Should we resubmit sitemap after changing permalink?

Oct 3rd, 2020
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  1. Should we resubmit sitemap after changing permalink?
  2. I got this message on webmaster
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  15. Indexed, not submitted in sitemap
  16. not sure if I should resubmit or anything, thoughts? Still new website tho
  17. That means you submitted the URL to the Google index manually, instead of the Google robot reading it via the sitemap and no, you don't have to resend it.
  19. It means that your page has been found by search engine(maybe it linked with other active page) but not added in sitemap. Just add that URL in sitemap and submit it to webmaster.?
  20. You use the sitemap to index the pages, why you should care if it's already indexed?
  21. Make the objective clear. You use the sitemap to index, you don't want google search console to know that the indexed page in the sitemap.
  22. It's not the same...
  23. So, basically, you shouldn't care :) :)
  24. Yes you should resubmit. Also ensure the old permalinks redirects to the new permalinks.
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  27. Changes like such will be corrected over time as search engines crawl sites from time to time. If you would to make sure, then you can re-submit.
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