest. On the porch, Yukari and Yuyuko elegantly drank sake, served by Youmu. Engaged in deep conversation, they hardly even seemed to notice your ensemble walk right on in until Youmu shyly interrupted. Then they both put down their drinks and yelled happy birthday! Thanks auntie Yukari! your eldest yelled as she ran up for a warmly accepted hug. Yukari introduced you to Yuyuko who on a first impression seemed to be a very pleasant woman, not showing any signs of being taken back by your curious relationship. Youmu politely bowed, and seemed to have difficulty navigating through this encounter, but you felt as though she would open up as well with time. In addition, a small cat youkai came out to greet the group. Chen was your children's favorite playmate, and exchanged hugs with your girls with great excitement.
  9. Walking inside, your 2 oldest children were once again attracted by Yukari's old video game systems, which Yuuka reluctantly allowed them to play with on account of the occasion.
  10. Can you play with us too, mama, papa? Please?? Pleaaaaase? Yuuka insists she would not have any of it, but you manage to persuade her, and you sit down to play video games with the Yakumos, Yuyuko, and Youmu..
  11. Having seen video games before at the antique shop, you both aren't shocked by their presence. The system is labeled "Nintendo Switch", with a game called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the amusement of choice for the night. Yukari dominates the game mercilessly, not even considering holding back in the presence of children. Rather than being upset, your children are in awe of the woman's prowess, which makes both you and Yuuka feel a bit jealous. Cooperating together, you work to take down the duo of Ran and Yukari, but unfortunately they are too much to handle. Yuuka, who was pretending like she cared little for the game at first, is now completely absorbed in defeating these opponents. You ask her if she's ok.
  12. These fools...they do not know who they have crossed tonight. On my daughter's birthday no less. Oh, I will make them pay. They should know better than to mess with the flower master of the four seasons. I'll grind them into fertilizer, mmm yes. You will help me, won't you darling?
  13. In no position to argue, you assist your wife in this digital war, until even your children start to get a little concerned.
  14. Mommy? Are you alright, mommy? Do you need a hug?
  15. I'm fine!!! Just one more match, please! Press start already!
  16. Yukari laughs deeply. Ahahahaha, I think the one who needs to be grounded from electronics is you, Yuuka! We have an addict in the making over here.
  17. You pat her on the back, as Yuuka slowly begins to regain composure.
  18. Yuyuko quickly changes the subject. Ahhhh, I'm starving everyone. How about we get to dinner now? Otherwise I might have to snack on some youkai children instead to tide me over~
  19. Your girls scream and hide under Yuuka's dress. Yes, let's get to dinner already, Yuuka says. Enough of this.
  20. At the dinner table, a lavish Japanese feast is prepared, different from the western styles enjoyed at Mugenkan. Your family is enamored with the decadent cooking, fried rice, grilled fish drizzled in succulent sauces, tempura vegetables to snack on. You all thank Ran for the dinner, Yuuka asking for the recipes which the Yakumos gladly provide.
  21. You open up presents after dinner, everyone offering up a little something. The Yakumos offer a stuffed fox toy, Yuyuko and Youmu gift an elegant eastern dress. Your daughter was satisfied with both gifts, fulfilling her desires for fluffy tails and her aspirations to become an elegant youkai respectively. Yours and yuuka's gift was a small little parasol, similar to Yuuka's own. Her face lit up the most when unwrapping this one. Immediately she started to swing it around and shoot lasers through the tip, which unfortunately caused a bit of collateral damage. Still, seeing her wave around the parasol, you couldn't deny she had the makings of her mother. Though, in a much smaller package. Yuuka also seemed to feel quite a bit of motherly pride mixed in with the embarrassment. You both apologize to Yukari, but she says it was no big deal, as she also found joy in the little display. Ran on the other hand (the one who would likely clean up this mess), seemed less than satisfied.
