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  3. [hr][/hr][size=150][b][center]LIEUTENANT II MIKE BRIGHT[/center][/b][/size][hr][/hr][font=calibri]
  5. [b]Moving forward in the San Andreas State Police[/b]
  6. I plan to continue to develop the roleplay standard, I have been focusing specifically on members of ID and those I see with good potential out on the field. I still think that the SASP has a big "police the server" feel to how it conducts itself and troopers find themselves as moderators in /b rather than actually being able to get immersed into what they do and how to effectively roleplay a State Trooper, this is something I hope to be able to continue working on in the future.
  7. [tab=20]Furthermore, I've worked hard with yourself to establish some type of media regulator role which is now in effect. I fought for my points to be heard in the command and sergeants team meeting rather than the majority who sat there quiet and failed to contribute any discussion whatsoever. Getting the best out of every member is important and to understand that each individual has different strengths and weaknesses is key.
  9. [b]Current Assignments[/b]
  10. Currently I am working the Investigations Division. The role initially entailed just overhauling the division to make it more suited to RCRP and include a lot more realism out in the field and administratively. I've revamped the majority of topics including the application for detective, and the casefile layout. We currently only have one active casefile which is rather lacklustre however it's no secret I've lost the majority of the members from the division as the summer drew to a close. Blattner and Matthews are helping me to run the division which leaves me with Willow Bohannon as my only actual detective. In a bid to get more members I opened detective recruitment to boost numbers and only had a couple of applications. I recovered the old role of Intelligence Officer and have included the description of it from the internal ID ranking authority below. I did not want to hire fresh troopers from the academy as detectives, for their reasons and for mine - the main reason being the level of RP being involved there, it'd be unrealistic to finish an academy and be training as a detective a week later, it simply doesn't happen. They also need to get a bigger and better feel for the department and how to work as a uniformed officer first.
  11. [quote="Investigation Handbook"] UNIFORMED SERVICES
  13. Intelligence Officer
  14. Intelligence Officers or IOs are tasked with providing, assisting and supporting the Investigations Division whilst still serving as front-line Troopers. IOs are assigned to specific areas and groups/individuals relevant to current Investigations Division work. Intelligence Officers will be the first port of call for uniformed assistance outside of the Special Weapons and Tactics team to assist the Investigations Division in different involving active gang suppression and warrant execution support. Intelligence Officers will maintain a good level of administrative participation, passing as much relevant information to the Detective team as possible. [/quote]
  15. I'm hoping ID activity will once again pick up with a new head of factions, new members and a few new illegal factions popping up (finally).
  16. [tab=20] I am also currently heading up the media regulator group, which includes several individuals all of whom have a good knowledge and standard of media. I am currently also attempting to help Lieutenant I Nucara with SWAT as he doesn't seem to get much help from anyone in his command team, or he's just extremely bad at pushing his agenda.
  18. [b]Future Duties[/b]
  19. I've been involved in the majority of divisions, units, offices and bureaus previously. I'll go wherever the department needs me, just don't put me in charge of SWAT. I have a particular interest in Internal Affairs however I think Bob runs it well, other than that I wouldn't really have exact preferences for what I do in the future, corrections could be fun.
  21. [b]Activity[/b]
  22. My activity is pretty good, I don't think it's an issue right now just need to remember to post duty reports.
  24. [b]Complaints[/b]
  25. The first complaint I have is the activity of the command and high command team, but rather the latter. The command team are generally active, but some of them spend their time in other communities and it's clear where they'd rather spend their time. The high command team is different, I don't personally expect high command to be in game patrolling per say, but more so the fact that they are around and communicating. Right now you're really the only one reachable in most situations unless Bob is around. Lockhart is a spoilt brat and shouldn't be the Lieutenant Colonel, has some sort of attitude issue and thinks she's a victim in every scenario she is involved in. She was much better and easier to control when she was just a Major, everything to her is some sort of issue. I won't speak on Smally since I know he's going it, it's good to know that he will be replaced by someone capable through Toasted.
  26. [tab=20][/tab]Another issue I see is the fact that too many supervisors, namely sergeants, are finding the tiniest things from the handbook (which unfortunately no offense intended) can be hard to navigate and follow at times, not all of the protocols there are enforced, and some we do enforce are not even listed. It's a bad mindset to spread and people are still resorting to OOC methods to get evidence of misconduct and wrongdoing, it's kind of lame and ruins the RP for those who are capable of getting away with it.
  28. [b]Do you plan to stay in the Command Team right now?[/b]
  29. Yes
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