  22. After eating dessert, the children went off to play with Chen and the maids while you enjoyed some tea with the adults. You caught up on current events in Gensokyo, which seemed as chaotic as ever. A lunarian invasion, an inversion of seasons, and another invasion by the forces of hell. Despite her teasing, it seemed Yukari really did value the advice of Yuuka in dealing with various matters. Yukari encouraged Yuuka to take a more active role in Gensokyo's affair, but Yuuka said she never had much of a taste for politics, and even less so now that she had settled down. As the night went on, a great deal of interest was shifted in your direction. Perceptive as always, Yuyuko notices the various life-extending magics you have been employing, matters of life and death being her gruesome specialty after all. I assume you have been turning yourself into a youkai so you can share a long life with your lover. Ahh, how romantic~. Yuuka (and youmu) blush heavily at that little comment, which you have no power to deny. Haha, life and death is but another boundary that can be manipulated with suitable knowledge, Yukari says. If you find yourself having trouble, my loyal servant is always at your disposal to teach you a few tricks.
  23. Downing a few more drinks, Yukari laments to herself. Aaaaa, why can't I find myself a good man to keep me company! It gets so lonely every night...every man I warp gets scared of me and tries to run away! Can you believe that!? The men of this age have no testosterone! How regrettable...
  24. Ran shakes her head, as though she's been forced to discuss this topic many times to no avail. Yukari, you are a little too...forward. Yes, that's your problem...Yuyuko chimes in. Every relationship should start from a nice and simple friendship. Make him come to you...then once you have him around your finger, never let him go! Yuyuko offers her sage wisdom on the matter.
  25. Now that's way too much work, no thank you! Yukari protests. Can you lend me yours for a little bit, Yuuka? He's so cute, well built, lots of potential...c'mon, just for a week or so?
  26. You've had too much to drink Yukari. I think it's time you put this grandma to bed, Ran, Yuuka says. I think so too...Ran mutters to herself.
  27. Well past your children's bed time, you begin to wrap things up. You thank the Yakumos for hosting, and all the drama of the evening washes away as you hug and kiss goodbye. Walking back into Mugenkan, you lay the kids to bed and return to your own room with Yuuka to reflect on the night's events, relaxing on the balcony together.
  28. Ahhhh, what a mess it is out there, huh? Yuuka says. I assure you the other youkai are no less tiresome. I attended a few flower viewings once or twice, things can get quite crazy. I don't really enjoy large gatherings though...even the party tonight tested my limits...You express similar to feelings to Yuuka, never being much of a party animal yourself.
  29. Yuuka cuddles with you on the couch as you stroke her forehead to put her at ease. Ahhhh, this is much better. Staying like this with Yuuka feels almost as pleasurable as sex itself, in full contact with her soft warm skin. Her heartbeat synced completely with yours, you enjoy sharing emotions like this for hours on end. Hey, I'm sorry about the game today...I hope that didn't bother you too much, Yuuka admits. Of course not Yuuka, I found it pretty cute actually. And I also was feeling a bit annoyed with Yukari for showing off like that, you say. I know, right! How insufferable! These people just do not know subtlety! Yuuka puffs her cheeks, once again incensed with anger. You hold her a bit closer and move in for a kiss, which melts away her frustration instantly. Aaaaaa, let's move to bed already...I'm so wet...
  30. Letting a cool breeze continue to flow through the slider, you hop into the warm sheets with Yuuka as you both begin to use each other like body pillows, releasing all the pent up lust of the day. Your erect dick wedged between her generous thighs, you feel enough pressure to cum from this act alone. Far past the need for foreplay, you top Yuuka, her wet pussy accepting your penis with no resistance and tightening like a vice. You work slow but deep thrusts to savor her pleasure, feeling all the tension disappear from her knotted up core. Licking her slender body, you work your tongue up to her massive breasts, sucking on her nipples. Ahhhh, haaaahhh. Massive amounts of mother's milk flows into your mouths. Chewing on the tips lightly with your teeth, Yuuka's moans grow deeper. You continue to pump faster, dragging Yuuka up and down the mattress. Gripping her fingers into the pillows, she can't hold herself in any longer and climaxes. Sensing Yuuka's high state of arousal tonight, you fuck her a bit rougher, grabbing her shoulders and pounding to her cervix. Speaking gibberish, her face stained with tears, she weakly moves her leg around your back, begging for more. You wrap your arms around her back and squeeze her powerfully into your chest. You make one final push and unload your entire load into her womb, as she softly coos with each shot. Mmmmmm, I hope that was another child, Yuuka says once she comes to her senses again. I love you so much. A sobbing mess, you cradle her in your arms and fall into a deep slumber once again with your wife.
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